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RUSH: Kraushaar. The feminazis not happy with me, by the way, over that “synchronizing menstrual cycles.” They’re really ticked off, we got the sound bite on it. Really, really unhappy with old El Rushbo over that one. But the lawyer for one of the women, Karen Kraushaar (Joel Bennett’s the lawyer) says his client “does not intend to talk to the media or to authorize him to talk further until and unless the other woman agree to come forward together,” and the other women won’t return her call.

She can’t assemble a panel, which makes sense to me. Have you ever been in a restaurant, a bunch of couples sit at the same table? When one woman has to go to the bathroom, bam! They all get up and go. It’s a protective measure or excuse to get away from the men or what have you. This woman Kraushaar cannot assemble the other two, or three, or however many there is. So they won’t have to worry about synchronized menstrual cycles.


RUSH: I don’t understand what’s wrong with talking about menstrual cycles and synchronizing. If Carville had done it, they’d be yukking it up. “Ahhhhh, man, isn’t that James a funny guy! James is really funny!” Look, you have what is her name, Eve somebody out there. Doesn’t feminism teach that…? It was The Vagina Monologues. It was a popular Broadway play. What the hell do you think they talked about in that play? (interruption) What, it’s different? It’s different?


RUSH: Let’s go right to the audio sound bites where the anger directed at me over this synchronizing menstrual cycles is. You know, this is not new. Remember back in the nineties we played the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion? That was the whole point! The All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion was to get rid of Manuel Noriega. Women in combat was a big issue back at the time and I was trying to help the military come up with a way for women in combat and we need to have an Amazon Battalion. How do you create banshees? We know, we know. You can’t say it, it’s stereotypical, but it happens once a month and you get out of the way. Imagine a whole brigade! You could do it ’cause these things synchronize, and that gave us the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion.

Back then people thought, “Wow, this Limbaugh guy is creative. I’da never thought of that”. Now, it’s just grief. That had to be 19 or 20 years ago, whatever Noriega was forced out. It was the first Bush term, so that would be between ’88 and ’92, I can understand that feminism was getting its hooks, roots, dug deep and so forth; but it wasn’t to the degree now that people are afraid to even whisper anything — and, of course, that fear does not overcome me. I haven’t changed, but everybody else pulls back, don’t say what they really think many times — especially with other people around, particularly people they don’t know. So political correctness is working: People are censoring themselves not for any reason other than somebody might get mad and get offended and start raising hell and act like a little whining baby or what have you.

So back then, 1990, let’s say, so that’s 21 years ago, it was funny. It was rip-roaringly funny. Today, you ought to see the staff. “Don’t, Rush, don’t! Don’t do it. No, no, no.” but in 1990? (clapping) “Do it! Yeah, keep on! That’s as funny as hell!” From that to, “Don’t do it, Rush,” in just 21 years. The woman that got all bent out of shape is a woman named dahlia lift wick. Not to be confused with Sharon “Buy-A-Lick.” This is Dahlia Lithwick. Now, I know this name from somewhere. She writes somewhere. She was on Rachel Maddow’s show on PMSNBC last night, and they played this sound bite, and this is what sets up what comes next. This is what got everybody — well, at least on this show — a tizzy.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Ms. Kraushaar told friends she was beginning to worry that all the scrutiny might keep the other women from appearing publicly with her. I did ask yesterday, “What’s the big deal with the panel here?” Do they want to synchronize their menstrual periods? Why appear together?

RUSH: Okay, so that’s the bite that then sets up the following. Oh, Slate.com! Slate.com, “senior editor” Dahlia Lithwick; and Rachel Maddow speaking with Lithwick about allegations of sex harassment against Cain. After playing that clip, Maddow says, “You know, you’ve written about this recently. Republicans in part are just essentially denying the existence of a thing called ‘sexual harassment.’ Are we now even beyond that now where it’s being claimed as an asset? Being used of sexual harassment is actually a point of pride in some…?” Now, can I ask: Where has that been said? That’s not out there. Nobody said that being accused of sexual harassment is a point of pride. Nobody has said that. Anyway, here’s what Ms. Lithwick said.

LITHWICK: Don’t you feel like the entire country is run by eight-and-a-half-year-old boys? It is amazing that we’ve put into place an entire legal system that encourages her to come forward, that protects her from being called a “hooker” and a “gold digger” for coming forward and yet still she’s a hooker and a gold digger despite this legal architecture. Women are subjected to the exact kind of completely hideous, insulting sexist stereotyping that used to happen 50 years ago before we even talked about the this. It’s really an amazing thing that we have a system in place that protects women not at all.

RUSH: All right. I don’t know what I’ve missed. Has anybody called any of these women with Cain a hooker? (interruption) Zero that you know, too? I’ve not heard that. Has anybody called here I’m a gold digger? Now, somebody might have implied that the woman that uses makeup by the tub — what is her name? It was Buy-A-Lick. I’ve heard some people say, you know, bankrupt twice and so forth, but I’ve not heard anybody say they’re gold diggers. What I’ve heard is that they’re all righteous and they’re indignant and they think the world needs to know what the man did, but nobody can tell us what he did. Man, I’d hate to be a mainstream media journalist and Stat-Controlled guy. We’re coming up on…

When was the original Politico story? Was it two Sundays ago or was it just last Sunday? This is how time is flying. It has to be two Sundays ago. Two Sundays! This Sunday is gonna two weeks, and Herman Cain’s still laughing, raising money, going it fundraisers, having fun. He is still viable candidate. He was supposed to have been taken out by now. So here’s Lithwick; she’s upset. You got what’s-her-face over there, Karen Kraushaar, she’s upset that these women won’t man up enough to appear together. Oh, wait, that’s gonna tick ’em off, too. You wait. I just said the women “won’t man up.” (chuckles) Shouldn’t the feminazis be out there pushing ’em to man up on this? You know, the old lions of the feminazi movement, they’d be looking at these people call them princesses!

“What are you, a pantywaist? You get out there and take the panel! Let me show you how it’s done,” and (laughing) they bring up Anita Hill and… What was her name, Judge Hoerchner, Susan Hoerchner. It literally looked like dragged this woman out of a casket to come forth and start talking about what a rotten guy Clarence Thomas was, or maybe what a good woman Anita Hill was. Oh, yeah, Susan Hoerchner! Koko, see if you can find a picture of Susan Hoerchner, a screen grab.
I’m throwing this out. I don’t know if we have it ’cause it’s a long time ago. I’ll never forget this woman testifying before the Senate committee. (impression) “Senator? Senator, Anita…” Anita Hill.

“Anita is so pure…” She was a character witness and they were trying to say Anita Hill would never lie about anything and Clarence Thomas was the bad guy, and this Judge Hoerchner (she didn’t say this, but), “Anita is so pure, Senator, that I don’t think she’s ever had a bowel movement.” They didn’t like that, either, when I did it. Sort of reliving the greatest hits. Dawn, you weren’t around then. Dawn’s in there going, “Ohhh.” She’s covering her eyes. And back then during Clarence Thomas, everybody’s laughing and saying it’s funny. Oh, Dick Morris called one of the women a gold digger. But is he still a Democrat? I don’t know. Anita Hill did not want to go public, by the way. Nina Totenberg of NPR brought her forward.

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