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RUSH: What Andy Stern calls an economic model is actually a political philosophy that makes the individual subservient to the state. So here we are. We finally reached a point here, ladies and gentlemen — and this is something I have been warning you people about for two-plus decades — where liberals are comfortable citing communism as the endgame. Andy Stern, he proudly declares it! He’s singing the tune; he’s singing the hymn. It’s in the Wall Street Journal: We need to become communist! They have been doing it and saying it for two plus decades. This is progress to people like Barack Obama and Andy Stern, and this is why Obama does want a second term. I don’t buy this notion that he’s not interested. So the progressives, because of the panic that they’re in, are finally being honest here.

It’s a movement towards an all-powerful, centralized state government, unencumbered by a constitution, unencumbered by a Bill of Rights, unencumbered by a separation-of powers. This is what Andy Stern is saying: Screw a Constitution! Screw limits on a grand pooh-bah leader. We need us, the smart people, able to move mountains with a wave of our wand. So we’re in the process here of defining, folks, the larger purpose of the 2012 elections. It isn’t just Barack Obama versus a generic Republican. This election is about remaining a free people. This election is about the individual versus the state. This upcoming election is about the public sector versus the private sector. This upcoming election is about state control of property versus individuals controlling their own private property.

This is an election of the makers versus the takers, and what hangs in the balance really is the American way of life. These people — Andy Stern, Barack Obama, and they’re cronies — are on the verge of rendering the American Revolution null and void, and the regime’s minions know it. They’re one election away from remaking America. Obama’s even said it. We’ve got the sound bite coming up here somewhere. He’s telling these people in the Occupy crowd, “Hey, it’s worse than I thought. We need four more years. You’ve got to give me four more years to make sure that my question plan is fully implemented.” Four more years to finish the job, four more years to finish them off. (interruption) Well, Snerdley’s in there laughing, but I’m telling you: This is how I see it. Four more years to finish the job. Four more years to fully implement Obamacare. What’s so important about that?

Because that’s ballgame.

I have this Daniel Hannan piece. It ran at the Telegraph, UK Telegraph.com. “What has happened since 2008 is not capitalism. In a capitalist system, bad banks would have been allowed to fail, their profitable operations bought by more efficient competitors. Shareholders, bondholders and some depositors would have lost money, but taxpayers would not have contributed a penny. … Those of us who believe in small government are not motivated by the desire to make the rich richer. WeÂ’re really not. We are, in most cases, nowhere near having to pay top rate tax ourselves; our most eloquent champions over the years have been modestly paid academics. We believe that economic freedom will enrich the country as a whole.” This is in Hannan’s memo to the Occupy people. He’s just talking to, you know, deaf ears, trying to explain conservatism to them. They’re not listening. They don’t care to know.

That would require work.

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