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RUSH: I gotta tell you something. Two things just happened. They’re fascinating. No, not fascinating. But they’re interesting. Two people approached me within 45 seconds, maybe a minute of each other. One was complimentary as he could be of the way I dealt with the Rick Perry gaffe opening the program today, “You might have really saved Rick Perry’s campaign with the way you explained this and treated it and laughed about it, not at it. You didn’t act like it was a major gaffe,” and I was having this person explain why in detail what he had heard me say. I always try to learn from these people who compliment me. And after he had finished somebody else walked in to say hi, did not hear any of that conversation, and said, “What the hell’s wrong with Perry?” Couldn’t-a had two more diverse [exchanges] within 60 seconds.

Here I am being praised for saving Perry’s campaign — now, the second guy had not heard the radio program. He’s just trying to say hi and, “What’s the matter with Perry? Give me the inside scoop.” I said, “Nothing, I thought he was fine and dandy, no big deal. The guy’s obviously a successful governor and so forth.” Let me try it a different way. Has anybody suggested that that idiot, David Gregory, should give up his run as host on Meet the Press for that comment about no Grand Wizard in the Republican Party being available to tell Herman Cain to get out of the race? I mean, if Perry is being asked by the media if he’s done, and of course they want him to be done, they want to force him out, and of course the Republican establishment, some of them would like to force Perry out. So if Perry is being asked if he is done, can you imagine if Perry had said what Gregory did about Herman Cain?

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to imagine something happening in the debate last night. I want you to picture Rick Perry. Picture Rick Perry speaking. And then I want you to picture Rick Perry turning to Herman Cain, pointing at him like he does at Romney when he’s talking to him, I want you to imagine Rick Perry saying to Herman Cain, “As far as I’m concerned, you have lost your standing with the sexual harassment charges. And if there’s a Grand Wizard in this party to tell you to get the hell out of it, I’d support ’em.” What do you think would happen if Rick Perry had said something like that? That’s what David Gregory said, he just didn’t say it with a Texas accent. He said it with an elitist northeasterner accent.

How come Gregory is not the one being mocked? “Oh, Mr. Limbaugh, you’re really making a bigger deal out of this than needs to be because Mr. Gregory realized that it could have been misinterpreted, and he apologized immediately.” Yeah, he apologized that we mighta misinterpreted, not that he made a gaffe. People ask what motivates me. When I see an entire political party and media, same thing, lined up against perfectly fine, nice, decent people on our side, situation like this, I’m not gonna join the chorus to take ’em out. But we’ve got people on our side who do. I’m gonna try instead to make people think about, “Well, wait a minute, who are these people that demand that our people get out of the race anyway? Why don’t we start demanding they give up their jobs? Who says they’re eminently qualified, smarter than anybody else?” You just imagine Rick Perry telling Herman Cain and lamenting the fact that there’s no Grand Wizard in the Republican Party with the guts to tell him, Cain, to get out of the race. Like David Gregory did.


RUSH: Jim, I got about 45 seconds. I want to get to you. He’s from Altamonte Springs, Florida. Hello, Jim.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, and God bless you for your good work.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Listen, I just want to say the proper context for the Rick Perry gaffe —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — has to be Obama’s corpse man.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. There are many. Obama’s 57 states.

CALLER: Well, even that, see, that’s a mental lapse that we can excuse, but corpse man, the pronunciation of corpsmen as corpse men is absolutely inexcusable. As a former elementary administrator, I know that curriculum for school kids include a vocabulary list that includes the word corpsmen because corpsmen —

RUSH: Look, it could be code. Obama comes from a political party doesn’t like the military, let’s just be honest about it. He’s not that stupid. It might have been a purposeful mispronunciation just to, you know, stay in good with whoever doesn’t like the Marine Corps.

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