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RUSH: I don’t know if this is breaking news, but I just found out about it. This Kraushaar babe, Karen Kraushaar, one of the — what is it now, five? — women alleging, something about Herman Cain. She says that she will… It is breaking news, CNN: She will not do a news conference without the other accusers. She won’t go out there alone. She’s only gonna do it as part of a panel. Like we said yesterday, “It’s a lot easier to escape scrutiny if you’re part of a crowd.” That’s true leadership, too. That’s guts and bravery and courage and all those things that you want in a government employee. “No, I’m not going out there unless all the other girls show up, too. It’s just that simple, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m not gonna be part of this.

“I’m not gonna subject myself, singularly and individually, to the retribution Mr. Cain and his powerful lawyer out to destroy us all. I’m not gonna do that. I’m only gonna do it if the other women will come forward.” Well, menstrual cycles synchronize. That’s how we get the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion in the US military. She said, by the way, Kraushaar, that none of the other accusers have returned her phone calls. They’re not responding out there to her phone calls. She’s trying to put this panel deal together and it isn’t happening. I’m looking here. Ann Coulter has a column about this at Human Events, and it’s… What did I do with it? Ah, this is the stack. Hang in there with me here, folks. Yeah, here it is.

“David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior — Herman Cain has spent his life living and working all over the country — Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, DC — but never in Chicago. So it’s curious that all the sexual harassment allegations against Cain emanate from Chicago: home of the Daley machine and Obama consigliere David Axelrod. Suspicions had already fallen on Sheila O’Grady, who is close with David Axelrod and went straight from being former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley’s chief of staff to president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), as being the person who dug up Herman Cain’s personnel records from the National Restaurant Association (NRA).”

“The Daley-controlled IRA works hand-in-glove with the NRA. And strangely enough, Cain’s short, three-year tenure at the NRA is evidently the only period in his decades-long career during which he’s alleged to have been a sexual predator.” Herman Cain is 65 years old and the three years he ran the NRA is the only time he’s been accused of being a sexual predator. After O’Grady’s name surfaced in connection with the miraculous appearance of Cain’s personnel files from the NRA, she issued a Clintonesque denial of any involvement in producing them — by vigorously denying that she knew Cain when he was at the NRA. And now, after a week of conservative eye-rolling over unspecified, anonymous accusations against Cain, we’ve suddenly got very specific sexual assault allegations from an all-new accuser out of … Chicago.”

The Politico couldn’t produce a specific single charge, but, lo and behold, the Daley machine found one, where Herman Cain has never worked. “Herman Cain has never lived in Chicago. But you know who has? David Axelrod! And guess who lived in Axelrod’s very building? Right again: Cain’s latest accuser, Sharon Bialek. Bialek’s accusations were certainly specific. But they also demonstrated why anonymous accusations are worthless. Within 24 hours of Bialek’s press conference, friends and acquaintances of hers stepped forward to say that she’s a ‘gold-digger,’ that she was constantly in financial trouble — having filed for personal bankruptcy twice — and, of course, that she had lived in Axelrod’s apartment building at 505 North Lake Shore Drive, where, she admits, she knew the man The New York Times calls Obama’s ‘hired muscle.’

“Throw in some federal tax evasion, and she’s Obama’s next Cabinet pick. The reason all this is relevant is that both Axelrod and Daley have a history of smearing political opponents by digging up claims of sexual misconduct against them. John Brooks, Chicago’s former fire commissioner, filed a lawsuit against Daley six months ago claiming Daley threatened to smear him with sexual harassment accusations if Brooks didn’t resign. He resigned — and the sexual harassment allegations were later found to be completely false.

“Meanwhile, as extensively detailed in my book Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America, the only reason Obama became a U.S. senator — allowing him to run for president — is that David Axelrod pulled sealed divorce records out of a hat, first, against Obama’s Democratic primary opponent, and then against Obama’s Republican opponent. One month before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Obama was way down in the polls, about to lose to Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader.

“But then The Chicago Tribune — where Axelrod used to work — began publishing claims that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings. From then until Election Day, Hull was embroiled in fighting the allegation that he was a ‘wife beater.’ … Hull’s substantial lead just a month before the primary collapsed with the nonstop media attention to his divorce records.” Obama wins. “Luckily for Axelrod, Obama’s opponent in the general election had also been divorced. The Republican nominee was Jack Ryan, a graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard law and business schools, who had left his lucrative partnership at Goldman Sachs to teach at an inner-city school on the South Side of Chicago.”

They pulled his records that he and his wife loved to go to these wacko sex clubs. “Hollywood sex kitten Jeri Lynn Ryan, had alleged that, while the couple was married, Jack had taken her to swingers clubs in Paris and New York. Jack Ryan adamantly denied the allegations. In the interest of protecting their son, he also requested that the records be put permanently under seal.” But they were unsealed. A California judge that Axelrod knew unsealed them. Ryan pulled out of the race. Twice Axelrod has used sexual charges against Obama opponents to get them to get out of the race. It all adds up.” This is Ann Coulter’s column.

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