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RUSH: You ought to take a look at the Drudge homepage. This is classic. Herman Cain with three women and a guy. Does that picture make women look uncomfortable, do you think, in the era now of sexual harassment? He’s got his arm around two women, and they look really happy, satisfied, women look very pleased. You know how that picture is just ripping the left? Can you imagine how the left feels today? CNN is beside themselves today. CNN literally is beside themselves today. They said they’re reporting that Cain has raised $9 million in six weeks and they claim now, get this, CNN claims that Herman Cain is unfairly cashing in on this controversy. Who knew this had been going on for six weeks, does it seem like six weeks to you? Time is really flying here.

So CNN is pulling out the big guns, they’re showing clips of Jonathan Leibowitz mocking Cain on The Daily Show, that will teach Cain. (laughing) They’re mad at Herman Cain for using the media to raise money. Can you imagine? After all this? See, he was supposed to be gone, supposed to have tucked his tail between his legs and grab the nearest woman and faded stage left, get outta here. They were supposed to have shamed him, scared him, exposed him, whatever, out of the race. His fundraising is up. Hi polling is holding fairly steady, raised $9 million so now he’s cashing in. (laughing) And then that picture on Drudge.


RUSH: Now, this morning on Jansing and Company on MSNBC — and once again I have to observe that were it not for that network, we wouldn’t have any liberal sound bites. We really wouldn’t, which may be an argument for keeping a network alive. That may be the only argument for keeping it alive so that we have sound bites. This is the-fill-in host Richard Lui. He reported this about Herman Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar.

LUI: (dramatic music) One of Herman Cain’s accusers has canceled plans to hold a news conference. (swoosh sound) Karen Kraushaar wanted to hold a news conference as you might remember here with three other accusers but then changed her mind because two of the women have not returned her calls.

RUSH: He read that with a straight face. I wouldn’t have been able to read that bit of news with a straight face. I’d-a been cracked up through the whole story ,as I was earlier when I mentioned to you that Krauckaar cracked out because the other women wouldn’t call her back and wouldn’t appear with her on the panel. But the Herman Cain train keeps on heading down the tracks. He was in Kalamazoo, Michigan, yesterday at a campaign event, he said this about his staff reacting to his having said the American dream’s been hijacked.

CAIN: Some of my staff members say, “hijacked is” a very strong word. Shouldn’t say that. I should not say that. It’s not politically correct. Remember, I didn’t go to political correctness school.

PEOPLE: (applauding)

CAIN: That’s not my forte, political correctness.

RUSH: So Herman Cain still having fun. Can’t say “hijacked,” can’t say “princess;” you can’t think a lot of things. By the way, Obama and Moochelle Obama have departed for a nine-day tour of the Far East. So, so much for that laser-like focus on the jobs bill.

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