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RUSH: Aaron in Colorado Springs, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good. How you doing today?

RUSH: I’m very well, sir.

CALLER: I have two questions for you. First one. You talked about perception. How is it nobody perceived that — Barack Obama talks about getting everybody jobs, yet he takes constant vacations from his job and nobody says anything from it?

RUSH: Yes, they do. It just isn’t reported. One of the biggest jokes in the country among real people is how little the guy works and how many vacations he takes. It’s just not reported. The media treats this guy like a king. But believe me, people comment on it, and they joke about it. This guy is becoming a regularly discussed joke. He really is.

CALLER: I need a job where I can take 90 days of vacation a year and not show up to work.

RUSH: Yeah. Right. And get paid for those 90 days.

CALLER: Yeah. The other question I have is being a Bronco fan that I am, if you can change the perception on that, the last three games that we’ve played to being scrimmages where we’re focusing on fundamentals of being offense, defense, and a quarterback —

RUSH: I’m just gonna tell you, you’re asking me about the Steelers game. It’s the late game on Sunday. I’m just telling you, of the four games this weekend, this is the upset special. This is the one game I can see the underdog winning. I don’t see the Lions beating the Saints. I don’t see the Falcons beating the Giants. Yeah, I can see it, but there’s something about this, the Steelers are not scoring any points. Just bugs me. They’re on the road. On paper this ought to be Waterloo for the Broncos because of the Steelers defense, but I got one of these bugaboo feelings about this. I don’t know. I’m not confident.


RUSH: I’m just saying the Steelers are not scoring points against bad teams, the Cleveland Browns are not scoring, and then the Broncos defense is great if it shows up. And, you know, if God decides to watch, who do you think God’s gonna be for, Roethlisberger or Tebow? I don’t know, folks, the Steelers are probably gonna win this, but I wouldn’t be comfortable picking it.

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