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RUSH: Despite proof now, despite evidence that global warming is a political issue, not a science issue, and that the science aspect of it is fraudulent and is a hoax, we have a story here from the French News Agency. “The World Has Five Years Now to Avoid Severe Warming.” That’s from the International Energy Agency. “The world has just five years to avoid being trapped in a scenario of perilous climate change and extreme weather events.” Now, the IEA — don’t confuse it with the IAEA. That’s the bunch that have been telling us for years that the Iranians are not working on a nuke. So things are reversible now, but they won’t be five years from now. Five years from now we’re toast. The LA Times said it, and others have said that there’s no warming. It’s all over the place here. But they won’t let this die. It’s a political issue and it’s an international left-wing hoax, this whole notion of manmade global warming climate change.

From North Carolina, Duke Energy — and I must tell you at the outset here I love telling you this, I love passing this news on to you. “Duke Energy is asking customers who own their electric car charging station to stop using the product after a house fire in Mooresville last month.” Did you electric car buyers ever stop to think about this? You know, as scared of life as the left is, they’re gonna have these charging stations, that’s electricity constantly running and somebody’s house is gonna catch fire and then the left is gonna shut down because that’s what they do. So it’s already happened, one house fire and
Duke Energy is telling everybody with a car charging station to shut it down. How many people are we talking about here?

This is the second thing I love reporting to you. Talking about the state of North Carolina, folks. “Duke Energy sent an e-mail to –” dadelut dadelut dadelut “– about 125 customers in the Carolinas and Indiana,” two states, “who currently participate in their plug-in electric vehicle pilots and have the same type of charging station installed at their homes to stop using it.” Yes, I have a smug look on my face. I have an I-told-you-so, happy look on my face.

“Investigators have not determined if the electric car charger was the source of a house fire –” Doesn’t matter, they’re still gonna shut ’em down. “– but the product has been the center of the investigation. The e-mail continues to explain that Duke Energy has no direct reason to believe that the charging station was the reason of the fire, but out of caution –” and a fear of lawyers. I added that. That doesn’t appear here, but believe me, it’s valid “– customers should not use the charging station until they receive additional information from the investigation.”

You know how long these investigations take? So how long is it gonna be before you suck– err, electric car owners can charge the things? The fire happened last month. They’re just now getting around here to thinking about the safety of all the charging units. “The fire happened last month and caused $800,000 worth of damage to the home. Two people suffered minor injuries after they helped one of the residents in the home to safety.” I hope these people don’t have to go anywhere any time soon. Are they gonna have to go out and buy a gasoline powered car?

Can you imagine the humiliation, the embarrassment around town? You’re probably well known, wear a ribbon, do something to tell people you care more than they do. You went out and bought an electric car, your charging station is probably the most decorated thing in your house so people will notice it, and all of a sudden you get a letter from the power company that says you can’t use it. Now what do you do? You still gotta go to the grocery store. Do you dare humiliate yourself and show up in a gasoline powered vehicle with the whole town laughing at you? You know this is how they’re thinking about it? So what do they do, call cabs, take the hoof express?

And then a companion story from the National Legal and Policy Center. This is so bad, and I have such compassion I am not gonna mention the brand name, ’cause that’s not the point here. “On Monday NLPCÂ’s Mark Modica smartly called into question Consumer ReportsÂ’ sudden change in opinion about the electric hybrid [bleep bleep] from a vehicle that they once believed ‘doesnÂ’t seem to make a lot of sense,’ to one the publication recommends. The next day, however, CR delivered an online review of the major all-electric vehicle on the U.S. market — [bleep bleep] — and while not intended to be scathing, the account given by reviewer Liza Barth makes the car sound so unappealing, she should have panned it outright.”

What we have here, it’s funny, a Consumer Reports reporterette test-drove an electric car. She tries not to, but she totally rips it to shreds. She’s a good liberal, she’s a good reporter, she knows that these cars are gonna save the planet and she knows that everybody ought to be driving one, and she knows that we all must pay for the damage that we have done by driving our SUVs. So she drives one of these things around and hates it and realizes that it is a piece of junk and said so but then says it’s not that bad and you should still buy one. Yes siree bob.

For example, she writes about total anxiety the whole time the charge will not be enough. And she’s right. The charge actually lasts, depending on your speed, a length of time, not a distance. She can’t use the heater and get where she’s going nonstop, but she still says a fine, fine car, Consumer Reports recommends it. After all of that, shortly after the magazine comes out and gives it their recommendation she writes this story. Here, I’ll give you an example. I’m reading from Liza Barth. “Despite those deep flaws and shortcomings, CR couldnÂ’t bring itself to outright ridicule the [bleep]. This is the vehicle taxpayers are backing with a $1.4 billion loan to [bleep] to retrofit a [bleep] plant for the mass production of the [bleep] companyÂ’s [bleep]. Likewise, the Department of Energy, besides the billions in public money it pours into battery storage research and subsidizing ‘renewable’ energy companies for failed wind and solar technologies — has dumped millions of dollars into the rollout of chargers for the [bleeps]. That ‘investment’ looks even more wasteful as the automakers are split on the technology that should be used in the future for the [bleep] chargers.”

Another quote. “There is also no market need for an [bleep] with an annoying high-pitched whine, recharging stations mostly out of the carÂ’s reach, and minimal passenger room, but that hasnÂ’t stopped [bleep] from making it, nor has it stopped the government from forcing taxpayers to finance its mass production.” She pans the thing. She talks about how she’s in paranoid panic, that she’s not gonna be able to get where she’s going and use the heater because the charge isn’t gonna last long enough, and all this after Consumer Reports recommends the car. I’ll tell you, this day is made to order for me. It’s just made to order for El Rushbo.


RUSH: Livermore, California. Hi, Ray. I’m glad that you waited. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s great to have you, thank you for your professorship, for the institute. Mega Marine 236th birthday dittos and Veterans Day dittos as well. Thank you to our active servicemen.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You were talking about the electric car in the first hour, the plug-in electric car. I wanted to make myself available for that, but real quick, I think it was Tom Petty who had an electric car plugged in here in the Bay Area at his warehouse, and it burned to the ground under the same kind of conditions of the story you read earlier.

RUSH: I remember that. I remember that, yeah.

CALLER: What I want to do is, in the name of spreading it around — spreading the wealth around — in the name of Occupiers, I have a fossil fuel Honda generator that will make available for electric car users. They can come over, they can plug in, and I think for about five gallons of gas we can send you about 60 or 120 miles; and you guys, you know, we can all work together as the 99ers.

RUSH: (laughing) How sweet of you.

CALLER: Yes. It’s the least we can do, Rush. You know spread it around.

RUSH: Offering a charging service, basically?

CALLER: Yes, yes. My fossil fuel based charging system willpower many electric cars, each 60 miles, of course —

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Will your fossil fuel charger charge a battery faster than a non-fossil fuel…? Wait a minute! Is there a non-fossil fuel charger?

CALLER: Well, I’m just a regular blue-collar working guy, Rush, so I don’t know that there are really any regular non-fossil fuel chargers. I guess some of these hydroelectric dams that they’re trying to take tear down in my state could be considered non-fossil fuel chargers —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — but they’re trying to take them down.

RUSH: Well, ’cause the power plant is a fossil fuel charger. That’s coal.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: And I don’t think you can charge your car yet with a windmill or a solar panel. See, this is one of the things we kind of get smug and laugh at because all these people (laughing) are thinking that they’re saving the planet and all this? All kinds of coal is being used to charge their car that wouldn’t otherwise being used if they were using gasoline, or diesel, or what have you.

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