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RUSH: Harry in Portland, Oregon, great to have out program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. I’ve been trying to get to you for years.

RUSH: Here you are. Your big show biz break.

CALLER: Yes. I wanted to challenge your thinking about alternative energy a little bit. I’ll be 68 pretty soon. I started thinking about alternative energy in ’65. Nowadays people call it “green energy,” and I don’t like it, bad idea. Alternative energy means that you can buy a piece of property that’s out in the country away from power lines, and you can have a home, you can have power, and you don’t have to worry about paying thousands of dollars to get a power line brought to your house. You can be totally self-sufficient. I’ve lived off the grid a couple of times in my life. The first two times there were no PV panels, so you did it with… You know, you used kerosene lanterns and wood stoves and wood heat, and it’s comfortable. You have batteries for radios. But I boondocked for about five years which means living in a camper traveling around and you don’t stay in RV parks. You just stay in the desert or wherever you want, and I had a PV panel on the top of the camper and kept our batteries pretty well charged up. You can have a small — probably for you would be very small — like a cabin in the woods or someplace, and you can provide about 90 to 95% of your needs with say a thousand watts of PV panel and a small wind charger. You have to have a battery bank, and you use a generator that runs on propane the same as your refrigerator, your stove, and your heat. You run your generator maybe once a week to pump some water and to top off your batteries and to do your laundry and then you shut it off again. So, there’s a need for it. People —

RUSH: Yeah, but being “off the grid” is not what the American left means by “green energy.”

CALLER: I know. I know.

RUSH: What the left means… If you want to live that way, that’s absolutely fine. Just don’t make me —

CALLER: I understand.

RUSH: And don’t pass laws that make me have to live that way, and don’t tell me I can’t have my 14-foot TV screen if I’m willing to pay for every aspect of it. But if you want to live that way, that’s fine. The American left doesn’t want me to have my 14-foot screen, nor anything else that I’ve got. The American left wants to force a backwards, Twentieth Century, Nineteenth Century lifestyle on everybody under bogus, hoax concerns.

CALLER: Yeah, I understand that. And I don’t agree with that, either. I call myself a Christian Libertarian.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’ve been pretty much —

RUSH: Actually the American left would not like you.


RUSH: Being “off the grid” they can’t control you.

CALLER: That’s why I like to be off the grid.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I don’t even have a computer. I worked for many years on a computer as a draftsman, electrical draftsman. I finally had to quit doing that because I have chronic migraines and staring at a computer really aggravates migraines. But anyway, I just wanted you to think about the fact that there is a place for what I call “alternative energy.”

RUSH: Well…

CALLER: It’s just not a mainstream thing.

RUSH: We’re just talking about different definition of the term. Your “alternative energy” is not at all what Obama is talking about. Obama wants to put the coal energy out of business, for example. Obama wants everybody driving lawn mowers with a couple seats on top of ’em, or the equivalent. Obama and the Democrats want everybody losing their freedom and liberty to make the choice of how to live their life and green energy is just, you know, other diving board to get into that cesspool. That’s all it is.

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