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RUSH: Davis, Michigan, is our next attempt. This is Mike. You’re up, sir. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Davis, Michigan, a suburb of Flint. I’m a Rush geezer. You a few months ago asked, “What is the difference between a communist and current-day Democrat?”

RUSH: I did?

CALLER: Yes. That was about two months ago?

RUSH: I asked that? I don’t ask questions, I answer them.

CALLER: You had a thought. Anyway, you mentioned it, and I thought of two things that are different between a communist and today’s Democrat.

RUSH: You just said that because you want to call and tell us the answer but I didn’t ask that question.

CALLER: Well… (laughing) I’ll tell you what I think the answer is anyway.

RUSH: Okay. I knew that’s what was going on here. I use that technique a lot.

CALLER: (laughing) “A communist will secure his borders and support his military.”

RUSH: And an American liberal won’t? A communist will protect his borders…?

CALLER: And support his military.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Is the only two differences I can see between a Democrat and a communist.

RUSH: Hmm. Interesting. I wonder if there would be any other differences. Those are two key differences. A Democrat will not protect forward and will denigrate their military.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: Communists… You’re right. The communists do protect their borders — and not only do they protect their borders, they enforce them, and they support their military. In fact they turn their countries into his Third World countries in order to have first world militaries. That’s pretty good. I’ll take it. That’s a pretty good distinction, and it ought to embarrass the Democrats. (interruption) Well, I know it won’t, but it ought to. I mean they’re out there trying to be good communists, and look. There are two examples of how they’re failing.

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