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RUSH: So again, the regime cannot win with white working class voters. A Gallup poll, a majority of Americans, a bigger majority than ever, almost, I mean it’s within many, many years, consider big government the big problem, not big business. Despite three years of Obama leading the charge, leading attacks against big business, big government is still seen as the problem by the vast majority of people. Building up the Occupy Wall Street people, tearing down the Tea Party, the constant trashing of big business, CEOs, millionaires, billionaires, they still cannot succeed in having most Americans see business as the big threat. Rather, most Americans see big government.

“Over the last forty-five years, Gallup has periodically asked this question: ‘In your opinion, which of the following will be the biggest threat to the country in the future — big business, big labor, or big government?’ When Gallup asked the question in a survey conducted Dec. 4-7, 2008, a month after President Obama was elected but before he was inaugurated, 53 percent said big government was the biggest threat, 31 percent said big business was the biggest threat, and 11 percent said big labor.

“Three months later, in a survey conducted March 27-29, 2009, 55 percent said big government was the biggest threat. … When Gallup asked the question again two weeks ago–in a survey conducted from Nov. 28-Dec. 1 — the percentage saying big government would be the biggest threat to the country in the future had grown to 64 percent — an increase of 11 percentage points from December 2008. At the same time, the percentage saying that big business would be the biggest threat had dropped to 26 percent — a decline of 5 percentage points. … The belief that big government is a bigger threat to the country than big business or big labor hit an all-time high of 65 percent in Gallup polling in 1999 and 2000,” in the aftermath of the Clinton years. Well, not the aftermath, actually the last two years of the Clinton regime.

After three years of the Obama regime, we’re at 64%, one point shy of the record high, and that is the truth. And Gallup puts this out in a press release. It’s not been reported in the Drive-By Media. Gotta read Gallup. It’s the same thing, if you didn’t see the New York Times piece on Thomas B. Edsall and Obama abandoning working white voters then you didn’t know about it unless you listen here. It’s not widely out there. What’s widely out there is Obama’s approval numbers are up, the Tea Party’s defunct, the conservatives are a minority and nobody cares what they want and they’re the extremist wackos and so forth.

I’m being told I need to repeat this. Look, I’m repeating this, I did it last week, I’m repeating this because two people just saw it for the first time today and told me about it. And I said, “No, no, I did this last week,” but I’m reminding you again, doing these two pieces again because we’re in the onslaught of all of this negative assault on you and what you think and the Republican Party while unemployment’s going down and Obama’s going up, and I’m just warning you, this is what you’re gonna be hit with times ten from now ’til Election Day in November, and I’m trying to make sure you don’t get dispirited here by giving you a foundation of stuff that is true that’s not being reported, that will be huge factors.

The Republicans, I don’t care, Romney, Gingrich, I don’t care who they are, ought to pick these two points of interest up and make them part of the campaign. They haven’t so far. But this is all because, folks, I’m concerned. I know how you’re gonna get hit, and I know how difficult it is to not be affected by a media onslaught. Even I, El Rushbo, as aware and knowledgeable of who these people are and what they do and how they do it and how they try to do it, even I if I let my guard down for a split second can get sucked in. And I just know that over the course of the next 12 months I’m gonna be getting phone calls, “Rush, it’s over, you see this?” This is why I’m trying to make you see. It’s not over. It’s nowhere near over. If it’s over for anybody right now it’s over for Obama, and the efforts that the media is going to be making from now to November is evidence that if the election were today, it’s over.

They’re the ones that have an indefensible track record. They’re the ones have an indefensible agenda. They’re the ones that have to lie about what they hope to do. They’re the ones who have to lie about what they have done. Can you imagine, we have a president of the United States who cannot okay a pipeline project to give us more oil and more jobs because it’ll hurt his reelection. That’s all you need to know. Would you want to be in that position? Would you want to be president running for reelection and have to turn down an oil pipeline project that will create upwards of 200,000 jobs in the long run and deliver us more oil from an ally, from Canada, decreasing our dependence on other nations’ oil, would you want to have to veto that? The president of the United States has to veto anything that has American progress attached to it because it’s gonna alienate one of the many constituencies that make up his coalition.

Let me read to you from the New York Times, March 25th, 2008. This is eight months before Obama was elected. The New York Times headline is: “ObamaÂ’s Test: Can a Liberal Be a Unifier?” Dateline Washington. “At the core of Senator Barack ObamaÂ’s presidential campaign is a promise that he can transcend the starkly red-and-blue politics of the last 15 years, end the partisan and ideological wars and build a new governing majority. To achieve the change the country wants, he says, ‘we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.'”

That’s candidate Obama. Any of that happened? In fact, he’s done such a horrible job of unifying, we’re not red states and blue states anymore. By Thomas B. Edsall’s own reporting and admission, it’s white states and black states. We’re not red states and blue states anymore, it’s white states and black states, translated as middle class states and lower class states. No more red and blue. Don’t nail this to me. I’m the one simply reporting what Obama’s acolytes are saying. Obama does not want, cannot get, cannot win with the votes of white working class families. So where are they in the red and blue configuration? It’s not red states versus blue states anymore. And what about this magical unity the New York Times fantasized about in March of 2008?

Obama says, to effect this change “we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.” Did he try to do that? He still won’t have a meeting with the Republicans, alone. The media’s job from now ’til November is to wear you down. They never sleep. They’re going to wear you down, dispirit you, get you depressed, think that Obama’s rebounding, loved, and as popular as ever before, along with his policies. They’re gonna claim to have evidence the unemployment number is gonna improve. They’ll be able to stage some events with newly hired workers who will thank Obama and his policies, get ready for all of this. And you’re also gonna get dispirited, I’m gonna throw this in, too, because whoever the Republican nominee is probably will not be satisfying on the campaign trail.

I mean Romney, you know, a lot of people, and I say this and people think I’m kidding. I don’t actually verbally talk to a lot of people. I don’t like talking to people. It means I have to listen to ’em. I send e-mail and stuff but I have communication with a lot of people. And this campaign that Romney’s running has got a lot of people ticked off, this negative, scorched-earth campaign against a conservative. Got some people saying to me, “You know, if Romney will do this in a primary, take out, you know, whatever is dirty, what will he do to conservatives after he’s elected or nominated when he thinks they have nowhere else to go, how loyal to conservatism will he be?” Obama opposed the AT&T T-Mobile merger. That would have brought 5,000 jobs back to the country. Do you know why Obama opposed that?

There is an Obama donor who’s working on a high speed data network, LightSquared, and is trying to give this company preference. This company network somehow wreaks havoc on existing cell networks out there and it’s got some national security implications as well, their GPS system is used, Obama bought shares in LightSquared as did George Soros so they’re being protected in this AT&T, T-Mobile — AT&T, by the way, and T-Mobile have ended it, the merger is dead, the Justice Department sued. The FCC came out against it, and so now AT&T owes T-Mobile four billion as a breakup fee. So AT&T is gonna find out what their customers feel like when the contract’s broken. Just kidding. But if AT&T has to fork over four billion, what’s gonna happen to subscriber rates?

So lots of stuff going on underneath the surface and behind the scenes. But again, I mention these two stories today, because, frankly, a person said, “Rush, Rush, why didn’t you tell us about this?” And that person obviously can’t listen every day. I did tell you, and led on both of them. But it told me maybe some people don’t know because it’s not been anywhere but this show. So the Gallup news on most people, 64%, think big government’s the problem, Obama can’t win with white working class votes, I think that is so huge. It’s amazing and this Edsall guy admits it. So just trying to keep your spirits up because I know what’s headed our way. Shortly after the turn of the year, I know what’s coming.

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