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RUSH: Nancy in New Bern, North Carolina. I fly over it every time on the way to New York or Washington. It’s right there on the air show, New Bern. I’ve never landed there, but I fly over it every time. I feel like I know the place.

CALLER: Well, you need to take a pit stop.

RUSH: (laughing) I should!

CALLER: Come visit.

RUSH: I should.

CALLER: Yeah, I was calling about, earlier when you were talking about tomato sauce becomes a vegetable for the meals?

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: Well, here. I just found out at a birthday celebration over the weekend. We were just talking about everything, and a friend of mine said that the kids say, “If they get a pizza and they’re on that free meal program, they have to pay for the pizza, but if they get a slice of pizza and corn it becomes a free meal.” And dittos, by the way.

RUSH: Really, becomes free if they add corn.

CALLER: I guess it becomes a round meal — a well-rounded meal. It’s crazy, but that’s it.

RUSH: Now, wait a second it happened. Where does this happen? At school?

CALLER: Yes. Well, this is a middle school teacher that was telling the story, and I just couldn’t believe it. I mean, I can’t give you the rules or whatever but she said she watched the kid get a slice of pizza, get corn; ate the pizza, threw the corn away, and she asked him and he told her that if he doesn’t get the corn he has to pay for just the slice of pizza, but when they get the vegetable added to it, it becomes a free meal.

RUSH: How cool.

CALLER: For the kids that are on that program.

RUSH: How cool. And the kid typically throws the meal away, doesn’t eat it.

CALLER: Exactly! Like a normal kid, you know?

RUSH: Exactly. Kids will be kids. Yeah, my memory is they tried to besmirch Reagan back in his day accusing him of counting tomato paste as a vegetable.


RUSH: And that, of course, was erroneous. We had a story from Watsonville, California. I have a vague memory of this. Kids in Watsonville, California, were buying fast food for lunch.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Even when most of them were entitled to a free lunch, they were still going out and buying the fast food ’cause they didn’t want to eat what was offered for free. They just didn’t want to eat it.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Meanwhile, here you’ve got Moochelle. Moochelle Obama is out in Hawaii, and she is urging kids to eat steak and arugula. If you eat the arugula then it’s okay to have the steak. I kid you not! Drudge even has it. There’s something about the Obamas and arugula. You remember before the Iowa Hawkeye Cauci back in 2008, Obama was in there and he was giving an example of prices going up in the evil Bush regime, and he said, “Have you been into the local Whole Foods here and seen the price of arugula?” Well, the problem was there wasn’t any Whole Foods there, and they didn’t have arugula in the first place. So everybody says, “Arugula? What the hell is arugula?”

“It’s an elitist vegetable. Only the Ruling Class eats arugula” was the joke, and now here comes Moochelle talking about steak and arugula. I’m not making it up. Look, it all sounds funny. The problem is that… Well, here it is. ” Mrs. Obama: Let Them Eat Steak — And Arugula.” This Terry Jeffrey, Cybercast News Service. “Visiting an organic farm in Hawaii on Saturday, First Lady Michelle Obama said that ‘arugula and steak’ was her ‘favorite’ meal and expressed her view that American children need to ‘get their palates adjusted’ so they will begin eating properly.” Why should we care what her favorite foods are? Their palates need adjusting? Exactly.

That’s her quote: “Get their palates adjusted. The First Lady said, “We need to get their palates adjusted.” And every liberal in the media swoons, “Oh, yes, makes perfect sense! What great compassion. Oh, what a wonderful woman. How smarter she is than all of us.” We say, “What the hell business is it of hers? Who is she? Before she was first lady all she had was animus for this country by her own admission! She was never proud of this country ’til her husband ran for president. She’s always had this chip on her shoulder about this country; why should we care what she says?” If she says we need our “palates adjusted” what business is it of hers?

To me this is a normal natural reaction, but the left, they swoon when they hear something like that, and when we have our reaction they think that we’re insolent, lawbreakers, not respecting authority, stupid, knuckleheads, what have you. I don’t care what her favorite foods are or her favorite colors. Her favorite movies, shoes, books, clothes, television shows, I don’t care. What kind of self-centered, arrogant, controlling character disorder are we dealing with here? Get their palates adjusted? The First Lady of the United States thinks that kids need to get their palates adjusted? How about getting her grandiose, dictatorial urges adjusted?

“Mr. Limbaugh, she’s only trying to do what’s helpful for the children! Everybody knows that children don’t eat the proper foods and what’s good for them and they don’t know what’s going on; and she’s simply trying to take care of everyone’s children.” It’s not her business, Mr. New Castrati. At what point did somebody anoint her as the Mother Teresa of food and “palates”? “Mrs. Obama also said that children in ‘underserved communities’ become obese because they ‘arenÂ’t growing up with vegetables because there are no grocery stores.'” I want to see the study that backs up this assertion. They make all these assertions, and we never see the statistics. We never see the data that documents this — and how many people are we talking about here? What tiny fictional little sample do they come up with to justify advocating and moving their premise to the mass public? Absurd.

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