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RUSH: One of the things that the left attempts to do is to codify elements of their ideology as “science.” That is what global warming is all about — and many other things as well. Codify liberalism as science, therefore making it irrefutable, making it inarguable — and, of course, they failed. Everybody knows that it’s a hoax. But the attempt is made frequently to codify liberalism as science or some other unquestionable aspect of life that people just accept on the basis of the credibility of the field that we’re talking about.

Of course, science, up until the global warming hoax, had almost perfect credibility. If somebody was a scientist and said something, it was automatically believed, just the way journalists used to be believed. (interruption) What are you frowning at in there? (interruption) Nothing to do with me? What, you got a technical problem in there? (interruption) Oh! We got a technical problem with the screener program. Does that mean that we won’t be able to take calls? (interruption) Oh, okay. Just means you won’t be able to put ’em up for me? I got it. Anyway, there was a very important and major story that we touched on yesterday, but there’s much more information in the latest AP story that makes this story even more pertinent — especially vis-a-vis the scientific “consensus” on manmade global warming.

And make no mistake: All of that was nothing more than an attempt to codify liberalism as science, to codify political beliefs as science. “Dutch Professor Faked Data for Years — A prominent Dutch social psychologist who once claimed to have shown that the very act of thinking about eating meat makes people behave more selfishly has been found to have faked data throughout much of his career,” and he was, by the way, lionized and treated as a hero all during his career. “In one of the worst cases of scientific fraud on record in the Netherlands, a review committee made up of some of the country’s top scientists has found that University of Tilburg Prof. Diederik Stapel systematically falsified data to achieve the results he wanted,” just like what happened at the University of East Anglia Centre for Climate Prediction and Research; i.e., global warming.

So, “The university has fired the 45-year-old Stapel and plans to file fraud charges against him, university spokesman Walther Verhoeven said Thursday. Stapel acknowledged in a statement the accusations were largely true. ‘I have manipulated study data and fabricated investigations,’ he wrote in an open letter published by de Volkskrant newspaper this week. ‘I realize that via this behavior I have left my direct colleagues stunned and angry and put my field, social psychology, in a poor light.'” This guy’s the Madoff of science! “The committee set up to investigate Stapel said after its preliminary investigation it had found ‘several dozen publications in which use was made of fictitious data’ in the period since 2004, though Stapel’s career goes back to the early 1990s.

“This year, Stapel co-authored a paper published in Science magazine that said white people are more prone to discriminate against black people when they encounter them in a messy environment, such as one containing litter, abandoned bicycles and broken sidewalks.” This guy actually reported this as the results of a scientific study! White people “are more prone to discriminate against black people” when they run up against them in a garbage dump where there are abandoned bicycles and broken sidewalks — and of course news people on the left, like at Politico, and MSNBC, just ate it up! I mean, they Sucked it up! Sllllllllllllurp! They loved it because it confirmed everything their stupid liberalism has taught ’em, and there it was now finally “codified as science.”

White devils codified discriminate against poor Rastas near garbage dumps, broken sidewalks, and littered bicycles. Something as absurd as that was accepted as genuine since, the result of research and study. “‘These findings considerably advance our knowledge of the impact of the physical environment on stereotyping and discrimination and have clear policy implications,’ the paper’s abstract says. Science has now flagged the article with a note to readers that ‘serious concerns have been raised about the validity of the findings.'” The findings that white people are more discriminatory against black people in rubbish areas, broken sidewalks, and around dilapidated bicycles, “considerably advances our knowledge of the impact of the physical environment on stereotyping and discrimination and have clear policy implications. Although the paper that linked thoughts of eating meat with anti-social behavior was met with scorn and disbelief when it was publicized in August, it took several doctoral candidates Stapel was mentoring to unmask him.”


RUSH: Here’s the meat-eater story from the fake scientist in the Netherlands. It was published August 30th of this year in something called the Dutch Daily News; and the point of this story was, “Meat Eaters are Selfish and Less Social.” This is what this guy Stapel, Diederik Stapel, who’s now admitted everything he’s done the last five, six years has been a fraud. “Meat brings out the worst in people. This is what psychologists of the Radboud University Nijmegen and Tilburg University concluded from varrious studies on the psychological significance of meat. Thinking of meat makes people less socially and in many respects more ‘loutish’. It also appears that people are more likely to choose meat when they feel insecure, perhaps because it is a feeling of superiority or status displays, the researchers suggest.”

Let me make an observation here, folks. I know meat eaters. I am a meat eater. I have never met anybody who feels superior to anybody or anything because they eat meat. But I have run into all kinds of holier-than-thou vegetarians and vegans and other wackos who do think they are superior and better and smarter than everybody else. I know gazillions of beef eaters, and I don’t know a’one of them who has forced his eating choices on anybody else; but I know a bunch of ragtag, stupid vegan vegetarians — holier-than-thou superiorists — who try to force everybody to eat what they eat and to not eat what they don’t approve of. Such as this bunch of louts that demanded in Berkeley, California, that Burger King sell veggie burgers — and, of course, Burger King caved. So lie after lie after lie about “white people,” other aspects of sociology and science, and meat eaters and so forth — and all of it fraudulent.

It was a failed attempt to codify liberalism as science.


RUSH: Just one more excerpt from this fraudulent sociologist’s piece on meat. It’s important. This is what he wrote, which he’s now admitted was totally fraudulent, made up out of whole cloth. “Thinking of meat, does not exactly bring out the best in people, Roos Vonk noted. People who looked at the steak had made selfish choices during a division game, they often chose in their own interest. In imaginary situations, they found themselves more important than others and reacted less social: in a fire they found that they often wished to be saved first, and that they were less willing to help someone who is upset. It was also found that after people eating meat they felt less connected to others, lonely and unpopular” after eating meat. Now, you think that sounds preposterous, right?

It is no more preposterous than some of the absolute BS that we’ve had to listen to about global warming for 20 years and that we continue to hear about global warming, or any of this other cockamamie BS about other dietary news the left puts out in an attempt to codify itself as science. The important thing to remember is this guy’s writing was accepted, welcomed unanimously by American journalists, worldwide journalists who reported this with glee when he wrote this about meat eaters. I mean, it’s patently ridiculous. But it just goes to show you how gullible people (or better stated: how desirous the left is) for any codification of their asinine beliefs as science.

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