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RUSH: Mike in Cincinnati. I’m glad you waited. I really am. Welcome to Open Line Friday. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey thanks, Rush. Hey, just real quick, you were talking earlier about meat eaters and vegans and vegetarians?

RUSH: Yeah, that stupid Dutch scientist, that fraud that was trying to codify liberalism as science.

CALLER: I swear to God I was telling your guy earlier when I was in college 30 years ago — I’ll just make a long story short — my wife and I always noticed that the vegans and the vegetarians, they got a whole list of unpleasant characteristics. They’re a hard to talk to. They gotta think before they say everything. They never want to have any fun. They generally don’t seem real healthy. They… I don’t know. Meat eaters, on the other hand, I’m like you: I don’t know any of ’em that have been bad people. They all seem levelheaded to me somehow.

RUSH: It was preposterous here. The fascinating thing about this is how many people believed it or wanted to, or bought into it and promoted it as sensible.

CALLER: Well, yeah.

RUSH: And would not, and scientifically established.

CALLER: Right. Well, yeah, sure, scientifically. They’re all probably a whole bunch of Ivy Leaguers, too. By the way, the reason Clinton couldn’t pick up an Ivy Leaguer is ’cause they try and pick up an Ivy League chick sometime. They’re all vegans. You can’t even talk to these girls.

RUSH: I don’t think that would stop Clinton.

CALLER: Yeah, probably not.

RUSH: He’d probably convert ’em to be meat eaters.

CALLER: Well, there… (laughing) Hey, look at Clinton. He’s gone vegan and he looks terrible.

RUSH: (laughing) No, I know Clinton eats chicken.

CALLER: He does? Okay, I thought he’d gone totally vegan.

RUSH: He eats chicken. Yeah, I saw that one night at a restaurant.

CALLER: Well, I just tell the people, relax.

RUSH: Yeah, that same night, that same night.

CALLER: Have a hamburger or steak. Go play golf, have a cigar, and have some fun, relax.

RUSH: Exactly right. My experience with — not all vegetarians, but I’ll tell you: Militant eaters are all vegetarians. I mean these holier-than-thou, trying to force their way on you and they’re all liberals. If you understand that that they’re liberals first, then everything flows and makes sense.

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