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RUSH: Columbus, Ohio, is next. Tom, welcome to the program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s first-time caller, excited to talk to you. I got a quick question for you that I need you to enlighten me on.

RUSH: I’ll try.

CALLER: The protesters are all protesting these rich millionaires who work on Wall Street. I assume — we can assume — that all these Wall Street executives are people with college degrees, worked their way through school, worked their way up to a company and are being rewarded for their years and years of effort; and I’m curious as to like before Lebron James, who signs a hundred million-dollar contract out of high school, that never did a thing. He never did anything other than use his talents to encourage people to pay him money to do things, work for their company, work for their business, whatever is criticized —

RUSH: No, but —

CALLER: — by movie stars who make hundreds of millions and, you know, a billion dollars for Leo DiCaprio or whoever. Why are they not angry with them? Why are they not angry with the Olsen Twins —

RUSH: Well, because — (big sigh)

CALLER: — who buy a purse and sell it for hundreds of thousands of dollars and that’s not obscene but Wall Street executives are obscene for having a contract or what they can bring to a company after working their way up through? So I’m just… If you could enlighten me on that —

RUSH: Sorry, folks. I can’t answer him while he’s talking, so…

CALLER: — why they’re not upset would be people they idolize and movie stars and baseball players with their contracts and —

RUSH: The reason is that there hasn’t been a single professor or teacher tell these kids how rotten LeBron James is. No teacher has ever told ’em that they don’t have what they want because LeBron James has it. Nobody has ever told ’em that LeBron James has a the power to hire them or fire them or take what they’ve got. They have been told, however — they have been taught, they’ve been indoctrinated, they’ve been propagandized with the idea — that Republican rich people who have the added resume of working on Wall Street are actual thieves who have taken money away from poor people and the homeless and from them to enrich themselves.


RUSH: This is —

CALLER: Now, that makes sense. That makes sense to me. I understand that, that they’re considering them thieves where —

RUSH: LeBron James is not a political — he’s not a political enemy. LeBron James, they don’t even know what his politics are. They couldn’t care less. Who were the bad guys in television shows? Who are the bad guys in movies? It’s always CEOs, professional businesspeople. Corporations are always ripping people off, stealing, killing their customers. Ted Turner had a Saturday morning cartoon show called Captain Planet, and it was all about the hero running around saving the world from corporations; and, of course, there was never any bigger industrialist than Ted Turner. But it’s not just LeBron James, it’s any athlete. It’s any entertainer. It’s any movie star. The movie stars get a total pass because they have the right political persuasion, and they make protesters think they’re one of them. You know, they go off to Haiti and hang around, get a little muddy, and convince people that they’re actually trying to give their money away to the poor and all this. It’s all a giant scam, pure and simple.

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