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RUSH: Here is Lara next in Fort Worth, Texas. Hi, Lara, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Howdy, Rush!


CALLER: Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I listen to you every day on the radio and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people call in and tell you thank you for being a great American or The Big Voice on the Right and that’s awesome but I have a different thing I want to thank you for. I was raised by a dad who every night when he came home from work would get all excited and turn the Rush Limbaugh show on TV, and I can’t remember the year that you were on TV but I remember I was really young and I didn’t know what politics were or what it meant to be liberal or conservative (giggles) but actually I just want to say thank you for being that role model for so many people. Now, I have a great dad and I know even if we watched you or not he would have raised me right — and on the right, of course — but just having you on obviously imprinted me. I mean, my boyfriend called me the Rush Baby. (giggles) I learned to tie my shoes in front of you while you were on. So…

RUSH: Now, you have made my day. I appreciate that.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: I mean, you sat in front of the television during my TV show and you just soaked it all up.

CALLER: I was so little. I remember it, though. You remember that dollar bill that you used to wear, that you folded into a ribbon?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. My dad and I made that together. We both made one and he strapped it on my shirt.

RUSH: That was the Deficit Reduction Awareness Ribbon.

CALLER: Yeah. He would… I didn’t know what the heck it meant, but he would send me to school and said, “I know you don’t understand this, but…”

RUSH: Everybody was wearing the Deficit Reduction Awareness Ribbon!


RUSH: That was to show you cared about the deficit.


RUSH: One night I came out wearing every colored ribbon there was.

CALLER: That’s awesome. That’s awesome.

RUSH: And I said, “This means I care more about all these issues than you do! You are worthless.”

CALLER: (giggles) That’s right.

RUSH: “I matter, I count, I have a bigger heart than you ’cause I’m wearing these ribbons.”

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: That was a fun time and those are memories I cherish with my dad and I just think it’s really cool. So thanks for all you do, Rush.

RUSH: How old are you now, can I ask?

CALLER: I am 25 years old.

RUSH: Twenty-five years old. Well, this is wonderful. I am so glad that you got through.

CALLER: I am, too. Snerdley’s awesome!

RUSH: Well, this is what Open Line Friday is all about! Do you…? Let me ask you a question. Do you use computers, do you like computers?

CALLER: I love computers. They’re awesome.

RUSH: What kind do you have?

CALLER: I have a Dell PC laptop.

RUSH: Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


RUSH: No, no, no.

CALLER: It’s a little pink one! It’s neat!

RUSH: Do you have an iPad?

CALLER: I do not.

RUSH: Want one?

CALLER: (Gasp!)

RUSH: (Gasp!)

CALLER: With your autograph?

RUSH: Yeah. I’ll send you one.

CALLER: It has to have your autograph.

RUSH: I’ll send you one.

CALLER: If it doesn’t have your autograph, I don’t want it. It has to be autographed.

RUSH: I’ll send you an EIB Rush signature engraved iPad.

CALLER: (Gasp!)

RUSH: (Gasp!) And a surprise computer to improve what you got.

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