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RUSH: Last night on MSNBC, the Reverend Al Sharpton (“Resist We Much!”) had as his guest the former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucasians, a man by the name of James Clyburn (a ranking member of the House, as well as a member of the CBC) and they were discussing Romney and Bain Capital and Newt Gingrich’s criticism.

CLYBURN: I have no problem with Mitt Romney or anybody else making millions or even billions. What my problem is that if you question things done in the name of capitalism, then he calls it being envious. I don’t think anybody was envious or fearful of being envious when they failed to question what Bernie Madoff was doing. He did all that in the name of capitalism. We can question what people are doing and the way they do it and to make sure that people adhere to fair play. This whole issue is about fundamental fairness.

RUSH: So, what, Romney and Bain Capital are like Madoff? See, this is what’s dangerous. This is the left: “Bernie Madoff, that’s capitalism!” No, it’s not. That’s criminal. That’s fraud. There was no capitalism involved in what Bernie Madoff did, but the left wants you to think so. They want to criticize and besmirch it because they like socialism.

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