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RUSH: I have a couple more sound bites from the Republican debate on Saturday night. It primarily was on foreign policy. Here is Rick Perry and Scott Pelley with an exchange, Perry with his line about the Department of Energy.

PELLEY: Governor Perry, you advocate the elimination of the Department of Energy. If you eliminate the Department of Energy —

PERRY: Glad you remembered it. (applause)

PELLEY: I’ve had some time to think about it, sir.

PERRY: Me, too.

RUSH: Yes, everybody’s laughing about it, including Perry, which is only helpful. But Perry did have a good idea. If people had seen this, it played well with foreign policy. He’s got an idea here on foreign aid. Pelley said, “Governor Perry, why is Pakistan playing –” oh. This is good. I’d forgotten. Pelley with this look on his face, “Governor Perry, why is Pakistan playing a double game, saying that it supports the United States one moment then supporting terrorists who are killing American troops the next, what’s going on there?” And you’ll hear Perry doesn’t get anywhere near it. He doesn’t even come close to answering the question. He gives his answer here which we’ll play for you, and Pelley comes back after the answer, which you won’t hear here, but Pelley, “Okay, okay, fine and dandy, but why are they playing the double game?” And Perry doesn’t answer it again. He goes back and repeats this.

PERRY: The foreign aid budget in my administration for every country is gonna start at zero dollars. Zero dollars. And then we’ll have a conversation. Then we’ll have a conversation in this country about whether or not a penny of our taxpayer dollars needs to go into those countries. And Pakistan is clearly sending us messages, Mitt, it’s clearly sending us messages, that they don’t deserve our foreign aid that we’re getting, because they’re not being honest with us.

RUSH: Yeah. So that was his answer, basically, and Pelley came back, “Well, what about the double game?” And Perry, “I’m just telling you that nobody gets foreign aid, everybody starts at zero. Even Israel is gonna start at zero. Now they’re a special case, they’ll be in there, they’ll be right back in there but everybody starts at zero.” Now, I have to tell you, folks, long ago, back in the nineties, we here at the EIB Network came up with our own foreign policy position, and that is we got two lists. We have the excrement list and the good list. And if you are on the good list, everything’s fine. You love us, you say good things about us, you appreciate us, and we continue to give you foreign aid. But if you rip us to shreds, if you criticize us, if you undermine us, we pull the money away from you, and you don’t get back on the good list for five years of good behavior. Now, Perry didn’t take it that far. But his idea is similar here to our idea at the EIB Network.


RUSH: When the Iranians get the nuke, you will see all kinds of voters concerned about foreign policy. Yes, foreign policy will still matter when it comes to elections.

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