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RUSH: I’m gonna go to the audio sound bites now, and I want to preface our Obama Osawatomie speech sound bites with a little two-minute excerpt of me February 28, 2009, at the CPAC conference, this now historic speech that I gave. It’s tough to pick just two minutes from it, but these are the two minutes in the speech where I warned everybody what Obama’s project was.

RUSH ARCHIVE: President Obama — and take your pick of any Democrat —

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

RUSH: — love to say, “We’ve tried it your way,” meaning Reaganism. “We’ve tried it your way. We tried it your way in the eighties; it didn’t work. We tried it your way just in the last eight years, it didn’t work.” Excuse me. When Obama talks about “past economies,” he somehow always leaves out that the recession of the eighties was worse than this one. Why does he leave it out? Because… You know why he leaves it out, America? Leaves it out because we got out of that recession with tax cuts.

AUDIENCE: (sustained cheers and applause)

RUSH: I told ’em to leave the applause in.

AUDIENCE: (sustained cheers and applause)

RUSH ARCHIVE: President Obama, in six weeks of his administration, has proposed more spending than from the founding of the country to his inauguration.

AUDIENCE: (groans)

RUSH ARCHIVE: Now, this is not prosperity, it is not going to engender prosperity, it’s not gonna create prosperity, and it is also not going to advance or promote freedom. It’s going to be just the opposite. The future is not big government, self-serving politicians, powerful bureaucrats. This has been tried, tested throughout history. The result has always been disaster. President Obama, your agenda is not new, it’s not change, and it’s not hope.

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Folks, I just want to remind you: That was February 2009. In fact, it was February 28, so about five weeks after Obama had been inaugurated, and nobody was saying those things. In February of 2009, the stimulus had just been passed; and the Democrats, of course, were lauding Obama as the next great thing. “We’ve never before seen anything like it. New, unique, love, unity, America will be loved again.” The Republicans were cowering in fear in the corners. Nobody was saying that, certainly not in national forums. Nobody was saying it.

Certain Republican pollsters today would call that “a personal attack” on President Obama and would argue against it. In that little two-minute excerpt I told the country that what was ahead of us was not prosperity, not enhanced and increased liberty or freedom, but more misery — and who has been right, and who has been wrong? Obama and the Democrats have been as wrong as anybody in history — and I, El Rushbo, as right as anybody in history — and now that takes us to Osawatomie, Kansas, where President Obama began by telling people where he thought he was.

OBAMA: It is great to be back in the state of Texas.

AUDIENCE: (roar of laughter)

OBAMA: Uh, nope. State of Kansas.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

RUSH: It’s just one of the 57 states. It was “a slip of the tongue,” doesn’t mean much. But we move on with more sound bites. The brilliant intellectual Barack Obama blaming the Internet for unemployment.

OBAMA: Over the last few decades huge advances in technology have allowed businesses to do more with less, and it’s made it easier for them to s-set up shop and hire workers anywhere they want in the world. If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs and the Internet.

RUSH: We’re supposed to go back to that? We’re supposed to go back to phone operators at switchboards and people with patch cords patching phone calls together? We’re not supposed to be able to make a phone call without going through an operator? You’re not supposed to be able to find a number on the Internet? You’re supposed to have to call information to get a phone number — spend 30 seconds or 40 se or a minute and a half on hold waiting for them to get a number for you? How many jobs, how much wealth have computers and the Internet given us, Apple, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Netflix, I mean on and on and on!

How many jobs, how much wealth, how much prosperity, how much technological leadership has occurred in the world via the United States and the Internet? Here’s Barack Obama who wants to roll it back! He’s blaming it, because phone operators and bank tellers lost their jobs! Last time I went to the bank were there tellers in there, as a side note. I have a piece here today from McKinsey.com, a management consultancy firm. “The Internet is a vast mosaic of economic activity, ranging from millions of daily online transactions and communications to smartphone downloads of TV shows. But little is known about how the web in its entirety contributes to global growth, productivity, and employment.

“New McKinsey research into the Internet economies of the G-8 nations as well as Brazil, China, India, South Korea, and Sweden finds that the web accounts for a significant and growing portion of global [Gross Domestic Product]. Indeed, if measured as a sector, Internet-related consumption and expenditure is now bigger than agriculture or energy,” and the president of the United States — in his glory, in his wailing ignorance — defiles it, in a speech to middle-class people holding out himself as hope! “On average, the Internet contributes 3.4 percent to GDP in the 13 countries covered by the research — an amount the size of Spain or Canada in terms of GDP, and growing at a faster rate than that of Brazil,” a country — and a president who everybody says is among the smartest people in the world, spends time yesterday ripping it to shreds and blaming it for taking people backwards economically?

This is breathtaking, maddening, infuriating, and it’s also frightening that somebody this dumb has been elected.


RUSH: “The Internet’s impact on global growth is rising rapidly. The Internet accounted for 21 percent of GDP growth over the last five years among the developed countries … The United States is the largest player in the global Internet supply ecosystem,” the president of the United States — not Fidel Castro, not Hu Jintao, the president of the United States — gives a speech yesterday blaming it for America’s economic woes when he is responsible.


RUSH: We are here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, and for a few moments longer we’re gonna be reviewing Obama’s admission socialism, Marxism in his Osawatomie, Kansas, speech yesterday. We’re gonna be reviewing Obama admitting that in his view this country has never worked, that this country has always been fraudulent, that this country, since its founding, has never worked. Now, folks, these comments that he made yesterday are dangerous. You ever heard the term the Luddites? You know who they were?

The Luddites, for this application, the Luddites were the first people who thought like Obama thinks, at least the first on record. They started breaking into factories and busting up the looms which were manufacturing fabric and cloth in England. These were the looms that basically launched the industrial revolution, which has led to unimagined wealth throughout the world. What Barack Obama said basically yesterday was he wants to go back and subsidize the horse and buggy industry.

Imagine if Obama had been president during the time of the invention of the automobile. What woulda happened? He woulda shut it down. Because look what it did to the horse and buggy industry. Look what it did to the people who made buggy whips and buggies. How unfair of a country to do that to people. So yesterday, instead of the automobile ruining the country, it’s the Internet and ATMs and automated telephone systems. By the way, did we have computers and the Internet back in December 2006, way back then, five years ago, did we have the computer and Internet back then? We did, didn’t we? What was the unemployment rate back then? I picked 2006 because that’s the year prior to the Democrats taking over Congress. The unemployment rate in 2006 was 4.6%, not 11 or 13 or 18. It was 4.6% and we had computers and we had the Internet. What we didn’t have was the Democrats running Congress. And what we didn’t have was Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

By the way, England back in industrial revolution days made breaking up those looms a capital offense. The modern day Luddites are the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Our president celebrates them, motivates them, encourages them to continue to do nothing but sponge off of everybody else. And I’ll tell you something else he did yesterday that’s intolerable as far as I’m concerned. He gave a bunch of young people the idea that if they vote for him, college isn’t gonna cost anything. That’s what that little comment about college shouldn’t cost a hundred grand and anybody who wants to go ought to be able to go. He just told people if they vote for him, college is gonna be free. Now, we know that’s not gonna happen, but he lied and told people that it was. He also lied about the Bush tax cuts, claimed the Bush tax cuts were simply for the rich, but, of course, the Bush tax cuts were across the board. Everybody. And in fact Obama himself even admitted so.

“What do you mean by that, Mr. Limbaugh?” Back during the lame duck congressional session a year ago, last December, Obama refused to let the Bush tax cuts expire. Do you remember that, Mr. New Castrati? He refused to let the Bush tax cuts expire because it would do damage to the economy, forcing people to do with less. And it wasn’t just the rich. He kept talking about the middle class couldn’t withstand a tax increase a year ago. He said the middle class would have a tax increase if he let the Bush tax cuts expire, Mr. New Castrati, you idiot. Mr. New Castrati is representative of the wusses that are the Democrat Party these days. Ah, but yesterday the Bush tax cuts, they were just for the rich. I don’t know about you, but just wanton lying, I have trouble with it. I’ve been fired once for calling a guy on it. It’s one of those things I can’t ignore.

It was December 2010. In fact, they loved these tax cuts so much they started calling these the Obama tax cuts. If you recall during the lame duck session the Democrats tried to convince people there were new tax cuts that were enacted in the lame duck session called the Obama tax cuts. At least for this segment let’s play some more sound bites. We’re up to sound bite number 22, and we get to the really disgusting meat of this speech. First he sets up another straw man. This is Wall Street. And the way he describes what happens in 2008 tells you how much he despises this country and capitalism.

OBAMA: In 2008, the house of cards collapsed. Huge bets and huge bonuses made with other people’s money on the line. Regulators who were supposed to warn us about the dangers of all this but looked the other way —

RUSH: It’s all a lie.

OBAMA: — or didn’t have the authority to look at all. It was wrong. It combined the breathtaking greed of a few with irresponsibility all across the system and it plunged our economy and the world into a crisis from which we’re still fighting to recover. It claimed the jobs and the homes and the basic security of millions of people, innocent, hardworking Americans who had met their responsibilities but were still left holding the bag.

RUSH: If you are an Obama voter, a political independent or moderate, a liberal Democrat and you’re listening to this, I know what you’ve been told about me. I know what you believe you think is true about me. I’m here to tell you from the bottom of my heart that practically every word in this is a lie, and you need to understand why. Let’s start here. Huge bets and huge bonuses made with other people’s money. You mean like Jon Corzine of MF Global? Over, what is it, $680 million of other people’s money is lost. Corzine stole it. Just as he stole people’s money as governor of New Jersey, he stole it, he made wrong bets, he bet the wrong way on the future of Europe. He’ll never be prosecuted for it because he has the right view on abortion, he has the right view on immigration, he’s going to remain a Democrat Party star. But he’s no different than Bernie Madoff.

What caused the plunge in 2008 was not Wall Street and the breathtaking greed of a few. What caused that, I’m just telling you from the bottom of my heart, I would love for you to believe it, but ultimately that’s up to you, but what caused the mess we’re in now is a bunch of Washington politicians, primarily Democrats, forcing banks to make loans for homes to people that would never, ever have the ability to pay it back. No way. It’s called the subprime mortgage crisis. And it was done in the interests of fairness and advancing the American dream, and it’s rooted in the Community Redevelopment Act, Jimmy Carter’s creation. Bill Clinton really amplified it.

He talks about regulators here. The regulators tried to shut the program down. It was people like Barney Frank, Democrat, Chris Dodd, Democrat, who shouted down the regulators in congressional hearings and sent them running out of the rooms with their tails between their legs. It was the Democrat Party. I know what you think of me, you liberal Democrats and you independents, people that only tune in here now and then, you think you’ve got the truth of me based on what you hear in the media, but I’m just telling you, there’s nothing in it for me to be wrong. We all want to get this fixed. See, we all want prosperity for everybody, including you. But everybody has to do their part. You can’t get there believing a bunch of lies like this.

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