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RUSH: Yeah, it’s a shame out there, folks, but the Illinois babe who claims that Herman Cain groped her when she went to him for help finding a gig has been served with eviction papers. “Cook County sheriff spokesman Frank Bilecki says that deputies yesterday served the papers on Sharon Bialek’s 13-year-old son because Bialek was not at home. Bilecki,” not to be confused with Bialek, “says that Illinois law allows minors who live in the home to sign for a summons. It requires Bialek, who couldn’t be reached for comment, to appear in court. Bilecki,” again, the sheriff, not to be confused with Bialek, “says that the owner of Bialek’s townhome in Chicago suburb, Glenview, began the eviction process after she failed to pay $7500 in back rent. “Bialek stood with high profile lawyer Gloria Allred…” Yeah, where is she by the way? This woman, she had a fiance and then the fiance left.

They had a boyfriend, or the boyfriend became the fiance. All of this during this fiasco. Then she’s up there on stage with Allred. She’s been abandoned now. She has been thrown out of her home. Where are the other two sexual harassment babes? Has anybody stopped to realize nothing has come of those sexual harassment charges other than the charges? I mean, the women are gone. (interruption) What do you mean, “Why is the minor kid at home alone?” (interruption) That’s not a sin in today’s society. That’s as normal as the sun coming up. Thirteen years old at home alone? Come on, Snerdley, even I’m not that far behind. I mean, I understand. That’s quite understandable and normal. I marvel at this. We have no substance. We’ve got these three babes, they made their charges, they’re gone. Three weeks later when nothing really comes of it, then we’ve got Ginger White’s emergence. It’s doubtful that it’s the regime doing this. If this were the Democrats, they’d wait ’til Cain got the nomination I think. Doesn’t matter. Still it’s amazing to me.


RUSH: This is interesting. It’s last night on PMSNBC, The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell spoke with Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart about the allegations that Herman Cain had a 13-year affair with Ginger White. O’Donnell says, “Now, look, in your understanding of the way a healthy marriage works in America, Jonathan, when you’re giving 13 years of financial support to a woman who’s not your wife, your wife is supposed to know about that, right; go along with it, isn’t she?”

CAPEHART: Let’s say Ginger White and Gloria Cain were friends, that this story about Ginger White comes out. Wouldn’t you expect Gloria — uh, the campaign would orchestrate a statement of some sort from Gloria Cain saying, “You guys are ridiculous. Ginger White has been a longtime family friend. We’ve been helping her over the last few years because she, like millions of other Americans, have been hit hard by the economic problems facing the country and we are lucky enough to be able to extend a helping hand”? But that’s not what we got. Gloria Cain doesn’t know Ginger White.

RUSH: Okay, so what’s the crime here then? Apparently, according to Capehart, Herman Cain and his wife just aren’t lying enough. If they’d just come out and tell a lie like Clinton did! Clinton and Hillary. You know, Hillary went out and went on the Today Show and blamed the “vast, right wing conspiracy.” That’s how you do it! That’s how you do it! You don’t rely on the truth. For crying out loud, this is politics, man. What Cain and his wife have gotta do is come up with a great lie that we will respect and admire, and then would he give ’em a pass. That’s how Bill and Hillary did it. Bill and Hillary dazzled us every day with lie after lie after lie. We knew they were lying to us, but it was so damn good that we were in awe. But Cain and his wife, they can’t pull that off.

That’s what Capehart’s saying. Yeah, if he just grabbed this babe and get Gloria Cain out there to talk about what buddies they are — get Gloria in on it; tell her the money will keep flowing if she plays along — yeah! That’s it. (interruption) What? (interruption) Come on, Snerdley. You’re sounding like the guy’s lawyer. Snerdley is sounding like Cain’s lawyer. He’s screaming at me here, by the way, in the IFB. Cain’s lawyer basically came out and said, “Okay, look, the sexual harassment claims, that’s okay, but this is an alleged private consequential affair and as such it is none of your business and you don’t have any right to ask questions about it and you don’t have any right to talk about it, and you don’t have any right to report it, and that’s it.”

Meanwhile, Cain’s out there denying it. Well, I’m sorry, that’s not gonna be accepted. That’s a laugher. (interruption) “At what point is this none of our business?” I cannot believe you’re saying this. This is a Republican presidential campaign! Do you…? (interruption) Of course it’s over the top! Where were you when this kinda stuff was happening to Sarah Palin? Herman Cain’s gotten 2% of what they did to Sarah Palin every day. This is the world in which we live now. In this case, this has to be — all this stuff — has to be being mounted from within a Republican operation. If this is the regime doing this, why do it now? If you got this kind of stuff that can take a candidate out, push this guy to get the nomination, then take him out. That would be the regime doing it.

So your beef here is with some Republican consultant. The rules are that we must know everything about every Republican candidate and every orifice of that Republican candidate. We must know! When it comes to the Democrat candidate, “Nope. Off-limits.” That’s where your rule applies. None of our business. Democrat candidates, hands off! No vetting, no looking into their past, no looking into their history, no finding out who their girlfriends were. Don’t go out and try to find any of the students that they taught in this mythical law class. Don’t go out and find anybody at Harvard that knew the president and could tell us a little bit about what he was like. Now they’re even saying, “You’d better not bring Reverend Wright back into this.”

They are! They’re out there. Tad “A Tad Too” Devine says, “You better not bring Reverend Wright back in.” Even Doug Schoen is saying, “Don’t bring Wright back up! Reverend Wright’s irrelevant, has no relevance. Better not go there.” So we’re told, “Don’t you dig into Bill Ayers. Don’t dig into Reverend Wright. Don’t start reminding people that stuff anymore. Don’t bring up this bitter-clinger stuff. Don’t go there.” Herman Cain? “What orifice have we not yet explored? What other women are out there?” (interruption) You think there are women being paid off? I’m just telling you, this is the way it’s… (interruption) Well, of course. Liberalism has to stop. I’ve been saying liberalism has to stop for the past 23 years but it hasn’t!


RUSH: We have Herman Cain’s theory about what’s going on. He was on Cavuto yesterday on Fox, and he said, “Richard Cohen is saying that there’s a double standard in going after you and not going after others in the race on this marital stuff,” and he particularly referred to Newt Gingrich. I’m quoting here: “I want to know why Gingrich’s two extramarital affairs — both admitted and, of course, deeply regretted — are somehow not as damaging as Herman Cain’s one not admitted and still very much alleged affair,” and this is what Cain said.

CAIN: There’s one other possibility here. Maybe the Democrats want Newt Gingrich to win the nomination so they can then go after his personal life, but they need to knock me out now. That’s just a hypothesis. So think about it.

RUSH: All right, so there’s all of these hypotheses — or for those of you in Rio Linda, “all these theories, all these wild guesses” going on out there. One wild guess is that the regime wants Romney because of two things: Romney equalizes Obamacare; they can cream him for that, and he was “Wall Street;” 1%, rich guy, blah, blah, blah. Another theory is that the regime — Herman Cain says — wants Newt here because of Newt’s personal life baggage. That stuff’s out there. There’s nothing that’s unknown. Well, we don’t know about that. There are two things that are known, and there’s stuff about Newt that has been previously thought to be true which wasn’t, such as the deathbed divorce, which is a total fabrication, a total lie.

Other theories are that the regime would love to run against Cain ’cause he doesn’t have a prayer, you know, in their mind.


RUSH: You know, silly me. Silly me! I just don’t think in racial terms first, second, or third. But, you know, it is possible that all this Herman Cain stuff is coming from Obama. It is possible, because what would constitute a threat? Just like Clarence was a threat because he was conservative, the most powerful black man in the country as Supreme Court justice — got where he got without one day being a Democrat, without bowing down to Jesse Jackson or anybody else, without using affirmative action — here comes Herman Cain, and let’s say he gets the nomination. Talk about a quandary for black voters. Talk about two pictures. One that the Democrats wouldn’t want to have to deal with. So I can see, after somebody points out the racial aspect, “Okay, maybe the White House would like to take Cain out and not take any chances whatsoever.” Back to the phones. Oh, wait! To the phones. That’s right. Okay. I told you it was gonna be an hour and a half. I knew how it was gonna shape out today.


RUSH: Joe Klein was on Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) this afternoon and she said, “Do people really think that Newt Gingrich is going to be the nominee?” Really, Joe? Do people really think (gagging) Newt is gonna be the nominee? “Or is this just the latest iteration in the Republican roller coaster ride?”

KLEIN: Newt probably is a more serious contender than Herman Cain was. Cain was clearly just a parking place, and especially after we started to attack Cain; then, you know, Republicans — populist Republicans — decided to support Cain just to send us a message.

RUSH: Did you catch that, folks? Joe Klein says, “[E]specially after we started to attack Cain; then, you know, Republicans — populist Republicans — decided to support Cain just to send us a message.” We have to come up… I know I’ve come up with Drive-By Media and all this, but they’re not even the media anymore. Most people, when you talk to ’em about the media, they think, “Okay, those are the people who are gonna tell you the news.” That is the last thing that happens anymore. This is not about the news anymore. It hasn’t been about the news for a long time. It really isn’t about the news. It is purely, entirely totally the advancement of an agenda.

There’s not even any pretense at finding news! You know where the news is on cable networks? It’s in the crawl at the bottom of the screen. That’s where you find out what’s going on in the world. That’s where you find out there’s been a plane crash, that’s where you find out if some kid’s been kidnapped, that’s where you find out if a bank has been robbed. Whatever the news is, if there’s been a vote on a piece of legislation, you read about it in the crawl at the bottom of the cable network screen. There’s no news anymore. The media doesn’t even make any pretense. There’s not even any mainstream press. It’s just a giant White House public information office. Really. When you boil it down, it’s that simple. It is that obvious.

The idea that the media is about news is so laughable these days. That’s one of the reasons, you know, I’ve been saying for almost all the 23-plus years behind the Golden EIB Microphone, “I do the job the mainstream media used to do.” We actually report news on this program. Now, I’m not a journalist, proudly stated, and I’m not a reporter ’cause I laugh, I smile. But I’m also honest about my objectives, purposes. They’re not. These people are literally administration spokesmen. Now, they’ve always been this is, don’t misunderstand, but in the old days (and it wasn’t that long ago) they tried to hide behind an illusion that they were newsmen, that there was actual shoe leather involved, that these reporters were actually on the street hunting down stories.

That doesn’t happen. Even the documentary shows or the long-form news shows, the investigative journalists, those are seek-and-destroy reports. That’s not news. I’m amazed every day by stuff, after my program is over. I’m amazed at the things people tell me when I read their e-mails or maybe on a rare occasion run into somebody. “Gosh, you know, I didn’t know what you said today. I didn’t know that was going on! I — I — I had no idea,” and it was nothing special. Just simple transformation of events. There really isn’t any news, not in a traditional sense. Joe Klein… Here, play it again. See, Andrea Mitchell says (interpreted): “Ha! Newt? Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha! Don’t make me laugh! Does he really have a chance? You gotta be kidding me, Joe!”

(replaying of sound bite)

RUSH: Well, I thought what happened was that some women came forward and said that Cain had sexually harassed them, and the media said, “Oh, really? Oh, okay! Well we’ll look into what you’re saying and we’re do some reporting and see if we can find some evidence.” No. What Joe Klein thinks happened here is, “Okay, we decided it was Herman Cain’s turn, and we decided to start attacking him, and we enlisted the help of the women — and when we did that, Cain supporters decided to support him even more just to send us a message.” Now, to somebody actually interested in reporting the news, that would be a shocking thing to think is happening — that the public to whom you’re reporting the news is trying to send you a message!

But of course this is another lifting of the veil, if you will. Klein is letting us all know that the news is the last thing he’s into. “Reporting the news? Nah, that’s not what we’re doing! We’re advancing our agenda. We are White House stenographers.” The news media is the Democrat Party’s defense lawyers and the Republican Party’s prosecutors — and they are the jury. They’re the defense lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge, and the jury when it comes to Republicans. They are the probation officer for the Democrats. They are the jail guards who always lose the keys to the cell, allowing the prisons to “excape,” for those of you in Rio Linda.


RUSH: Rich in Moscow Mills, Missouri. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, good to get through.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. Appreciate that.

CALLER: Hey, Merry Christmas to you and Kathryn, okay?

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Hey, while I was listening — this is why we hope he failed — I was floored while I was on hold about this Halloween thing, 500 and something people.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: Oh, my God!

RUSH: Five hundred eighty-six people; place closed down because they were mocking the homeless.

CALLER: Let me tell you, this is why I listened for 22 years and I’m never shocked by this guy because you knew what was coming because you warned us.

RUSH: Well, I know liberals. You know, kind of a dual-edged sword for me. I’m happy to be one of the few people who knows it, but I wish everybody had the ability to just be as honest about who liberals are and what that means and as — and have the courage to identify — because I think it is all about ideology. Everything is so much more easily explained.

CALLER: Well, you know, the reason I called was about the Cain thing, but while I’m listening I’m hearing about people losing jobs through Freddie and Fannie not backing it and all this, and I’m thinking, “You know, this Cain thing seems so insignificant,” but I did want to say that Obama… Every time Cain stands up as a black man and says, “I can be president. I believe I’m the man. I have a 40-year work experience where I’ve solved problems,” it’s a direct reflection on another black man that had nothing, and he cannot afford Mr. Cain being out there speaking from the heart and solving problems realistically versus this big government that’s smothering us.

RUSH: Yeah. I think so. It’s true. That side-by-side comparison would have to bother ’em, especially the possibility of splintering the black vote. It wouldn’t take much. You know, Obama or any Democrat, with everything else being the same or equal, you take as little as 8% of the black vote away from ’em, and it changes dramatically the outcome. Now, the black population is not huge. It’s like 12.6 million people, but their vote is so unanimous for Democrats, it wouldn’t take much to change it, and I’m sure that’s something that scares ’em, and they take into account. You have to consider it as a possibility in terms of looking at who might want to take Cain out. Particularly when everything about this regime is oriented in race. Every criticism of this president is said to be racial. Every vote against him is said to be racial.

You present an option to Obama who is another African-American, and it totally takes that off the table. An American population voting for two black people, the applecart that would upset is incomprehensible. I could see where they would be deathly afraid of that, profoundly scared of it, and we don’t even have to imagine it. We have seen what they have done to others, like Clarence Thomas, for the exact same reason. Their hold on the minority vote, their hold on the minorities in this country is rooted entirely in the fact that only the Democrat Party cares about them, and only the Democrat Party is gonna feed them, only the Democrat Party is gonna protect ’em from racism and discrimination and all that sort of stuff. And anything that blows the lie of that sky-high can’t be tolerated. They can’t take the chance. So I’ll revise and extend my remarks. It is entirely possible that the regime could be behind this Cain stuff.

After all, Bialek lives in Axelrod’s building!


RUSH: The Atlanta Urinal & Constipation: “Cain Accuser’s Phone Records Sought — Just days before coming forward with allegations of a 13-year affair with Herman Cain, Ginger White was repeatedly having contact with the presidential candidate, according to her cell phone records. Between Oct. 22 and Nov. 18, there were 70 text messages between WhiteÂ’s cellphone and CainÂ’s cellphone. Some were as early as 4:54 a.m. and as late as 12:59 a.m. Lin Wood, CainÂ’s attorney, told the AJC on Wednesday he thinks most of the messages were asking for money … A review of the records by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Cain sent 17 text messages to White, almost always responding to messages from her.”

There were 70 total, 17 were his, all in response. Cain’s lawyer said: “Yeah, she was asking for money.” The Atlanta Urinal-Constipation is looking into this. What’s Joe Klein gonna do when he finds out about this?

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