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RUSH: Eric Holder is in the news, ladies and gentlemen, the attorney general. He was on Capitol Hill today during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Justice Department oversight, and during the Q&A with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX). Cornyn said, “Have you apologized to the family of Brian Terry?” That’s the Border Agent who lost his life because of the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious program where we ran guns to Mexican drug cartels from Phoenix gun stores, on purpose, so as to drum up negative sentiment about guns so that the regime could create energy to wipe out the Second Amendment. I have no doubt in my mind that’s what Fast and Furious is all about, and in the process of 2,000 guns (just incredible amount of weaponry) ended up in Mexican drug cartels, and it was used, the weapons had been used. The border agent died. So Cornyn asked Holder if he had apologized to the family of the border agent.

HOLDER: I have not apologized but I certainly regret what happened.

CORNYN: Have you even talked to them?

HOLDER: Uh, I have not.

CORNYN: Would you like to apologize today for this program that went so wrong that it took the life of a United States law enforcement agent?

HOLDER: I certainly regret what happened to Agent Brian Terry. It pains me whenever there is the death of a law enforcement official — uh, especially under the circumstances that this occurred. It is not fair, however, to assume that the mistakes that, ummm, happened in Fast and Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry.

RUSH: It isn’t? The hell you say! Well, we don’t have to “assume” because we know. At least 2,000 guns were sent from the US to Mexico during Fast and Furious. Anyway, here we are — we’re talking about Herman Cain and what he said to people in the nineties — and, meanwhile, we have this running the Justice Department. We have Eric Holder and Obama running guns to Mexico.

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