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RUSH: Here’s Jean, Harvard, Illinois. Great to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Mega Troy Polamalu and Tim Tebow dittos. They can be friends even if they’re on opposite teams.

RUSH: (laughing) Yes, they all worked together yesterday, didn’t they?

CALLER: Yes. I’m not here to argue with you. I know my job is to make the host look good.

RUSH: You’re not here to argue with me?


RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: Sometimes that does make me look good, though, when people try.

CALLER: In the first hour you talked about the White House party the press hid, and just brought to mind many years ago CNN’s Eason Jordan, “Why I lied.”

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. He said that they covered Saddam’s extravagant parties but they wouldn’t cover the atrocities because they wanted to maintain access.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Now we have the press hiding their extravagant party and what he’s doing to the country in order to maintain access.

RUSH: Yeah, but look, I really don’t want to nitpick with you except I’m a literalist.


RUSH: And the press does not need to ignore Obama’s Mad Hatter party in order to have access. They’ve got access. They’re stenographers. They’re part of the steno pool. The reason that they didn’t report the party is so that Obama wouldn’t get hurt by it, not that they wouldn’t get hurt.

CALLER: Well, true. All right. I see that, yes.

RUSH: Now, Eason Jordan, you’re right, Eason Jordan hid the atrocities of Saddam Hussein because he wanted to keep the bureau open, and he admitted it, proudly admitted it. It was either in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, he wrote a column that they willingly looked with a closed eye, a blinded eye or looked the other way with Saddam atrocities and did not report them because they didn’t want their bureau shut down. If their bureau was shut down, they wouldn’t be able to report the news out of Iraq. Eason Jordan is telling us we’re not reporting the news out of Iraq so that we will continue to be able to not report the news out of Iraq. ‘Cause if we tell you what’s going on here they’ll shut down our bureau and we won’t be able to not tell you what we know is going on here. He wrote the piece as though he deserved a pat on the back for it, that it was a brilliant piece of management skill, looking for credit for it. I was just dumbfounded.

Look, it’s the same reason the White House press corps covers up these things. The real question is what are they covering up, what atrocities in the White House are going on that we’re not hearing about? For the same reason. Actually not the same reason. It’s that the press doesn’t want to get Obama in trouble. Folks, it is safe to say, very accurate to say that domestically in this country conservatives, conservative Republicans are the biggest enemy the Democrats have, bigger than al-Qaeda, bigger than the Taliban, bigger than Iran, bigger than any foreign enemy. The Democrat Party, the regime, media, looks at their domestic political opposition as the biggest enemy they have, the biggest threat. And in a way it kind of makes sense. I mean we are the only thing standing in the way of their absolute power.

They don’t look at the Iranians as trying to stop ’em. They don’t look at the Taliban as trying to stop ’em. They look at us as trying to stop them, and they are part of the Obama agenda advancement team. Our media is all a bunch of Baghdad Bobs. You remember Baghdad Bob? Baghdad Bob, I loved Baghdad Bob. Baghdad Bob was on television denying that our troops were in Iraq as the statue was falling. As the Saddam statue was being pulled down, Baghdad Bob was saying, “No, the American troops are not here, and they’re nowhere near here. We’re looking, and we don’t see them. They have not crossed the border, the American troops, and not only that, if they try they won’t get past us.” And, meanwhile, we were there. It was a joke. It was one of the funniest international laughs that anybody had ever had, and Baghdad Bob was dead serious about it. And that’s who our media is. We have a Baghdad Bob media trying to deny everything we see and keep hidden everything we don’t see, pure and simple.

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