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RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, talking about this Chevrolet Volt business makes me very nervous because just as this phrase that was in the Washington Post story about Newt, he “does not carry Wall Street baggage,” you know, you could substitute something and you could have that phrase read: “He does not carry American baggage.” You know, Wall Street’s America. So here you’ve got a Democrat strategist saying of Newt, yeah, “he doesn’t carry Wall Street baggage.”

So Obama’s making it clear: They’re running against America. They’re running against American traditions, institutions, trying to defile them as corrupt, and Newt gives ’em a problem ’cause they can’t tie Newt to Wall Street. Well, you know, the Chevy Volt has got all kinds of problems. First, nobody wants to buy any. The regime, GM owned by the regime, what did they project, 10,000 sales and they’ve sold about 1100 of ’em, something like that. I forget the number, and they’re all bought with other people’s money, every purchase is subsidized.

Now they’ve got battery problems. The cars are supposedly catching fire because the batteries. GM has… I am not comfortable reporting this. (interruption) No, they’re rethinking the buyback. If you just stick with me on this, everything you think you know has changed about this. Yes, yes, yes. First, this is from a website called AutoGuide.com. “Chevrolet Volt Battery Issues Growing, Safety Findings May Have Been Suppressed. Following on from the announcement that GM is looking at redesigning the Chevrolet Volt’s lithium ion battery system in the wake of several highly publicized fires resulting from test crashes.”

You know, NBC didn’t even do the test crashes. Normally NBC does that for their documentary shows but they didn’t even do that; the government did that. “Now comes further news that both General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration delayed disclosure of their original findings of the safety problems with the car by months. Well, the regime runs General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And this assertion is that General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suppressed findings about the dangers posed by the car for months.

Apparently way back in June — now, my point here is that Corzine, this idiot, who in the world would invest long on European bonds? They had to think the government was gonna bail ’em out. Nobody goes long on European bonds back in October, September, for crying out loud. The Italians can’t pay their bonds. They’ve come to mature. That’s one of the problems here. And furthermore, Corzine taking advice from Clinton’s firm on doing just that. Going long on European bonds at MF Global is like the government investigating Volt. They hide the results. They hide the dangers from people. It’s almost on par with the government investing in this thing.

They tried to bring Toyota to their knees over this kind of thing. Remember all these phony baloney accelerator stick stories with these yokels getting in the Toyotas and driving into concrete abutments because the accelerator stuck. Turns out that was all made up. At any rate, “Apparently, way back in June, General Motors heard about a Volt fire that happened three weeks after said vehicle was crash tested, yet it wasn’t until November that the company, or NHTSA disclosed there was a potential problem.” So they knew in June; they didn’t tell anybody until November. All that while they’re selling the car, or trying to. They were “urging both dealers and customers to drain the battery pack immediately following an accident.”

So if you’re in one of these things and you have an accident, the first thing, if you’re conscious that you have to do is go drain the battery pack, or the first responders have to be trained to do this. Now, why not tell people of the dangers that you have discovered? Because it would hurt the president’s green energy push? It was because they didn’t want this kind of news coming out along with the Solyndra stuff and all the fraud going on in the solar energy business? Would it hurt his reelection chances? Why the cover-up? People’s lives were threatened here. Oh, by the way, Newt Gingrich is scum. That’s in the Republican media. Meanwhile, all this is going on and we’re being told what a bunch of rot guts our candidates are. All this stuff is happening. Clinton advising Corzine, Corzine’s firm going belly up, customers losing 80% of what they got, if not everything. Clinton getting 50 grand a month as a retainer ’cause Corzine wants an entree to Clinton’s political family.

Then we find out that the regime, General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety outfit discovered there’s a potential for fires from the battery in a Volt back in June, they don’t tell anybody until November. Meanwhile, what you and I are supposed to take away today is that Newt Gingrich is unfit for office. See how this works. “As a result the public relations nightmare surrounding Chevy’s halo vehicle appears to be deepening, though a good deal of the blame in this case also rests with NHTSA.” That’s the regime. The regime is the Chevy Volt; the regime is GM; the regime is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That would be Obama.

“Joan Claybrook, a former administrator at NHTSA believes part of the reason for the delay was the ‘fragility of Volt sales.'” Exactly! Now, if you have a company and you sell a product that causes fires, the regime will try to shut you down. If the regime has a product that causes fires, they won’t tell you so that you will continue to buy it. That’s what we come away with here. And we have now a former administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Joan Claybrook, saying so. “Yet she also believes that ‘NHTSA could have put out a consumer alert, not to tell them [customers] for six months makes no sense to me.'” Note she is a former administrator. She’s not there anymore. So Obama’s precious Volt sales might be hurt if a safety issue is not suppressed. What kind of deal is that? So these cars pose a potential safety risk but we’re not gonna tell you that because it might hurt sales. This is what happens when the regime runs businesses; what happens when government runs businesses.

You know, the left is constantly out there trying to convince people that every big industry and corporation in America is trying to kill its customers. Big Oil is trying to pollute the world and destroy it. Every outfit out there is trying to pollute the water and the air, and the Republicans like dirty water and dirty air and so forth. And now isn’t it ironic? We finally have a corporation that’s trying to kill its customers, there’s no outrage about it.

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