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RUSH: This is me two days ago, right here behind this Golden EIB Microphone.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They’re hanging on the every action that the Occupy Wall Street people are taking, and I’m convinced — I’m convinced — that the media is hanging on here hoping and praying that we get the equivalent of a car wreck. They are hoping some sort of Kent State-type massacre’s gonna take place. They are hoping that there’s going to be some kind of civil disobedience. They are hoping that general unrest is gonna take place, that a riot is gonna start.

RUSH: That’s what I said on Wednesday, talking about Occupy Wall Street. Let’s go this morning, MSNBC, Scarborough show. He had on Barbara Lee (D-CA) — I think she heads up the Congressional Black Caucasians — and they were talking about the Occupy Oakland protest ’cause that’s where she’s from. Guest panelist was Deutsch Ad Agency CEO Donny Deutsch and Deutsch and Barbara Lee had this little exchange…

DEUTSCH: I am afraid the thing that’s gonna take this movement to the next level is we are just waiting for violence! Do we have to wait for someone to die? And that’s what scares me. That image — just like we stare at that Kent State image! — that’s what sticks with us, and that’s what’s frightening — and why are we waiting for that to happen?

LEE: I was terrified watching what took place in Oakland and expressed my outrage and my real concern for what is taking place. The protesters are not causing this violence. These are peaceful protesters who have a right to petition their government.

RUSH: They just come right out and say it! They are waiting for it. They’re just coming out and here’s Donny Deutsch. Oh, yeah, he couches it, “I’m afraid! I’m afraid that violence is gonna happen. I’m afraid that we’re going to have to wait for somebody to die. That’s what scares me.” What? Wait for what? Why? What are they waiting for? What is the point? What are they in eager anticipation of? Well, isn’t it clear? This thing really hasn’t taken off. It hasn’t taken off the way they dreamed. It hasn’t taken off the way they imagined. They want the cops to take somebody out. They want a Kent State-like thing to make it a bigger news story ’cause they’re having trouble propping it up. That’s what they mean by this. Don’t doubt me.

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