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RUSH: The Democrats are doing their own version of Operation Chaos with Ron Paul. Here’s Erin Burnett talking about it. “Operation Chaos” has now entered the lexicon. I don’t even get credit for it anymore, but this is Erin Burnett last night on CNN (her show: “Erin Burnett Out Front,” as opposed to out back) and this is what she had to say.

BURNETT: The caucuses in Iowa. You can go in as a Democrat and you can go to the door and say, “I’m gonna become a Republican for tonight and I can go in and vote.” Always all kinds of conspiracy theories about how much of that will happen and whether there will be people from the other party trying to influence. “Operation Chaos,” we call it.

RUSH: No, YOU don’t; I do. What is this, “‘Operation Chaos,’ we call it”? So it has entered the lexicon. So now the Democrats are doing their own version of it. “‘Operation Chaos,’ we call it,” and they’re sending Democrats to caucus for Ron Paul. That is what happening. Here’s Carville last night on Erin Burnett Out Front.

CARVILLE: It’s hard enough to get people to come out (cackling) —

BURNETT: (giggling)

CARVILLE: — for your own guy much less to get ’em to go out. The weather’s not that cold but it’s still cold and there are not that many people, not many Democrats are gonna go out.

RUSH: So, Carville, nah-nah-nah our Operation Chaos isn’t gonna happen. (impression) “Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha. We’re gonna stay home and have gumbo. We’re not going out. Co-o-old out there! We not going anywhere to vote for Ron Paul. No way!” (laughing) So you can expect a lot of Democrat action for Ron Paul since Carville’s out there denying it. Last night on PMSNBC, the Rachel… Is it Mad-dow? May-dow? Anyway, she was talking to Republican senior advisor Doug Heye (that’s spelled H-e-y-e, but it’s pronounced “high,” as in marijuana) about the Hawkeye Cauci. She said, isn’t there an incredible double standard here on the voting rules?

HEYE: There’s a lot of talk about people who are just going to be Republicans for a day; people who are independents, Democrats who will register to maybe put in a no preference or no choice; maybe vote for a different candidate to affect the outcome. This could be a Democratic version of what Rush Limbaugh talked about doing in “Operation Chaos” in the Obama-Clinton primaries.

MADDOW: If you are worried about a Reverse Operation Chaos, is there anything about showing an ID to register that would stop that?

HEYE: No, I don’t think so. It’s something that we want to make sure, though, as people register that they are from where they say they are.

RUSH: All right, so that’s a Republican worried about Operation Chaos and Reverse Operation Chaos, which we also did. We even own that. We did the original Operation Chaos, and then we did Reverse Operation Chaos. We’ve done it all. It’s entered the lexicon.

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