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RUSH: So we have the latest Herman Cain press conference yesterday. I have a lot of people who thought he did great. A lot of people. (interruption) No, just people sending me e-mails think he did great, thought his lawyer did great (which was fascinating) and then I got a couple e-mails from people criticizing so-called conservative journalists. I don’t know who it was, but one of them I guess said — and this, really, prompted a number of e-mails from people riled up. One of journalists considered to be a conservative said, “The Herman Cain press conference raised more questions than it answered,” and I said, “Well, you understand, now, that’s Journalism 101.” That reaction is actually taught in journalism school. You hear a journalist say that after a press conference? Herman Cain, what else could he do? He asked for a lie detector test, said he would take a lie detector test.

“I don’t even know the woman.” Do you realize how wide open he’s left himself? If he’s lying to us, he’s finished forever. Even if this presidential campaign started only as a lark to try to get a media gig or maybe get TV appearances on a cable show or whatever his motivation was — and I’m not discounting that it was seriously to win at the same time. But if what he did yesterday is proven to be total lie, if he does and has known this Bialek babe, it’s over. So what else can he do? And then the reaction from a journalist is, “It raised more questions than it answered.” That is taught in Journalism 101. You have a reaction like that, that generally means you’re gunning for the guy and you’re attempting to influence the way viewers who also watch the Cain press conference thought about it. Most of the e-mail I got from people was they thought it was good — that his lawyer was good, that it was straightforward and honest. He was a real guy, this kind of stuff. If he lied and if it can be established that he lied and if there’s some sexual harassment out there, guaranteed, folks, a slot at CNN.

I give you Eliot Spitzer as proof.


RUSH: Now, what did I just tell you? By the way, it was Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard who people that e-mailed me said had said that Cain “raised more questions than he answered.” Looky here. I you told you it was Journalism 101. David Goldstein, McClatchy newspapers: “Herman Cain’s effort to control the damage from sexual harassment allegations has raised more questions than it’s answered.” It’s Journalism 101, and when you get that reaction to it, it means that that particular journalist is gunning for the candidate, gunning for the source, the subject of the story. He doesn’t want to believe it, not buying into it. This is where it is. The smart money is saying Herman Cain just can’t survive this onslaught.

Now the babes are gonna have a joint presser. They’re going to have a joint presser. A panel! A panel of accusers. You know, last night even before I knew what a disaster I was facing this morning here, I was thinking of not showing up to do the show today unless I had a full panel of other talk show hosts beside me for support. I said, “That’s silly. I don’t need a panel. I don’t need guests. I don’t do guests!” What are these babes gonna do with a panel? What does it prove? What does getting five people together for a press conference prove? (interruption) Oh, is that it? On their own they can’t swing the day? (interruption) Well, the only way you prove a negative is with a lie detector, and that’s even dubious, of course.

If he passes the lie detector they’ll just say, “Ah, ah, ah, ah! That raises more questions than it answers.” There’s no way that he is going to — within the journalism community, within the punditocracy — win this. Now, with the people, with the voters, different story, and who knows? But does getting five people together for a press conference add more weight, does it add more proof? You get five people together to accuse somebody of something, does that make it true? Is that some part of Sharia law that I haven’t learned about yet, or does having five people just make it harder to go into any of the specifics of any of their charges or their background? See, I think that’s what it is. You got all five of them up there and it’s a little tougher to individually examine them, and the reason that it’s important…

When people make allegations like this, it is important that they come forward. They need to be judged, their credibility, their story needs to be judged equally with the person they’re accusing — and that’s why the Politico, all these anonymous details, anonymous sources, anonymous bits of evidence and so forth? It’s why they were having trouble. One of the questions I would have if I had the opportunity to be at this panel that the babes… I shouldn’t say “babe,” should I? One of the questions that the women are going to engage in is, “Who is paying your legal fees?” You see, that’s why I’m not a reporter. I would be kicked out of the club if I asked a question like that: “Who is paying your legal fees?” Such simple and direct questions are never permitted. The questions are gonna be more like those asked of Herman Cain. Like, “Do you think sexual harassment is a serious matter?”


RUSH: There is the most amazing story, and it looks like a random act of journalism from the AP on the latest accuser, this Kraushaar babe, Karen Kraushaar, 55, a pattern of whining. This is a person who has tried to use being offended for personal gain. AP exclusive: “Accuser Filed Complaint in Next Job.” It is an amazing story. I can’t believe that AP ran it. It’s long as it can be. I don’t know that I want to get into every smidgen little detail of it. I might. It just depends on how things unfold here on the big program today. But I’ll tell you what this panel means. When all five of these women gather together, if they actually do this, the way to translate that, what that means is this isn’t working, let’s try ganging up.

Now, everybody in the media says that Clinton — and we’ve talked about this — everybody in the media says that Clinton handled his sex accusations perfectly, that he had a strategy out there, that there was an organization. Remember David Gregory, the Grand Wizard of NBC News, he was telling Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, what really gets the media, let’s be honest here, there’s no strategy here, there’s no organization, so there’s no way we can plan to screw this guy. He’s winging it, and we’re not used to people winging. When you wing it you generally tell the truth. But we don’t know how to deal with this. We need a strategy. We need a formula. We need this guy behaving like everybody else. Clinton did it the right way.

What does that mean? What would Clinton do? There’s a “what would Jesus do?” campaign. The media is out there constructing “what would Clinton do?” Clinton would call this panel of five women the band of bimbos, and James Carville would be out there waving a dollar bill in front of them to see how many of them would start disrobing for it. And he’d call whoever put it together a sex pervert. But they would be out there, the Democrats would be attacking the accusers. Now, isn’t it fascinating, now you’ve got the accusers, these women, and now the Democrats, why, they’re holier-than-thou, they’re clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, why, women don’t lie about this, folks. They don’t make these things up. This is too traumatic, women don’t want to make this up and live this lie. It’s bad enough when it’s real. So that’s what Clinton would do, classy stuff like that.

Now, this Karen Kraushaar — and I’m pretty sure that’s how she pronounces because I’ve known somebody named Kraushaar in my life. I have. It was a guy, and he worked for somebody you all know and I know. And I don’t know that he’s related to this woman or not. There’s a lot of Kraushaars out there, but he spelled his name the same way and that’s how he pronounced it, Kraushaar. So we’re gonna call her Karen Kraushaar. She says that she eventually dropped her complaint because it was relatively minor. But she had demanded untold thousands of dollars as well as back vacation pay and a $16,000 raise and a fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. That’s what she wanted. (interruption) I know, Cain did his whole press conference last night without a teleprompter. He did. He doesn’t need a teleprompter. People that know what they’re going to say generally don’t.

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