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RUSH: I’m actually kind of shocked. I’m getting e-mails, people wanting to know if I think that the super committee is gonna actually come to their deal on November 23rd. “Hey, Rush, do you think the super committee is gonna come?” No. I predict to you right now, this is the congressional super committee that was created during the debt reduction fight. They gotta come up with a trillion or $1.5 trillion in cuts by Thanksgiving, the day before Thanksgiving, or there will be $500 billion in Medicare cuts and $500 billion in defense cuts. And from what I gather there’s not gonna be a deal. The Democrats are under orders not to make a deal. The Democrats are convinced if they don’t make a deal, the Republicans are gonna get blamed for it, and that’s the objective.

So there won’t be a deal. There won’t be a deal. The Democrats are gonna see to it there’s $500 billion cut from Medicaid and blame the Republicans for it. That’s the plan. And $500 billion in defense and blame the Republicans. They are going to use their media bias advantage full tilt. That is what I understand is the strategery. No deal, Democrats are under orders from Pelosi and Reid not to make one, stall it, and when the deal goes south, say the Republicans just wouldn’t cooperate. They won’t be bipartisan, Republicans don’t want to get along with anybody. You know the drill.


RUSH: Champaign, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. It’s an honor talking to you, Mr. Rush.

RUSH: You’re welcome, Champaign.

CALLER: What I wanted to bring to your attention is, I think during the debt debate we should let the cuts kick in and the $1.2 trillion will kick in which will be $600 billion in the military. I’m a big military supporter, but that’s $50 billion a year for ten — $60 billion a year for ten years and then we’ll get the other $600 billion in domestic cuts and then we don’t have to raise taxes.

RUSH: Well, you want $600 billion in defense and $600 billion in Medicare, those are the two big items that would be cut?

CALLER: Yes. That’s okay with me because within ten years we’re gonna be $25 trillion in debt, and it’s gonna happen anyways.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s out of our control. So why not get the cut?

RUSH: It may not happen. Depends on who’s elected. It may not happen. The thing is, this is another $500 billion on top of the $500 billion we just cut. We may need the military someday, even with Obama. And the whole point of this, look, I understand what you’re saying. These cuts gotta happen; let’s bite the bullet and do it, right? That’s your thinking on this?

CALLER: Yes, that’s my thinking on it, but it doesn’t matter how you look at it; the sentiment in the United States now is we have to bring most of our troops home. If we bring most of our troops home and redefine our military we can make $50 billion dollar a year cuts and still be just as strong if we —

RUSH: You realize now the strategy here on the part of the Democrats is to let this happen and then blame the Republicans because there will also be health care cuts that will be pretty sizable and the strategy is to go and let these cuts happen and blame the Republicans as part of the campaign. The Democrats are of the opinion people really don’t want this stuff cut. They might be saying so, but when it happens to them, they aren’t gonna be happy. And the strategy, as I say, go ahead and let this stuff happen. The Democrats’ strategy is to not come up with a deal and then blame all of what happens, whatever it is, the chaos, on Republicans.

CALLER: Well, we have the debt debate going on, and we have to negotiate something, so I don’t think we have much of a choice.

RUSH: Well, the reason we don’t have much of a choice is because the Democrats do not want to cut anything. They don’t want to cut anything. Therefore, they think that if the automatic cuts kick in, they’re of the belief that most of the country doesn’t want cuts of this size, and they can turn this into a big electoral advantage for Obama. Thanks much for the call out there, Champaign.

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