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RUSH: Reports are circulating out there that Donald Trump is looking into canceling the debate that is set for December 27th. Michele Bachmann has pulled out. There’s really only two people that are gonna show up, Newt and Santorum are the only two that plan on showing up. Everybody else said no. And we’ve got a sound bite coming up. Trump is really disturbed about Bachmann. Apparently Bachmann’s called him often, called him a lot of times, talked to him about becoming her vice president if she won the nomination. Apparently she was calling Trump seeking his advice. Here, let me find the bite. I may as well just play it here rather than tell you it’s coming up on the program. Grab number 17. This was on Imus this morning on Fox Business Channel. The question: “Now, so only Gingrich, only Gingrich, you like him, by the way?”

TRUMP: He had the courage to immediately say yes. And everybody else, like — you know who I’m very disappointed, Michele Bachmann. She’d come up to see me four times, four times. She called me, she’d asked me for advice, she said I should be her vice presidential — you know, if she wins, she’d like to think about me for the vice president. I did like a two-hour phone call for her with her people. People said, “Are you endorsing her?” which the answer was no, and then after all of that she just announced she’s not gonna do the debate. It’s unbelievable. It’s actually called loyalty. How do you do that?

RUSH: All right, so Donald not happy with Michele Bachmann and Perry’s not going and Romney’s not going. It’s only Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich that are going. I don’t know if I believe this stuff about Trump looking into canceling the debate. It’s still a television opportunity. And he’s still dangling this carrot that he himself might run third party. Of course, there’s a lot of pressure being put on Jon Huntsman to run as a third-party candidate as well. Here’s the thing about this. Somebody is asking me why doesn’t NewsMax just get another moderator? And it’s true, Chris Ruddy is very close to the Clintons. Chris Ruddy could go ask the latest NBC hire, Chelsea Clinton, to moderate the debate. NewsMax could maybe get Bill Clinton to moderate the debate. But I don’t know if it’s — I guess it is. I’m going back and forth, ’cause none of these candidates are saying why. Are they? If they have, I’ve missed it.

None of the candidates are saying why they’re not doing the debate other than scheduling conflicts and that sort of stuff, but I don’t think any of the candidates have said, “I’m not doing that, Trump’s moderating it.” I’m not sure, so sure, that that’s the sole reason why people are deciding not to do the Trump debate. I don’t know that Trump is the sole reason. But we will find out in due course.

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