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RUSH: Donna in the Bay Area in California. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?
RUSH: Very well. Thank you.
CALLER: I’m so, so excited to be able to talk to you. I just wanted to say — unfortunately, I am on a cell phone — I just wanted to say that sometimes I’m so angry about the media more than anything else, even despite all the horrible things that Obama and the Democrats have been doing for many years, because I find them so disingenuous. And I contrast that with the recent Penn State issue which is obviously horrible, but the way that they went about it with their moral superiority. I think to myself, “They should look at themselves and how they disingenuously covered everything that’s been going on in this country.”
RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait just a second. What does the media have to do with what happened at Penn State? I’m not sure I get that.
CALLER: No, the way they’ve covered it.
RUSH: Okay, how have they covered it? How have they not covered it correctly?
CALLER: Well, I think that they’ve blurred the lines a little bit with the Joe Paterno situation and if you were just dropped down from Mars the other day and you heard some of the ESPN coverage you would have thought Joe Paterno was the perpetrator.
RUSH: Uhhhhh…
CALLER: I think with the kids —
RUSH: Weeeeeeeeell, okay, okay, okay. I see what you mean. I see what you mean. If you just got here from Mars you might think Paterno… I have to tell you, Donna, the sports media’s been gunning for Paterno to retire for years. He’s 84. They think the game has passed him by. He just bugs ’em being there. “Joe Pa,” as they call him, should go. So since they think he should go (snorts), this is made to order to continue that narrative. And not that he was the perpetrator, but the question is: “How could he not have known? It was his building, it was his department, it was his employee. How could he not have known?” That’s the question being asked. From what I know about this Sandusky, everybody knew! There was a dessert at an ice cream shop in that town called the “Sandusky” with two scoops of ice cream underneath the cone.
It was made to look like male genitalia! Everybody knew what was going on to one degree or another. They were laughing about it. I mean, the Sandusky is a joke dessert. We showed you a picture of it on Friday when we were out in California. But even at that, the media is calling this a “sex scandal.” It’s not a sex scandal. This is not. I may be making a fine point on the, but the elephant in the room is not being talked about here. There’s a giant elephant in the room here that everybody’s dancing around, and they’re using the words “sex scandal.” It was a child abuse scandal is what this is. This is a pedophilia scandal. This is a child rape scandal by a guy, a football coach who was raping young boys. That’s not a “sex scandal.”
Sorry, folks. That’s not it. There’s no sex involved here. This is rape. This is abuse, what have you — and there’s a reason for mischaracterizing what it is in certain circles. But as to Paterno, the sports media — and I read the sports media — I don’t know why, but they just wanted Paterno gone for a number of years. He’s too old. The game has passed him by. He can’t possibly know anything anymore. He can’t possibly relate to these young kids, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. He can’t possibly relate to ’em. Time to move on, turn it over to some younger guy. So this story pops up, and it allows that narrative to be furthered. But it is… (sigh) How did anybody not know this was going on? This is going on for way too long, and people did know it was going on. That’s the whole point. That’s why there is — and should be — tremendous outrage over this all over the place.

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