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RUSH: Jehmu Greene was on Fox moments ago. The former president of The Media Center. Did you know, folks, there is a giant conspiracy? There’s an economic conspiracy, and the veil has been pulled back on the rigged economic system in this country. Newt Gingrich and Perry pulled the curtain back on the rigged system. Their attacks on Romney, going after capitalism, are why I have defended Romney, because I’m part of the conspiracy — and it is becoming a conspiracy theory. The theory is that I was all for Newt and Perry before they revealed the big secret about the economic establishment, and then guys like me had to drop it in order to protect the conspiracy, had to go after Newt and Perry. This guy (sic), Jehmu Greene, was on with Gregg Jarrett this afternoon on Fox Happening Now, and Gregg Jarrett says, “These attack ads, direct ads from the candidates, are they hurting Romney — or, in the case of Newt Gingrich, are they hurting him?”

GREENE: The conservative commentators who are, uh, coming after Gingrich in a bare-knuckled brawl, back in December you had Rush Limball (sic) defending Speaker Gingrich, but as soon as Gingrich and Governor Perry, in a sense, lifted the veil — removed the curtain — from the rigged economic system that a lot of the conservative commentators don’t want a light to be shined on, that’s when they’re all coming after him a lot more aggressively.

RUSH: So there you have it. I don’t know. Jehmu Greene. Jehmu Greene. Jehmu Greene. Jehmu Greene. Did it sound like a woman to you? Okay. She’s head of something called The Media Center. She’s former president of The Media Center. I don’t know where Fox finds these people. The secret? The conspiracy? I’m still trying to figure out what it is. All that happened is that Romney starts being attacked by Perry and Newt for being a capitalist. Newt starts talking about capitalism the way the left talks about it, and capitalism is already attacked enough; capitalism is unfairly blamed for the mortgage meltdown and the economic crisis.

Capitalism wasn’t in place, in fact. If capitalism had been practiced, it wouldn’t have been half the disaster there was, maybe not any. The bad apples woulda gone away. Nobody woulda bailed ’em out! If capitalism had been in play, nobody would have been given a loan who couldn’t pay the money back. If capitalism had been ruling the roost there would not be such a thing as a subprime mortgage. Capitalism’s very simple! It’s government that comes in and rigs the game, tries to make the impossible possible; when it doesn’t work, then blames capitalism for it, then comes up with even more government programs to fix the original program that caused the problem! Anyway, there’s now a conspiracy to protect the true eeeevils of capitalism, and Newt and Perry lifted the curtain on the true evils of capitalism — forcing me, El Rushbo, to abandon Newt and Perry at all costs in order to protect the rigged economy.

And that’s the conspiracy.


RUSH: Okay, Jehmu Greene. We looked her up, and it all makes sense. “In 2008, Jehmu Greene cofounded WomanCount.org, a MoveOn.org for women. She also was the former president of Rock the Vote. She also previously served as Project Vote’s national director, the Democrat National Committee’s Director of Women’s Outreach.” So she’s the one who has blown the lid off our conspiracy. I’m actually glad that I have a conspiracy now that I can call my own. It’s been a while since I had a conspiracy I was in charge of.

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