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RUSH: The Los Angeles Times has an interesting story today about the CIA leak investigation. They allude, they say, sources are telling them that Scooter Libby has already been indicted and that it’s been sealed, and other work is being done to get closer to other figures. That’s in the Los Angeles Times today. There are also profiles. I have one here from the Associated Press on the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. It says: “A man who has been bungee jumping even though he doesn’t like heights, federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald will go to great lengths to challenge himself…. As the hard-driving son of a Brooklyn doorman jets between Chicago and Washington, he’s fast becoming one of the country’s best known federal prosecutors…. Fitzgerald says he grew up as part of ‘a typical Brooklyn, Irish-American group of guys,’ but he also attended a small private Catholic high school where he studied Latin and Greek…. Matthew Piers, an attorney who has gone up against Fitzgerald, says he’s overzealous. Piers represented Enaam Arnaout, the head of a defunct Muslim charity whom Fitzgerald charged with funneling aid to al-Qaida. He said Fitzgerald, using an old photo showing Arnaout with bin Laden, hyped charges against his client as fear swept the country after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The head of the defunct Muslim charity made a last-minute deal to plead guilty to defrauding his donors which was not what he was originally charged with. He is serving 11 years.” So the son of a Brooklyn doorman. It’s not a very extensive profile, but most of the profiles that we’ve had of Patrick Fitzgerald have raved about his raging independent status, his apolitical nature, his hard-driving style.

Chuck Schumer said, “He’s a prosecutor’s prosecutor,” and I must tell you — I didn’t share this with you, but when I heard Chuck Schumer say that he’s a prosecutor’s prosecutor, I have to tell you, a red flag went up. First, how would Chuck Schumer know? What is it? How does Chuck Schumer know about this guy, number one, and number two, what does he know about him that would make him say, “He’s a prosecutor’s prosecutor”? It leads me to believe that Schumer may know more than we do. He may know what’s coming down here. I mean, it’s clear that the Democrats and the left want as many in this administration indicted as possible because they think that will create another Watergate and it will paralyze the Bush administration and perhaps even lead Bush to resign. So when Schumer is out there saying, “He’s a prosecutor’s prosecutor,” what does he know? Well, what it means is, Schumer is saying, “This guy’s unassailable.” Schumer is saying, “He’s beyond criticism.” A prosecutor’s prosecutor means: “Don’t criticize him. Don’t go down that road. This guy is flawless! This guy is perfect,” is what Schumer is saying. Well, okay. All well and good, but how does Schumer know this? Who does Schumer know that knows Patrick Fitzgerald? Does Schumer know Fitzgerald? I don’t know any of this, but I mean, what does he know to come out with this, particularly in this political climate? It seems to me that Senator Schumer may know something that we don’t know and he may like what he knows, and therefore he wants to go out and provide cover for the special prosecutor because he knows what’s coming. I mean, I didn’t share that with you when that happened, but that’s the red flag that went up immediately when I heard him say that.



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