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“I’ve been talking about things I really don’t care about and I have been worried (particularly for the past month) that I’m boring everybody silly. I’ve always known, and I’ve always believed that passion is the magnet. You talk about something that you’re passionate about, it is magnetic. It is what locks people in. I’ve been talking about things I really couldn’t care less about, the things that have been boring me.”

“Herman Cain, who admits that he was around when everybody was down for the struggle. He remembers having to go to the back of the bus. Now he owns the bus. This kind of optimism is why Herman Cain’s not fading away.”

“These aren’t really debates. These are glorified press conferences with the moderators choosing who gets what questions and how much time to respond and all of that.”

“The government is trying to ban tobacco everywhere, including in the privacy of your home. Yet how many health care programs are funded with sales tax revenue from cigarettes, cigars, and other products? Smokers deserve our gratitude. In fact, I think a smoker should be given the highest medal the country gives.”

“It’s the first time in 23 years that I’ve done this. It’s the first time in 23 years that I have set aside some things I really care about; I’m interested in, passionate about, and not discussed. ‘Restrain we much,’ is the new phrase that I’m using here to guide me.”

“There is nothing, not one syllable from either Michelle Obama or Barack Obama or anybody in this campaign that’s inspiring or uplifting. They are happily presiding over and managing a country in decline — and the only ammunition in their arsenal is these never ending lies about the Republicans want poisoned air and water, dirty air and water; nobody able to speak.”

“See, I love the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. The Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd is basically three people who write e-mails in such a way as to make it look like they represent hundreds of thousands of people.”

“I know what the audience expectations are, and they are high, and the objective here is to meet and surpass them each and every day. When I think I’m not doing that, I get depressed in terms of letting people down.”

“Do you know that if you earn $50,000 a year or more, you are in the upper 10% of wage earners in America? I love telling people that statistic. They don’t believe it.”

“Folks, we’re gonna have to have job creation at 150,000 a month for four years just to get down to eight or seven percent unemployment! We’re nowhere near getting back down to the 4.7 or 5% that we had just three years ago before Obama assumed office.”

“Contrary to what many people believe, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have been given a wide berth over the last few weeks, which has enabled them to take their movement on the road to other cities throughout America. What has gone mostly unreported is the number of uniformed NYPD members who have been injured while trying to maintain order at these demonstrations.”

“Folks, you’re gonna have to have a really tough backbone for the next 12-13 months, because any news like we had with this 2.5% growth rate, the media will say, ‘We’re back! See? It was worse than we knew when Obama was inaugurated, and it’s taking longer for his policies to work than we knew — and now they’re finally working, so don’t change horses.'”

“They have done thermal imaging of the tent city at Occupy London at night, and they have found that 90% of the tents are empty. Those spoiled brats go back to mom and dad’s house, toke up, spend the night, come back the next day and make it look like they never left.”

“Boy, what a career that is. Can you imagine getting up every day and saying this is what you get to do? ‘Yeah, I’m gonna go and study state budgets!'”

“We’re nowhere near getting back down to the 4.7 or 5% that we had just three years ago before Obama assumed office. How many times is this now that we’ve ‘turned the corner’? How many times is this that we’re finally ‘back from the brink’? About 20 times?”

“I think everybody ought to be suspicious and questioning, curious and doubtful of everything they see in the media.”

“Obama wants to put the coal energy out of business. Obama wants everybody driving lawn mowers with a couple seats on top of ’em, or the equivalent. Obama and the Democrats want everybody losing their freedom and liberty to make the choice of how to live their life and green energy is just, you know, other diving board to get into that cesspool.”

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