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RUSH: Tim Tebow lost yesterday. Actually Tim Tebow didn’t lose, the Denver defense lost yesterday. The news media though seems to be delighted, John Elway probably delighted that Tim Tebow lost. The media is excited here because they think this proves there’s no God. Also, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens lost last night in San Diego. They lost 14-34 against the Chargers. Joe Flacco was sacked five times. He threw a couple of picks and I just wanted to give him equal time here with Tebow so he wouldn’t complain about being eclipsed. He’s all upset that Tebow kept getting all the coverage last week so I wanted to make sure that Flacco, the quarterback of the Ravens, got his due coverage, too, for his performance last night in San Diego.

Now the Steelers, get this, the Steelers play in San Francisco tonight against the Fort’iners, and — by the way, for those of you new to the program — you might wonder why do I pronounce the San Francisco team that way. When I was in Sacramento in 1984 through ’87 — actually it was midway through 1988 — I listened to the 49ers radio broadcasts, and the play-by-play guy, I forget his name now, said the name of the team so fast ’cause he’d said it so often, he tried to get a jump on all the syllables. It just came out Fort’iners, and sometimes he would not even go, the Niners, but other times it would be the Fort’iners and I’m a mimic and I wondered if it was almost a signature. Don Klein was the guy’s name, that’s who it was, Don Klein, Fort’iners.

Anyway, they play the Steelers tonight, Roethlisberger, grade one high ankle sprain, will play, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He will be delivered by air ambulance (laughing) well, he’d been hurt in the last game 11 days ago, got the high ankle sprain. At any rate, no, I saw somebody write some parody he’d delivered to the huddle on a stretcher by an air ambulance, and (laughing) so the game counts if the Steelers win out. They have the Fort’iners tonight, then they have the Rams and the Browns. If they win out, they’re the number one seed because they beat the Patriots.

Meanwhile, the Ravens, the quarterback, by the way, Joe Flacco, who lost 14-34 last night, sacked five times, a couple of picks to go along with Tebow’s performance. They beat the Steelers twice and that was their Super Bowl. Okay, now they were in line for the number one seed and now they could end up number five because they lost to the Chargers last night. Yeah, they could end up number five, number five seed. Steelers could, if they win out, be the number one seed even over the Patriots. If the Steelers lose one of these last three, the Patriots have the inside track and a favorable schedule. The Patriots end with the Dolphins and the Bills. So it is what it is.

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