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“I have been an employee most of my life, and I’ve had my share of excrement sandwiches; and I have made sure in my life that the people who I pay are not gonna be treated that way.”

“We had a great time in New York last night. It was at Town Hall, which is just off Broadway. Mine was the first sold-out Broadway show of the season.”

“The short answer of what’s happening in Europe: it’s the war between the takers and the makers, and it’s the same thing happening here, folks. It is a forerunner of what we face, faster than we think, if something doesn’t change.”

“The Constitution’s premise is that human beings with too much power will abuse it and imprison and tyrannize people. The whole point of it was based on the imperfection of people, and yet here we are apparently looking for the perfect — and I’m not running, so it’s not gonna be findable.”

“The Founders were not perfect. There is no human being who is perfect. There’s no perfect plan. Just like there’s no utopia. Yet these standards somehow end up being applied to us, our candidates, conservatives, where does this come from, where does this start?”

“Somebody just told me that Obama referred to the British embassy in Iran as the English embassy. NewsBusters chronicled this. He called the British embassy the English embassy. Meanwhile, we’re told that Rick Perry is an idiot or that George W. Bush is an idiot. The English embassy?”

“Could the people ostensibly on our side of things start focusing on Obama rather than trying to find the perfect Republican conservative? I’m telling you: With his numbers eight points below Carter’s, with half the country afraid to spend money on Christmas presents, with people out of their homes, no jobs, would somebody please explain to me where it is automatic that the incumbent wins?”

“Your freedom can be taken away from you with an increased tax rate. Your freedom can be taken away from you with your private property rights being infringed upon. You own something but you can’t do anything with it, you can’t do what you want with it, you can’t even own it. There’s any number of ways that we can lose our liberty and freedom without being thrown in jail and without a police state per se.”

“Can you believe that Poland has asked Germany to use its power to bail them out? In our lifetimes, would you ever believe that that could happen?”

“The union leadership is probably more left than Obama is, if that’s possible.”

“You don’t need prisons to lose your freedom. Look at political correctness. People stifle themselves. People will refuse to exercise their own First Amendment rights out of fear for what might be heard.”

“Obama’s job approval numbers are below those of Jimmy Carter’s, eight points below Jimmy Carter’s, and they tell us that our candidates are unelectable?”

“This is serious. There are people in our country who think that this election will determine, in the long run, whether we remain a free people or not.”

“Life hasn’t always been a bowl of cherries for me. I’ve been fired seven or eight times, whatever it was. I never made any money ’til I was in my late forties. Didn’t matter. The possibility was always there. The opportunity was always up to me.”

“The Democrats and the media want to pick our candidate for us. In the meantime, polling data at this point are about as accurate as the computer models for the climate ten years from now. They don’t mean anything. None of these polls mean jack-you-know-what right now.”

“Leadership is a curious thing. You try to spot it in advance. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes it’s really not known how somebody’s gonna behave until after they’re elected and get into office. That’s why it’s important to have some kind of a track record of people involved so you can maybe make some kind of a judgment.”

“How is it possible that a nation of less than 300 million people, in fewer than 250 years, when there have been societies and countries and populations around thousands of years that still can’t do 20% of what we have accomplished?”

“American exceptionalism is not a braggadocious term. American exceptionalism is not a superiorist term. American exceptionalism is an acknowledgement that this country was an exception to the way people lived, to the way people were forced to live.”

“We got Newt’s problem here. You got a Romney problem over there. You got a Bachmann problem. Could we focus on Obama? Could the people ostensibly on our side of things start focusing on Obama rather than trying to find the perfect Republican conservative, ’cause that person doesn’t exist.”

“I have the hardest time coming to grips with the fact that people born in this country hate it. I just can’t get my arms around that. Of all the other places in the world you could be, of all the other places in the world that need to be changed, improved, this is the last place. It’s not perfect. Nothing ever is.”

“I’m not a Kardashian here. My private life is not public. I don’t live it in public. I do everything I can to make sure nobody knows what I’m doing.”

“Reagan’s negatives? He was a bumbling buffoon; he was dangerous; he was a cowboy; he was a bad actor; he was unproven; he was unstable. He was everything that they’re saying about every one of our candidates except Romney.”

“The assumption wherever you go — ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, USA.com, wherever you go, the assumption is Obama’s gonna be reelected and the assumption is that the Republican nominee, whoever it is, is an idiot, is a flawed character, something terribly wrong about every one of them.”

“I don’t have a PR firm out there countering the stuff people say about me ’cause frankly I don’t care. I care about all of you in the audience.”

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