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“More people left the workforce than got jobs, and the unemployment rate goes down? We’re dealing here with a serious form of corruption, manipulation of data; but, we all knew it was coming.”

“Somebody tell me what is wrong with wanting to teach somebody the concept of work and being paid for it. What’s wrong with it?”

“The job universe from January, 2009 when Obama was immaculated to the present is down about 2.5 million jobs. There are 2.5 million fewer jobs in our country in the two and a half, almost three years now, that Obama has been in orifice — and that’s the dirty little secret.”

“What has been going on in this country since 2008 is not capitalism. Capitalism is not responsible for what’s happened to this country since 2008. Barack Obama is. Capitalism does not need to be defended. Capitalism is not responsible for all of this unemployment and economic degradation. Capitalism has not been tried the last three years.”

“Why are we sending kids to college if work is such a tainted concept? We’re sending them to college for indoctrination. We’re educating then with worthless degrees. They come out not knowing how to do anything, and they blame people who have gone a different route.”

“Coca-Cola, for the holiday season, changed the color of the can to white to ostensibly help the polar bears? It bombed. It bombed out, and they’re going back to red cans next week. You don’t see us at Two If By Tea doing phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller crap like that.”

“If Oprah were that popular, why didn’t her audience follow her wherever she went and find her?”

“When people go political, then they become fair game on this program, pure and simple. Doesn’t matter. You go political, and you are in the arena, then we are gonna comment.”

“You know, when I was young I said, ‘I’m never gonna grow up and be an old fogy, and I’m never gonna say, ‘When I was young, I walked to school in ten feet of snow with no shoes!’ I’m not gonna do that like my parents,’ but I have to. I’m sorry.”

“Work in the old days was something honorable. To want to get a job… I shined shoes when I was 13. That was my first job. I made $50 in three months shining shoes at a barber shop, and my dad was beside himself with pride. He was excited.”

“When you suggest something genuinely helpful and educational to people, to poor kids especially, you get castigated. You get raked across the coals for insensitivity, cold-heartedness, extremism, heartlessness, all of those other adjectives.”

“Who cares what Democrats say? Democrats are the problem. Work is not the problem! Lack of jobs is the problem brought to us by the Democrats.”

“I’m still learning to accept compliments myself. Sometimes it’s very tough.”

“What is there to debate about education or the environment? ‘The environment’ is a setup.”

“Look at Occupy Wall Street, look at who they’re mad at. They’re mad at the people that build things, they’re mad at the people that accomplish things, they’re mad at the people that achieve things, and think those people somehow ought to be made to give it all up. When it used to be that those were the people that were admired.”

“See, I think when you’re talking about driving and virginity, it seems to me that parking is what leads to no more virgins, not driving.”

“We at Two If By Tea, we don’t do any of that. We don’t insult the intelligence of our consumers. We’re not hipsters and we’re not trendy in the sense that we try to tie into fads; we create the fads, if there’s any fad going on.”

“If at the end of the day here we are not gonna compare and contrast our beliefs with Obama’s and the left’s, then when will we? At some point we’ve gotta stand up for who we are!”

“We have articles out there all over the place today in the conservative world again about Newt and Cain and how horrible they are. We don’t have any stories anywhere about how bad Obama is, how bad Obama has been. We don’t have any story about how bad Pelosi and Reid or any of that is.”

“Our problem isn’t that there’s too little government. Our problem is that there’s WAAAAAAAAAY too much.”

“There is one true conservative voice that does not waver in Washington. It would be mine if I was there, but I’m not. It’s the Heritage Foundation.”

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