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RUSH: It’s A. J. in Jackson, New Jersey. Hi, A. J., great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Great to be on the show. You know, if there was an actual Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies I would be on the dean’s list, so it’s good to be with you.

RUSH: Well, I’m honored to hear that. There aren’t any graduates and degrees here ’cause the learning never stops, but I’m happy to hear your self-assessment.

CALLER: Thank you. I wanted to make a point about the election. Before I do, I wanted to ask you a question.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My HP recently died and I was wondering if I could possibly have a MacBook?

RUSH: I’m running short on MacBooks.

CALLER: How about if I do a really great Obama impression for you?



RUSH: See, the problem is if I say yes to a request that’s all I’m gonna get. Then everybody who calls is gonna ask for something, and then the whole fun’s taken out of it, and so you force me to say no.


RUSH: You don’t really want to know what was in store for you if you hadn’t said anything.


RUSH: I was gonna send you an iPad. I gotta get going here, I’ve got a prize closet back there and I’ve gotta get rid of some of this stuff before Christmas, I want to do it, and I wasn’t even gonna ask, I was just gonna say at the end of the call, “By the way, hang on, I’m gonna get your address, send you an iPad.” But I can’t now ’cause you asked for a MacBook. Don’t ask. It’s not a gift then, and plus it opens the flood gates for everybody else to be doing the same thing, and then it becomes a trip to Santa Claus, not a talk show.

CALLER: Okay, if I make a good point will you possibly reconsider?

RUSH: Well, we’ll see.

CALLER: Okay. My point is that conservatives cannot divide their vote. We have a lot of candidates still in the field right now, and, you know, I’ve been listening to what you’re saying, and I think we all need to get behind someone like Michele Bachmann. You know, she’s been a principled conservative, and there hasn’t been a single issue she’s wavered on. I think all conservatives need to get together and say, “Let’s put our votes behind one candidate.” We can’t afford to split it like before, ’cause we’re gonna have a situation like we had with McCain last time, and if people don’t realize this ahead of time, the result is gonna be extremely bad for all of us. We have to pick the best possible candidate we can, and by dividing our votes, you know, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and so it’s important we rally —

RUSH: That’s the nature of the primary, is the vote’s are divided. That’s the nature of a primary. But I’m gonna tell you something. If you combine, just in the polling data, if you combine Bachmann and Santorum, you still don’t get to where Newt is right now. People vote their hearts. They don’t vote what I tell ’em to vote. But I’ll just tell you, and I’ve said it before, I think Michele Bachmann would be great. I think she would fight for this country consistently, predictably every day she was in the Oval Office.


RUSH: That last caller, the guy asking for a computer. Now, don’t smirk in there. I’ve made it clear that at random I will offer people prizes, just ’cause I love this stuff. I’ve always loved sharing what I love. I love sharing my passions. And I am an Apple evangel, and so I have a prize closet back there of, you know, a lot of stuff. I’ve been very clear that if you ask for it you are immediately disqualified. A, with me, it’s a manners thing. B, if I say yes to everybody that asks, every call is going to begin with, “Will you give me an X?” Now, Snerdley told me that the guy who asked was actually a liberal. We talked to him after the call was over.

Snerdley kept the phone line on and the guy insulted Snerdley, said, “You greedy rich SOBs,” because I wouldn’t give him the computer that he asked for. Obviously a 99%-er. The thing is I love giving the stuff away, but I just can’t do it. But then on the other side of it is this I have over the course of this program, I’ve often said to people, “If you want something, don’t be afraid to ask for it,” in your life. But you have to know that a gift is something else. You don’t ask for a gift, at least not of me. It’s the biggest turnoff and it takes all the fun out of it and that’s the whole point of it for me. It takes all the fun out. It just makes it perfunctory and rote and expected, and some might say classless. If it’s expected, then of course it’s not any fun whatsoever. So just leave it up to me as to how this stuff gets distributed.

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