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RUSH: Legal Insurrection has done a tabulation here of just the stats, and this is published yesterday, last night at eight o’clock.

“Days as of 8 p.m. Eastern today since Politico broke the story: 7
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘Herman Cain’: 138
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘sexual harassment’: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘sexual harassment’ not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0
Percentage drop in Herman Cain favorability rating as reported by Politico: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘Solyndra’: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘Fast and Furious’: 3
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘unemployment’: 17
Politico news stories about or mentioning ‘recession’: 14″

But 138 stories on Herman Cain. I wonder, you know, if Politico had a bye week and took a week off like the National Football League has bye weeks, I wonder if they would self-scout themselves, you know, find out their tendencies in order to do a better job. I wonder if they know how top-heavy on Herman Cain stories they have been. And then there’s this, and we mentioned this on Friday. “Politico Publishes More Stories About Cain ‘Scandal’ in Six Days Than it Did Obama’s Ties to Ayers or Rezko.” We made a big deal out of that on Friday of last week.

Herman Cain, we’re up to sound bite 12 now, turn the pot up. This is the Texas Patriots PAC Debate between Gingrich and Herman Cain, and during the debate Gingrich says to Cain: “What has been the biggest surprise to you out of this whole experience?”

CAIN: The nitpickiness of the media. (applause) If there is a journalistic standard, a lot of them don’t follow it and as a result too many people get misinformation and disinformation. So it is the actions and the behavior of the media that has been my biggest surprise. I thought — now, this is probably gonna get taken the wrong way, but I didn’t take political correctness school. (laughter) There are too many people in the media that are downright dishonest. Not all, but too many of them do a disservice to the American people. (applause)

RUSH: That was Saturday night in The Woodlands, Texas, near Houston, in a big, long debate with Newt Gingrich. Same place, two unidentified reporters, an unidentified staffer, and Cain chief of staff Mark Block, unidentified guy had this exchange about the Cain campaign going forward.

REPORTER 1: Mr. Cain, the attorney for one of the women who filed a sexual harassment complaint…

CAIN: Don’t even go there.


REPORTER 1: Can I ask my question?

CAIN: No, because…

FEMALE STAFFER: No, no gossip.

REPORTER 2: Can I ask a good question?

CAIN: WhereÂ’s my chief of staff?

BLOCK: IÂ’m right here.

CAIN: Please send him the journalistic code of ethics.

BLOCK: Will do.

CAIN: All right, you want to ask another good question? I was going to do something that my staff told me not to do and try to respond. Okay? What I’m saying is this, we are getting back on message. End of story.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Thank you, Mr. Cain.

CAIN: Back on message. Read all of the other accounts. Read all of the other accounts Where everything has been answered. End of story.

RUSH: There you have it. That was Saturday night in The Woodlands, Texas. How many people have died because of Herman Cain’s alleged harassment? Zero. How many people have died because of Fast and Furious, the Obama gunrunning scandal, Mexican drug cartels that Politico barely reports on? There have been some. There are some dead people, including one boarder agent that we know of. It’s like the old question. How many people have died at Chappaquiddick versus in nuclear power accidents? Something like that.

Now, moving on. This Friday night on NPR, All Things Considered, the co-anchor Robert Siegel spoke with David Brooks of the New York Times and — just David Brooks and the New York Times in this case, but what we have here coming up, we’ve got Brooks, we have Bill Kristol from Fox News Sunday and Paul Gigot from Fox News Sunday and then Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday all about Herman Cain. Here’s Brooks first. Question from Siegel on All Things Considered. “Herman Cain, who’s been asked about sexual harassment complaints from the nineties and the cash payments at the National Restaurant Association made to two women who complained. David, you first, is this the beginning of the end of the Cain phenomenon?”

BROOKS: There was no beginning. He was a TV show that lasted for a little while. Listen, let me stand up for elitist insiders. This is a job for professionals. Running for office is a job for professionals. Governing is a job for professionals. What Herman Cain did this week, let’s leave aside the harassment, his handling of this was completely unprofessional. Every amateur candidate knows how to do a better job than this.

RUSH: Once again we judge Herman Cain by how poorly he handled it. Standing up for the elite insiders. Polling data, he’s holding up, Washington Post calling him a Teflon candidate. It’s not taking him out. In the national polls, which really don’t mean all that much in primaries, but even in Iowa Herman Cain is in the lead, I believe, in Iowa. So now we move to Fox News Sunday yesterday morning. Chris Wallace speaking to Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard about the allegations against Herman Cain. Chris Wallace said, “How about Republicans?” (interruption) That’s right, Snerdley. Herman Cain just doesn’t have the right crease in his pants for Brooks, like Obama did. Remember standing up for the elitists, David Brooks said, “The crisp crease in his pants.”

Have they ever spotted Brooks on the campus at Penn State? I mean what a thing to say. Ah, the crisp crease in his pants, that told Brooks that he was really qualified to be president. And, by the way, isn’t Obama a professional, Mr. Brooks? I guess only a real pro could get us in this mess. We’re all professionals here, right? Obama’s a professional. Never had a job in his life. Obama has never had a job. Claims to be the expert on creating jobs. People like you, Brooks, grant him that power because of the crease in his pants. Herman Cain’s a joke.

Anyway, back to Kristol now. Chris Wallace said, “How about Republicans? We saw this in the ad at the beginning from his super PAC, but I’ve heard it from a lot of conservatives linking the allegations against Cain to what Clarence Thomas went through and the clearer implication at the opening statement is that this is the way the left goes at conservative blacks.”

KRISTOL: I don’t think it’s that comparable to what, uh, Justice Thomas went through. Uh… uh… Anita Hill showed up ten years later to attack Clarence Thomas, not having filed any complaints at the time. There were complaints filed contemporaneously by employees against Herman Cain, but he’s not going to be the nominee, if I can just be honest here for a minute. He was never going to be the nominee.

RUSH: And the voice of god-d in the conservative inside-the-Beltway establishment has spoken. “He’s not gonna be the nominee. (snickering) He’s not gonna be the nominee, if I could just be honest here for a second! (chortling) He’s never gonna be the nominee! What are we talking about? (guffawing) I talk to Brooks, Brooks and I both know he’s never gonna be the nominee! Why are we even being forced to talk about this? We’re so far above Cain! Who are you, Wallace, asking me this? He’s not going to be the nominee! What the hell are we talking about?” And then Paul Gigot at the Wall Street Journal, Wallace said, “Do you take him seriously as a possible nominee, Mr. Gigot?”

GIGOT: I think that, uh, he doesn’t really think — he — he didn’t think he would get this far, and that’s the problem. I don’t think he was prepared for this, and I think that that really, in my mind, is gonna wear, duh, with Republican primary voters in the end, and they’re probably not gonna nominate him.

RUSH: Well, isn’t that what they told us about Obama, that he never really intended to get there? He was just setting the groundwork for a future run? But then the media all of a sudden loved “the crease in his pants,” and that’s the end of the story. Obama was deemed The Messiah, Hillary Clinton is still scratching her head over what the hell happened to her, and now we’re told, “He didn’t even want to win! He’s gonna be the nominee. (giggling) Come on, get serious here! He’s not gonna be the nominee. (snickering) You know it and I know it. Brooks knows it. We’ve talked about it! He doesn’t want to be the nominee, never intended to go this far. It’s a television show!” But Juan Williams was also on the show, and Wallace said, “Juan, what about you?”

WILLIAMS: He has been the pinata for the black liberal establishment now for a good while. They see him as some kind of token put out by the Tea Party as an “acceptable” kind of black to Republicans, and I think it’s been just thoroughly insulting. On this panel people say he’s not gonna be the nominee, but you know what? I didn’t think he’d come this far. I never thought he’d reach this point. The thing that worries me is now that this is a way that you can drag him down, and I just think it’s insulting to Herman Cain. I don’t like it. I think the people who are challenging the orthodoxy get attacked.

RUSH: Juan Williams is not happy here with what’s going on to his fellow black guy, Herman Cain. Every once in a while, every once in a while it happens out there. Obama never thought he was gonna get elected. Lincoln never thought he was gonna get elected. Was Lincoln a professional? So anyway, they got Juan Williams ticked off.


RUSH: Teresa, Jacksonville, Florida. You’re first today, and it’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Thank you for having me — and I just have to tell you, Rush, truly, I can’t decide if I’m ripped or elated regarding all of this stuff with Cain and the media. All I know for sure is the more accusations they throw his way, the more I know he’s our man. Because I feel like I’ve been trained to totally not believe anything they say.

RUSH: Now, that’s interesting. It is interesting that you are thinking that this might make Herman Cain the guy?

CALLER: Oh, well, it just shows —

RUSH: My problem with that is that is Bill Kristol and David Brooks know who the nominee is gonna be, they just won’t tell us.

CALLER: I do, too. It’s Herman Cain.

RUSH: (laughing) No! They think it’s not gonna be Cain. It ain’t gonna be Herman Cain.


RUSH: It’s not gonna be Herman Cain, they say.


RUSH: They say don’t say that. Be serious.

CALLER: They’re just trying to talk confidently.

RUSH: But why don’t they just tell us who the next nominee is gonna be if it’s up to them? If it’s up to Brooks and Gigot (pardon me here. Somebody called him “Gidget” to me once, which I’m getting confused) and Brooks, Kristol, if it’s not gonna be Cain, who is it gonna be? We could save a lot of fuss and a lot of bother and a lot of money, get on with our lives if they just tell us who the nominee is gonna be.

CALLER: Well, in their minds it’s gonna be Mitt Romney, but, no. It’s gonna be Herman Cain.

RUSH: You may be more right than you know when you say that —

CALLER: I think I am. I listen to you.

RUSH: — that in their minds it’s going to be Romney.

CALLER: And, to boot, here’s what I’d love to do: I’d love for you to keep me on the phone afterward so that you can give me an address because I would love to mail that man a double-breasted suit with a beautiful red tie to go with it.

RUSH: (laughing) You want to mail Cain a double-breasted suit?

CALLER: Yep. Absolutely! Absolutely.

RUSH: What she is referring to, ladies and gentlemen, is that there’s a journalist out there named Robin Givhan (I don’t know how you pronounce it) who actually has a piece at The Daily Beast, that — I’m not making this up; I told you this in the first hour if you missed it — double-breasted suits worn by Herman Cain exude the power behind sexual harassment. Double-breasted suits equal sexual harassment. Honest to God, peace. And Robin Givhan, G-i-v-h-a-n is how you spell the name, won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 2006. Not making this up. I don’t know if it’s a he or she. The first Pulitzer ever given for “fashion criticism,” she won it — or he won it, whoever — in 2006. Double-breasted. Isn’t that like sexist? You could make the case that somebody “double-breasted” belongs in a circus, if you really wanted to take this to extremes. But I mean really, folks. The story is out there.

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