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RUSH: I knew it, there was collusion. There was collusion at the highest levels to clear out all of the Occupy Wall Street areas, all of ’em. You know, the big city mayors were accused of getting together to collude to getting ’em all out of there. “No, no, no, we didn’t do that, we were just talking to each other about the problems.” Obama cleared ’em out of there, that’s what happened, because the poll numbers started to plummet. I don’t have any doubt that that’s what happened.

Hey, folks, how are you? Rush Limbaugh, and we have reached Wednesday, hump day here. For those of you who work five-day weeks, get this day behind you, and you’re over the hump, and we’re happy to be here. Telephone number — and we’re thrilled. It’s a delight to have you with us. Telephone number is 800-282-2882, the e-mail address ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Okay, so the good news is that the cops have finally liberated Zuccotti Park from the Occupy army, occupation army of these lousy hippies, thieves, rapists, purse snatchers, muggers who were camped out there. The bad news is that they’re now back out on the streets, and in New York who’s gonna notice the difference? Other places you might be able to tell. According to news reports out there, ladies and gentlemen, about a dozen protesters went ahead and spent the night in Zuccotti Park, probably close to the number of people that were spending the night in Zuccotti Park every night anyway. Probably only 12 of them. We wouldn’t know because we couldn’t see inside the tents and we wouldn’t want to see inside the tents.

How much do you want to bet that most of these protesters are glad Bloomberg finally kicked ’em out and that the judge is letting the rules be enforced? This way all of these protesters can move back in with their parents without losing face now. They can still go back home as heroes. They didn’t go home, see, because it got too cold. They didn’t go home because of the lice. They didn’t go home because of all of the sexually transmitted diseases and the “scobies” or “scotties” or whatever else was going on. They didn’t go home for any of that. They were forced out. They were forced to go home by The Man. So they’re heroes. It wasn’t the conditions that drove ’em out of there.

But I was thinking about my dogs. You know, we got this little puppy, Cambridge. We got three dogs, Abigail, Wellesley, and Cambridge, all females. Two of them are “its” now, one soon to be an “it,” meaning they’ve been spayed, but they’re females. Now that these kids from Occupy whatever have gotten used to urinating and defecating in the streets, when they go back home are their parents gonna have to housebreak ’em all over again, teach ’em how to use the potties, the bathrooms? If you are a parent of a returning hero from Occupy Wall Street you might want to put some newspaper down at strategic points inside the house, particularly the bedrooms where your brave hero sons and daughters are returning home after this valiant effort to overturn whatever it was they wanted overturned.

Folks, at the end of the day here I’m still a little sorry to see them all go. Well, every photo from the Occupy protests looks like a campaign add for conservatism, and this is why they had to be cleared out of there. This is why they had to go. I am convinced the mayors got phone calls from Washington, from Axelrod, from somebody, “Look, let’s shut this down because it’s not working anymore.” The media gave it its best shot. The media tried to tell everybody this is just like the Tea Party, but it wasn’t working because the murders, the gunfire, the sexually transmitted disease, the filth, the abject filth. Third World type little city states in all these cities was a direct television ad for conservatism.

These people at Occupy whatever, they are the perfect representatives of the Democrat Party. What they did — I’m dead serious here, folks — what they did to Zuccotti Park is what the Democrats would end up doing to the whole country if every one of their policies was to survive unchecked. This is what would happen. This is what the environmentalist wackos want. I can show you the papers. We’ve been tracking these people for 30 years, 25 years here, about what they really want, a return to the days of old, no progress, none whatsoever. That guy defecating on the cop car is the face of Occupy Wall Street. In fact, I think we need to call it Obamify Wall Street, the face of the Democrat Party. You just can’t buy that kind of advertising. The Democrats knew it; Obama knew it; Axelrod knew it, and they had to go out and they had to shut it down.


RUSH: Public Policy Polling, liberal polling group out of North Carolina, has just released a poll that shows most Americans now side with the Tea Party, not with the Occupy Wall Street movement. That’s why Occupy Wall Street’s being disbanded. That’s why the mayors got their phone calls, that’s why they had their collusion phone call, and that’s why the protestors are being moved out. The only place the protestors, from what I gather, are surviving is Santa Cruz. Nobody wants to go in there and catch the lice and the scobies or whatever. I never heard of this before, scobies, scabies, whatever this disease that’s floating around is. And nobody wants to go, they’re just leaving them alone — (interruption) scabies? Whatever. I never heard of it until now. All I ever heard about was gonorrhea. Never heard of this one. Doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to go in there and catch it in Santa Cruz.

Public Policy Polling: “Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading.” The dirty little secret was that it was never big. There was never a public romance with the Occupy Wall Street movement. You want to know what Obama did before he became anything else, a community organizer, this was it, this was community organizing. It’s not the backbone of America, thank God, that was gathered in these tent cities. It’s like I said yesterday, you’ve gotta be good on TV to make it in American politics, and those people blew it. There’s not one of them that looked decent on TV. My God, the human debris, it was an endless parade of human debris. Every Occupy encampment was nothing but that, human debris on parade. There was never any public romance with it. People looked at this with shock and awe on their faces, hoping and praying that this was not the country.

They want us to believe that there was some sort of affection for these people. Yeah, you ask them what they wanted, that was a disaster, they couldn’t tell you. Half of them didn’t know why they were there, other than free meals, free drugs, free sex, and maybe some camera time. As I pointed out, they were really protesting something in the sixties. In the sixties they were being drafted and sent off to a war that nobody wanted to fight. What’s got ’em agitated this time supposedly is student loans. Now, I’m sorry, but the two just don’t have any congruence. Protesting being sent off of to die in a foreign country versus a student loan that’s in arrears. I’m sorry, it doesn’t say a whole lot for the current generation. A bunch of wuss wimps, and it’s what everybody always saw them as.

Some Democrats, the regime, they held out hope that this movement would be publicly adopted and understood as representing the country and upset at Bush and Wall Street, but they blew it, because liberalism is a minority in this country. It’s a minority of thinking. Liberalism, in order to have power, has to govern against the will of the people, which is what this regime and the Democrat Party in Congress has done. And it ain’t gonna fly, it isn’t flying, so now with the Public Policy Polling data coming out and talking about how all of a sudden now, all of a sudden there’s been a shift? Ha. Shift, my shrinking rear end. There has never been any public support in a majority basis for Occupy Wall Street, but now they got the polling, “Uh-oh, uh-oh, oh, no. Most Americans now side with the Tea Party. Okay, call Bloomberg, shut it down. Call up Portland, shut it down. Call ’em up, get ’em on the phone.”

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