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RUSH: John in Indianapolis. Hello, John, thank you for waiting. Good to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: Did you know that you can get a degree in Queer Musicology at UCLA?

CALLER: Well, I don’t want to be taught by a union teacher, thank you.

RUSH: You don’t want to be taught by a union teacher.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you. Queer Musicology is a degree at UCLA.

CALLER: Okay. Excellent. I’m glad I don’t live in LA.

RUSH: Don’t ask me what it is. You can get a Golf Management degree at the University of Birmingham, Florida Gulf Coast University.

CALLER: Just don’t tell their parents.

RUSH: See how useful this is? Yeah, “just don’t tell the parents” is exactly right. You can get a degree in Star Trek at Georgetown University.

CALLER: Oh, jeez.

RUSH: I’m not kidding, a degree in Star Trek, John.

CALLER: You’re throwing me off, Rush.

RUSH: I’m sorry. You didn’t call to talk about useless degrees.

CALLER: No. I’ve spun that record before and thank you.

RUSH: Did you call to talk about the fact that Bank of America is dropping the five dollar a month debit card charge?

CALLER: Absolutely not, sir.

RUSH: You didn’t call about that, either? Well, I’m sorry, what is it that you called about?

CALLER: (chuckling) You’re killing me. I called about the fact that last week you introduced Mr. Herman Cain would be advertising on your program.

RUSH: Yes, and he still is.

CALLER: In all 57 states —

RUSH: Paying in advance, yes.

CALLER: Yet 24, 48 hours later — I told Mr. Snerdley, because he is the best call screener in America. Give that man a raise. I told Mr. Snerdley that I didn’t know what date that was; and yet 48 hours later, it’s a national scandal, because he’s advertised on your program.

RUSH: Ahhhhh! I see where you’re going with this. Cain starts advertising on the EIB Network, his numbers start ticking up, and all of a sudden, “We gotta take Cain out.” I see.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: A-ha.

CALLER: I thought it was absolutely almost, you know, beyond belief.

RUSH: Well, the way you’ve explained it it’s not beyond belief. It’s entirely believable.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: I’ll tell you what, the Herman Cain ads could be responsible for his record fundraising. I mean, that’s what happens to other people who advertise here. It’s what happens when I advertise on my own show for TwoIfByTea.com. Let’s see. John, was there anything else? I got your subject wrong when I was doing this. Is there anything else you wanted to add to that?

CALLER: Yes, I do. I think that the 2010 midterms will carry over into 2012. I think that America is smart enough to realize and Internet savvy enough; and by using websites like yours and other right-wing websites, that I think that that will be the Achilles heel to Obama.

RUSH: Well, plus Americans are angry.

CALLER: Well, not only that, I also think that what Eric Holder has done with South Carolina as well as Utah and Arizona and what’s going on (garbled) area.

RUSH: Yeah, they’re suing South Carolina over immigration policy. Yeah.

CALLER: Exactly, sir. I think it’s all connected.

RUSH: That’s coming up in the fall. Yeah. Plus Fast and Furious. I really don’t think the people in the Beltway quite understand the degree of rage the people of this country have over what’s happening to their country. I really don’t. I think the people Inside Washington — establishment, both parties — just look at this as the usual political game, the ebb and flow, back-and-forth. I don’t think they understand the degree of real rage that exists in the country over what Washington has done to the country and the future. I think they’re in denial about what the 2010 elections meant. I think a lot of people are gonna be shocked and surprised a year from now when the presidential race results are in. John, thanks much for the call. I really appreciate it.


RUSH: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hi, Dave. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing? Listen, what I’m wondering is, do you think these attacks on Cain are because they might have some internal polling stating that they’re gonna get their clock cleaned by this guy?

RUSH: You mean Obama?


RUSH: Yeah, I think it could be coming from Obama, I do. Surprisingly I was reading Slate.com or some liberal publication. A number of liberal publications are convinced that this all came from a Republican campaign. They don’t name one. You would figure it would be Perry or Mitt Romney. I don’t know. I have no clue where it comes from. I have no idea where it comes from, but if somebody told me the Obama campaign I’d be just as inclined to believe that as anybody else. “There’s only gonna be one black guy in this race, Cain, and it ain’t gonna be you.”

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