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RUSH: Jay in Fargo, North Dakota. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. You just made me so angry today I had to call.

RUSH: Oh, no!

CALLER: You keep saying it’s gonna be easy to defeat Obama, it doesn’t matter who we elect, that the bar only has to be higher than Obama — and I’m telling you, Rush, if you set the bar that low you’re gonna get a candidate that low and look at the field we’ve got. We’ve got the philanderer, what’s he on his fourth wife, this Newt Gingrich? You got Mitt Romney. I call him “Rosy Palm” Romney because he’s in love with himself he’s never met a position that he isn’t willing to take to get elected.

RUSH: Wait a second. Wait a second. I use a cochlear implant; I just want to make sure I heard. You “call him ‘Rosy Palm’ Romney because he’s in love with himself”?

CALLER: Absolutely. He hasn’t taken a stand on any issue that he hasn’t changed to win the next election.

RUSH: What does that mean, “rosy palm”? (interruption) Okay, I thought that’s what it meant. Okay, go on.

CALLER: You got Santorum, who you can’t even Google. You’ve got Michele Bachmann, who’s mentally ill. I mean, we don’t have any good candidates, and honestly you’re the most influential person on the right. A long time ago you could have kept the media from deciding who our candidate’s gonna be.

RUSH: No I couldn’t have. No, I couldn’t have. I’m not responsible for any of these candidates, and Michele Bachmann’s not insane.

CALLER: (groans) In my opinon —

RUSH: Who is your preference? You’re making — you’re trying to make — me believe a you’re a big conservative. Who is your conservative? Who’s out there that you want to run?

CALLER: Actually Rush I just want to let you know I’m one of the seminar callers that you’re always paranoid about.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Here we are again. You know, nobody can be truly upset about this field?

RUSH: Yeah, you can be upset all you want. I did not call you a seminar caller. I said, “Who is your preferred candidate?”

CALLER: There isn’t one.

RUSH: I said, “Michele Bachmann is not mentally ill.”

CALLER: There isn’t one! I mean there used to be like George W. Bush (sic), a serious person who led the CIA, who was competent and could get things done, who had a consistent record throughout his life. We just don’t have that now.

RUSH: Well, the last I looked he lost when he ran for reelection in 1992 when he abandoned Reaganism.

CALLER: Well, he raised taxes, too. I mean —

RUSH: Same difference.

CALLER: He’s ten times better than any candidate we’ve got going.

RUSH: But he’s not running — and George W. didn’t lead the CIA; George H. W. did. Which one are you talking about?

CALLER: That’s what I meant.

RUSH: Which one you talking about?

CALLER: Talking about the father?

CALLER: George H. W. Bush, yeah. The father.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: He ran the CIA. I mean, he had a legitimate resume. Who has a have on that stage down there? Who — who — who can put three sentences together without committing some huge mistake?

RUSH: (sighs)

RUSH: Well, Bachmann can.

CALLER: — do you know that before he ran —

RUSH: Bachmann can, Romney can, Gingrich can. A lot of them can.


RUSH: And what about Huntsman? You sound like you’re a Huntsman guy. What is it about Huntsman you don’t like?

CALLER: Y-y-you know what? Huntsman might work.

RUSH: See? I knew it.

CALLER: I — I — I don’t know enough about him. I guess that’s what I don’t like about him be nobody knows about him. He hasn’t had his turn in the spotlight. He might be okay. But Nixon traveled to like 50 different countries. He could tell you the capital of every country. He could tell you what diplomatic problems we had with every country.

RUSH: He also gave us OSHA! He gave us half of the liberal welfare state! He gave us half of the liberal bureaucracy —

CALLER: Well, it was a different time, wasn’t it?

RUSH: — trying to make the liberals like him.

CALLER: Eh, eh, and we’ve evolved a lot since then, so how have we gotten worse standards?

RUSH: Jay, I don’t know that you’re a seminar caller. If you are, fine and dandy. I’m not “paranoid” of seminar callers, other than they waste time. But I don’t think you’re a conservative. There’s nobody except people who’ve lost?


RUSH: Okay, now let me explain this, folks: The implied argument that we had from the previous caller is the same argument that we get from the Republican elite. “The GOP base is a bunch of whack jobs who vote in the primaries. They’re just outta touch, they’re too far to the right, and all these candidates are a bunch of flaming wacko stupid idiots.” That’s the implied argument from the Republican base. And, of course, it is a big lie, and we saw that it was a big lie in the November 2010 midterm elections. The Tea Party is America. But, the elites, as typified by — not saying that guy was an elite, but he voices their implied argument. The elites are trying to say that the Republican primary voters are gonna make it impossible for us to win in the general ’cause they’re too conservative.

We never hear this said about the Democrat base. We never hear it said that the Democrat base is gonna nominate a communist, is gonna nominate a socialist. We never hear about what a bunch of wacko, kook freaks the Democrat base is. All we ever hear about is what a bunch of wacko kooks our base is, and we hear that from our own people. Plus the Democrats! We never hear — we never hear — about the problems posed in the Democrat Party by their fringe kooks, by their lunatics, by their Occupy Wall Street crowds. Never! It’s only you people who are castigated and characterized and portrayed as a bunch of kook idiot extreme lunatics. (sigh) A tell you, there’s another reason why the Republican establishment all ticked off at Newt; they thought they had him buried.

Imagine… I’ll tell you what: If Sarah Palin standpoint down the road resurfaces, runs for office again, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. You are gonna see such ticked off people in the establishment, ’cause they think they’ve killed her. They think they’ve taken her out, same thing with Cain. They think they’ve taken him out, then they thought they had taken Newt out, and now here’s Newt leading in the polls, and they’re panicking, beside themselves, don’t know what to do. He’s not supposed to have resurrected like this.

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