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RUSH: The Business Insider: “Desperate Obama Campaign Secretly Asking Bill Clinton How To Get Reelected — One year out from the election the Obama team is apparently worried enough about their chances at reelection that the President’s top advisors secretly met with former President Bill Clinton in Harlem last week to seek out his advice.

“Joe Conason at the National Memo reports that the two hour-plus meeting, which included chief advisor David Axelrod, resulted in “Clinton peppering the Obama operatives with dozens of probing questions and specific suggestions, not only concerning their strategy and message but how to handle the leading Republican candidates, too. Economic conditions and how to address them dominated the discussion.”

You know, I wonder if Clinton’s gonna say (Clinton impression), “I’ll tell you boys what you need to do. You need to find Ross Perot or somebody like him and have him run as a third party ’cause that’s what really helped me out was the third-party candidate, that’s what you need, something out there that’s gonna split the Republican vote.” You think Clinton told ’em that? I don’t think so. I don’t think Clinton wants everybody to think his election was due to a split Republican vote. So he’ll chalk it up to great strategy. I wonder if he’s being paid for this advice. And the real question is, is Clinton giving them good advice or bad advice on purpose given that he might not want Obama to win reelection. If I were the regime, I would factor that in to whatever Clinton tells ’em.

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