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RUSH: So now Newt and Perry are attacking Romney from the left, like Obama. This is so simple. We got a Marxist in the White House, come up with a conservative nominee, run a campaign, win in a landslide, and save the country. Instead what happened? The establishment Republicans get scared to death of conservatives, thinking it’s gonna result in a Goldwater landslide, and they figure Obama can’t be beat anyway, so let’s find a moderate that doesn’t tick off the independents. Let’s try to win the Senate and get ourselves in charge of the chairmanships and the money, and we’ll call it a day.

Any conservative that got in the race, the establishment is set out to destroy. That’s where we are. That’s why all this is happening. Because we got a bunch of people in the Republican establishment who don’t think the Marxist in the White House can be beat anyway and really care more about getting themselves in charge of the money than anything else. And they do not share our view that the country’s future is in peril. They don’t. That’s where we are.

Let’s go to audio sound bites, let me illustrate some of what I’ve said. We’ll start with Newt. This was on Fox & Friends this morning. The co-host, the weather guy, Steve Doocy, said, “I was driving around yesterday my car,” and like every other American,
“I was listening to Rush, and he was talking about you and how you’ve gone after Romney and Bain Capital. He said you’re using the language of the left to beat up Romney over Bain. He said it makes him uncomfortable because that’s what the left is gonna do if Romney’s the nominee.”

GINGRICH: I don’t think I’m using the language of the left. I’m using the language of classic American populism. Main Street has always been suspicious of Wall Street. Small businesses have always worried about big businesses. People have a natural concern when they see financiers come in from out of town, take over a company, take all the profits, and then leave people unemployed behind. There’s a big difference between people who go out to create a company, even if they fail, if they try in the right direction, if they share in the hardships, if they’re out there with the workers doing it together, that’s one thing. But if somebody who’s very wealthy comes in, takes over your company, takes out all the cash and leaves behind the unemployment, I think that’s not a model we want to advocate and I don’t think any conservative wants to get caught defending that kind of model.

RUSH: Well, but that’s not the model. That’s not what happens. See, this is why my old buddy Jay Nordlinger in Impromptus at National Review is pulling his hair out, because that is language of the left. You could say that Newt actually compounded this and made it worse with these comments on Fox this morning. Small business has always worried about big business. Main Street’s always been suspicious of Wall Street. People have a natural concern, they see financiers coming from out of town, take over a company, take all the profits and leave unemployment behind? My gosh, that’s what the people who indict capitalism say. So it continues to make me uncomfortable.

The next question came from Gretchen Carlson. She said, “Well, what constitutes acceptable capitalist behavior, then, in your mind?”

GINGRICH: To put in $30 million and get back $60 million would be a fabulous return. To put in $30 million and get back $90 million would be a fabulous return. Did they really need to take out $180 million if leaving $30 or $40 million behind the company would have survived, the people would have been employed, the jobs would have been there? I just say Romney’s gonna have to have a press conference and walk through case by case the places — these are not places where they lost money when a company went broke. These are places where they made money while a company went broke.

RUSH: How do you translate that? You want me to show you how you translate that? Here’s how you translate that. Audio sound bite number four, Mister Broadcast Engineer. Here’s how you translate what Newt just said.

OBAMA: I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money, but, you know, part of the American way is, you know, you can just keep on making it if you’re providing a good product or you’re providing a good service.

RUSH: (imitating Obama) “Yeah, but we don’t want that. At some point you’ve made enough, and we’re gonna be the ones to say so, and then we’re gonna have you appear at a press conference, defend yourself, making too much money. That’s what we’re gonna do. And after you defend yourself, we’re gonna take it, because you don’t need that much, we’re gonna decide how much you need.” The way Newt’s talking here — I never heard him speak this way before — I must tell you, and the way he’s speaking, this sounds like left-wing social engineering, does it not, when I have to play an audio sound bite from Barack Obama to translate what Newt said about Romney and Bain. What’s the number of companies that Bain took over? It was two out of a hundred and some odd.

I guess it’s time for some full disclosure here. Bain Capital is one of… how do I phrase this? My former syndication partner was Clear Channel Communications. Clear Channel Communications was taken over, bought out by Bain Capital and another private equity firm. So Bain Capital would safely be said is my syndication partner here. It used to be Clear Channel. I’ve never met anybody at Bain, I’ve never talked to them, they’re distant and so forth, but I need to mention this just in the interests of full-fledged, hundred percent disclosure. But I can tell you that this has not happened here. Every EIB employee, and nobody has yet come to me and said you gotta get rid of… it just has not happened. By the way, this happened long after Romney. Romney has nothing to do with Bain now, so Romney’s not part of this. Don’t misunderstand.

But when you have to play Obama to translate what Newt just said, basically, “Romney, it’s okay they made that much, maybe it’s okay they made that much but at that point nobody needs to make that much, $180 million, no, you can leave some of that in there and not fire a bunch of people and what have you.” It’s none of his business. It’s none of the government’s business. This stuff, if you just leave it alone it will all shake out. You could have read this in an Occupy Wall Street flier. (interruption) I know, a lot of people don’t think Newt should have taken a million dollars or whatever it was from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, it was too much, he didn’t need that much. (interruption) Right, left the mortgages standing, I know. I know. Where does this stuff stop once you start going down this slope?

So here is an ad. Newt’s got some super PAC money now. Let’s put it this way, there is a super PAC now for Newt. We gotta be very careful, because the candidates are not allowed to have any contact with the super PAC, and I don’t want to be misunderstood saying that there has been between Newt and his. Newt’s super PAC has got an ad running out there on the YouTube channel called Winning Our Future, and we’ve got the audio. It’s about 21 seconds. Here it is.

ANNOUNCER: A story of greed, playing the system for a quick buck. A group of corporate raiders led by Mitt Romney. More ruthless than Wall Street. For tens of thousands of Americans, the suffering began… (dramatic pause) when Mitt Romney came to town.

RUSH: (laughing) It’s funny listening on the radio. (imitating voice) “The suffering began….” Music stops. “…when Mitt Romney came to town.” (laughing) The suffering began. A group of corporate raiders. The left could not improve on this. (laughing) Hey, you people at the Newt PAC, you need to add a line, you need to add Romney saying, “I love being able to fire people” at the end of this ad. “The suffering began when Mitt Romney came to town. ‘Hi, I’m Mitt Romney, and I love firing people.'” Why don’t you close the loop, make this ad really good? Now, then they brought forth — this is not all that’s in the ad. Then they brought forth a parade of victims, little old ladies whose lives were ruined by Mitt Romney.

ANNOUNCER: Mitt Romney became CEO of Bain Capital the day the company was formed. His mission? To reap massive rewards for himself and his investors.

MAN: Mitt Romney, them guys, they don’t care who I am.

WOMAN: He’s for small businesses. No, he isn’t. He’s not.

WOMAN: And that hurt so bad, to leave my home, because of one man that’s got 15 homes.

RUSH: David Axelrod’s shop, they’re listening to this stuff, they’re looking at these ads and saying, “Man, these Republicans are good. These Republicans are great at playing the class envy game.” Of course they can use it. Fair usage, take a ten second excerpt of it. At least I’ll say this. At least Romney knows how many homes he’s got. McCain didn’t, if you recall.


RUSH: Of course this is not unprecedented, ladies and gentlemen. George H. W. Bush once referred to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies as voodoo economics. So it’s not unprecedented. There are a number of comebacks that Romney could use. “Yeah, I like firing people, but I never fired a wife on her deathbed.” No, I know that’s not what Newt did, but we’re talking political ads, you can say anything.

There were two companies that Bain took over that this kind of thing happened out of over the 150 that Bain took over. The New York Times is writing about those two and it’s those two that Newt is discussing here. And Newt wants Romney to do a press conference to explain all this. But again, folks, there’s a reason we’re here. Last week, I told you, after Romney took Gingrich out in Iowa, this was totally predictable, totally 100% predictable. (laughing) And there’s Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz up there on MSNBC, she’s salivating. They actually need to wipe the saliva off the corners of her mouth. She can’t wait ’til they put together their ad where Romney says he likes firing people, but again, isn’t that what we want in somebody?


RUSH: You know, the Newt PAC, I got an idea for you guys. Re-cut your ads on Romney and your tagline is, “I am Barack Obama, and I approve of this message.” Put that at the end of your ad. I’m considering what to do about this, folks. I know it’s serious.

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