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RUSH: So Herman Cain still breathing, still alive, didn’t get waterboarded in the debate last night. The audience (clapping) every time the questions strayed away from the sexual harassment charges, audience loved it. Reuters has a story with the headline: Cain Escapes Serious Damage in Republican Debate. However, they did point out that Herman Cain called Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy” as evidence that he’s a sexual predator. I kid you not. And then Herman, I don’t know why he did this, but he apologized for it this morning. I don’t know why. How do you get that he’s a sexual predator because he called her “Princess”? If anything, you gotta question his judgment.

To call her princess anything, that’s the first time I’ve questioned his judgment in a while here. I remember some of the nasty things Nancy Pelosi come outta her mouth over the years, and with never an apology. I think the audience was a big winner in the debate last night. They booed every question about Cain’s sexual harassment allegations. They cheered when the moderators reluctantly returned to political issues. But you know what was the biggest disaster of the debate last night? Did you watch it? Did you watch it? (interruption) Didn’t figure, didn’t figure. Did you watch it, Snerdley? What was the biggest disaster? What did you think was the biggest disaster of the night? It was not Rick Perry. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption)

No, no, not even close! The biggest disaster was Jim Cramer. I couldn’t believe they used the guy. I figured that last night, some zoo was looking for an inmate that escaped. How he got outta his cage, I don’t know that we will ever find out. I hope they fix that quick. I mean, I’m not a veterinarian, but maybe a tranquilizer dart or something would help Jim Cramer. (interruption) I know he’s always like that. That’s the point: He’s always like that! It would help before the rabies shot. The tranquilizer dart. That way could be safely returned to his cage and be ready to go for the next show, whatever that is. At any rate… (interruption) (laughing) No, no. No, Herman Cain would not have said “Princess Barney. ” Don’t even get me to go there. He said “Princess Nancy.”

Folks, I’ve got a major success to share with you here today. I’m holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a printed copy of a New York Times story today. (shuffling papers) Right here it is. “Cain’s Lawyer on Accusing: ‘Think Twice.'” This from our old buddy Jim Rutenberg. “L. Lin Wood, the lawyer hired by the Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain to fend off sexual harassment accusations, has warned that any other women who might be considering coming forward with similar allegations ‘should think twice.'” Move forward a couple of sentences and then it says: “Hours later, Rush Limbaugh seized on that report to argue that Ms. Kraushaar has ‘a pattern of whining.’ And when another accuser, Sharon Bialek — whose last name Mr. Limbaugh has pronounced as ‘buy-a-lick’ …”

We did it, folks! Hee-hee. It’s in the New York Times. It is. It’s like getting blamed for the “Magic Negro” thing all over again. It’s right there. It’s the third paragraph of the story: “[A]nother Sharon Bialek — whose last name Mr. Limbaugh has pronounced as ‘buy-a-lick'” Yes! “”appeared Wednesday on MSNBC, she faced fresh inquiries about her troubled financial history… Ms. Kraushaar told friends she was beginning to worry that all the scrutiny might keep the other women from appearing publicly with her.” I did ask yesterday, “What’s the big deal with the panel here? Do they to want synchronize their menstrual periods? Why appear together? What, is he added weight?” and I think I get mentioned a couple more times in the story. By the way, that, again, is how we all heard Gloria Allred pronounce her name: Sharon Buy-a-lick. It’s as simple as that.

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