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RUSH: Vince in Bakersfield, California. Hello, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a thrill to talk to you today, sir.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: It’s not like a Sandusky thrill, though.

RUSH: Yeah, well, I assumed that that was the case, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. It’s probably more like the same thrill that David Axelrod and Gloria Allred had introducing that Bialek chick to the US.

RUSH: Maybe. Could be.

CALLER: Anyway, sir, hey, this Chelsea Clinton thing, it’s hilarious on monumental, differential levels. I mean it’s hilarious. I think if Brian Williams really thinks that she’s a champion of journalism, a newbie, maybe she should go out and do some research on these fine topics from the past.

RUSH: Brian, he’s kinda caught in the middle. I mean it’s his show that she’s being plugged into, two of his shows, the Nightly News and this Rock Center show.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: He’s the face of NBC News as the Nightly News anchor. He can’t publicly run around and say, “What the hell are they saddling me with here, somebody that doesn’t know what they’re doing?” He can’t do that.

CALLER: Regardless, anybody in America that has a brain between both ears, this gives them another excuse to watch never a program that ends with NBC ever again.

RUSH: Well, maybe. But I’ll tell you something it does say. Let’s look at Chelsea Clinton here beyond what this really is. I mean, we know what this is. This is she can’t find a job. She wants to get into elective politics. She’s gotta learn to get good on television, it’s a must in this day and age. You have to be good on TV to be elected to anything. You take it from there. “Mr. Limbaugh, what are you saying? Are you saying that Miss Clinton is currently somehow not qualified to be –” No, Mr. New Castrati, you connect the dots here.

The family tradition is you gotta be in elective office. You gotta be good on TV. She has shunned the media. She’s wanted no part of the media. She’s openly stated she hates people in the media. Now all of a sudden she’s at the top of the media. She’s at the top of the ladder. She’s paid no dues. Not born on third base. Born at home plate after the home run. She has not worked anywhere in journalism. She’s never had a job.

Now, that gets to the other point of this. Let’s go down to Occupy Wall Street or wherever else that there’s an Occupy, or go wherever there is a collection of liberals. What are they mad about? They’re mad about the 1%, and what are they mad about about the 1%? The 1%’s got it all. The 1% has everything and they’re not sharing it with anybody, and they didn’t work for it. There aren’t any jobs for anybody else because the 1% are making sure they’ve got all the jobs and they’ve got all the money. So here we come with Mr. Democrat Party, the highest ranking, biggest star, most respected member of the Democrat Party, and with pure nepotism and nothing else his daughter, who is unqualified for this job, gets pushed ahead of everybody that works at NBC and gets this job. This is the quintessential thing the 99% are fed up with, that they don’t have a chance, that the game’s rules are rigged, that everything’s stacked against them.

Now, the problem that they have is that it’s not an illegal or rascally or otherwise mean-spirited, extremist Republican doing this. It’s America’s number one liberal. It’s America’s number one Democrat. And, at the end of the day, you have both Bill and Hillary Clinton, the parents, who have openly let everybody know the last ten years how wealthy they are. They have proudly talked about how they really think a tax increase is okay. (imitating Clinton) “You know, in this tax bracket, I’m making all this money. I don’t need all that. I mean I’d be happy, taxes raised on people like me. I don’t understand why people complain.” So they have a daughter who doesn’t have to work. They’ve told us how wealthy they are, how much money they have, they have a daughter who doesn’t have to work.

They have a daughter who’s never worked in this business. And with apparently just a phone call, all Bill Clinton had to do, pick up the phone and call Steve Capus at NBC or Jeff Immelt or whoever, we don’t know, and say, “Hey, I have this person interested in working for you.” “Who, Mr. President?” “Well, you may have heard, name’s Chelsea.” “Oh, say no more.” Because NBC doesn’t want to consider the alternative of saying “no.” So here you have a very prominent member of the 1% who flaunts that membership of the 1% greasing the skids for a child who’s unqualified and inexperienced. What does that say to all these people with all of these thousands of dollars in student loans, desperately trying, they think, to get jobs to pay off their student loans? They think the game is stacked against them. They think that the rules are rigged, that people like them are shut out, don’t have a chance.

Brian Williams, who’s never heard Chelsea speak ’cause she doesn’t talk to the media, says he can’t wait to hear her viewpoint. After talking about the great commonality she might have with Tim Russert, that being somebody right down the middle. But we don’t know if she’s down the middle because we don’t know what her viewpoint is. So NBC’s basically saying, “Yep, president called, Chelsea wants a gig in the media. We figured we know she’s not gonna go the intern route, so let’s just put her up at the top. And you tea baggers, you conservatives, you know, screw your extremist points of view about this. We can’t wait to hear her viewpoint. She’s gonna be like Tim Russert there, right down the middle. That’s what we think. Luke, shut up!” Luke Russert is making a fuss over there, folks. Nothing he can do about it. Luke, if you want to call us, we’ll talk about it off the air. I understand.


RUSH: Laurie in Charlotte, North Carolina, hi. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Laurie? Testing, one, two? Are you there?

CALLER: Yes. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yes, I do now. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay, great. Thank you for taking my call. I wanted to make a comment about Chelsea Clinton, and you were saying that they’re putting her in front of the camera to help her to learn how to talk to people, be presentable?

RUSH: Absolutely.

CALLER: I think it goes back to Caroline Kennedy. They assumed that she was gonna be able to step in to that Senate seat, but they put a camera on her and “you know” all she could talk about was, “You know and you know, you know.”

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m sure the Clintons looked at that and said, “Ooh, we can’t have that happen to our girl.” So they’re gonna put her right up there. You know, baptism by fire and get her out there in front.

RUSH: In my mind there’s no question about this, because television is key to politics. You can’t get elected if you don’t look good on TV and if you don’t use the medium well, and she hates it. She hasn’t been on TV at all. And you’re right: The Caroline Kennedy thing was a debacle. The name wasn’t enough. I knew it was over when she went up to Mama Rosa’s or whatever it was and had dinner with Sharpton at the soul food joint, and she ate. You never eat on camera as a politician! You never do that, and there she was. Not even Sharpton was eating. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. That’s good illustration of my being right.


RUSH: Just a few days ago, Bill Clinton said, he can “sympathize” with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. “I don’t think Americans can continue this level of income inequality.” Okay. Fine. Mr. President, what will your daughter’s salary be starting at the top at NBC? Hmm?

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