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“Herman Cain did not seek Madeleine Albright’s foreign policy advice for a simple reason: She’s Madeleine Albright! Who the hell wants her advice?”

“I wonder how many of these journalists could take 30 seconds of what they dish out? It’s happened now and then and they all start crying wolf.”

“I am a meat eater. I have never met anybody who feels superior to anybody or anything because they eat meat. But I have run into all kinds of holier-than-thou vegetarians and vegans and other wackos who do think they are superior and better and smarter than everybody else.”

“The axiom in Washington is, ‘The cover-up is always worse than the crime.’ That’s why they love cover-ups!”

“The left doesn’t like black conservatives. The left doesn’t like Hispanic conservatives. The left doesn’t like minorities who are conservative, who show an ability to rise to the top of any organization they’re in.”

“We still don’t know what you think Cain did — and until you can tell us, as journalists, with incontrovertible proof, we’re gonna doubt you because you have given us every reason in the world to not trust your reporting, because it is biased against us and our side and our people.”

“One of the things that the left attempts to do is to codify elements of their ideology as ‘science.’ That was what global warming (and many other things as well) is all about: Codify liberalism as science, therefore making it irrefutable, making it inarguable — and, of course, they failed. Everybody knows that it’s a hoax.”

“I guess there are a large number of people on our side, folks, who are never going to understand or never going to accept that we are in a war with collectivists and other assorted parasites who want to destroy the US economy as currently built.”

“There was more patience for the O.J. Simpson verdict than there has been for Herman Cain.”

“The left attempts to codify liberalism as science and now they’re trying to throw another bone to the trial lawyers by saying that Twinkies and Coca-Cola and TwoIfByTea.com are addicting. Can you believe it? They might be coming after my tea on the basis that it’s addictive?”

“I think some of the establishment types, a lot of this is a game. It’s their life, and it’s their business, but it’s a game — and the objective is to see who can win. Nothing wrong with that, either. Politics is about winning elections. But they just see the whole world in a different way than we do.”

“Five days now, and nobody knows what he did. Think of all the news stories there have been, think of The Politico and how they got this ball rolling, and after five days there has yet to be a report what he did.”

“As I said yesterday: I don’t care, folks. No matter what happens here, every Republican candidate for the nomination — every one of them — is so superior to Barack Obama, it’s laughable.”

“Did you people in the media ever stop to consider that maybe Herman Cain is simply telling the truth and that it doesn’t need any strategy or organization? Truth genuinely stands alone (it has that power), and if some guy thinks he’s got the truth, he’s telling the truth, and he’s being honest about his answers, what kind of strategy is needed for that?”

“Herman Cain doesn’t retreat at the first sign of trouble. He doesn’t cave, he doesn’t whimper, he doesn’t disappear, he doesn’t hide — and I really mean this when I say, ‘Shame on the Republicans that piled on Herman when nobody knew the facts.'”

“What kind of fools do you people at AP think we are? We don’t forget $787 billion to ‘build roads and bridges and schools’ back in 2009. That was $787 billion, and now they’re years later, 2-1/2 years later you come to us and whine and complain about a measly $60 billion being voted down for the same roads, bridges and schools? What happened to the first $787 billion? If you people in the media don’t get a handle on what’s happening, you’re gonna lose everybody.”

“When the left gets their arms around an idea, if it takes a hundred years, they will spend the time necessary to accomplish it.”

“Herman Cain does not cave. Herman Cain believes that the United States of America should be number one. I can’t fault him for that.”

“Lot of conservative Republicans think that Herman Cain’s place should be in the White House, and a lot of conservative Republicans thus like Herman Cain because he knows his place. For the left, Herman Cain knowing his place means he’s to shut up, grovel, say he’s sorry, and then go away.”

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