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RUSH: Natalie in Amity, Pennsylvania. Hi. You’re next. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just want to tell you you’re one of my heroes, and God bless you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you so much.

CALLER: The reason I’m calling is, you know, it’s about these protesters. My husband and I scrimped and scraped, we’re middle class, to put our kids through college. I have a son who’s gonna be 23 years old. He worked very, very hard in high school, was a valedictorian, went to Virginia Tech University in Virginia. In four years he managed to get a dual degree in ocean and aerospace engineering by working extremely hard. He would be up 24, 36 hours studying. He now has a job which he received a couple months ago with a major oil company in Houston, Texas. You can guess which one it is. And he looked at me several months ago and he said, “Mom, am I gonna have to pay a lot in taxes?” And, Rush, it broke my heart and I looked at him, and I said, “Yes.”

RUSH: Why did he ask you that? What prompted that?

CALLER: Well, because, you know, we were discussing the hardworking individuals are the ones that make more money. And when you make more money you’re taxed at a higher rate.

RUSH: Well, yeah, but I thought he might also been referencing the fact that he knows there’s all kinds of redistribution going on —

CALLER: Oh, definitely.

RUSH: — people aren’t working and he’s gonna be paying for them, too.

CALLER: Yes. I actually prepare taxes for a well-known tax firm, and what I see is appalling. It is appalling all the people that are on the government dole.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They come in and they think they deserve this money. Somehow they think it grows on trees in Washington, DC —

RUSH: It’s Obama’s stash.

CALLER: — it’s so disheartening, Rush. It’s unbelievable.

RUSH: Well, that’s the way they’ve been taught.

CALLER: Yeah. My husband and I have been taxed, my husband works 60, 80 hours a week, we’re hardworking, you know, middle class individuals. My son works extremely hard for everything he’s ever received, you know, in college. I’m very proud of him. But these people on Wall Street are gonna hate him because he’s a hard worker and he is gonna make, you know, a decent living. And that’s the part that angers me the most. Not that my husband and myself are going to be targeted, but they’re gonna target my hardworking son while other kids that he went to school with, you know, partied all the time, took stupid things in college like, you know, basket weaving —

RUSH: Ballroom dance, yeah.

CALLER: — you know, it just amazes me that people don’t see this.

RUSH: Oh, they do. They do. And they’re seeing it more and more. There’s always been an element of this. There’s always been a ne’er-do-well bunch of people in the country. There’s always been a ne’er-do-well class, you know, there’s always been the Lucky Sperm Club. What’s different about this at this point in time, there are many factors. One is the dire circumstances of the country’s finances. We just can’t afford it, but number two, it’s become politically institutionalized now. It has become politically institutionalized with a large portion of the population that they are entitled simply because they have been victimized or their parents were or their grandparents were because of their ethnicity or because of their national origin or because of their religion.

The Democrat Party has made victims out of as many people as possible, and these people think that they don’t have a chance to get ahead because the deck is stacked against them, and so the only way to get even is for the people that have the deck stacked in their favor to be made to give up what they’ve got. It’s become politically institutionalized now. That’s the very dangerous thing about it. Your whole family, I hate to tell you here, Natalie, your whole family is everything the Democrat Party hates.

Your whole story is everything the Democrat Party hates: rugged individualism, self-reliance, responsibility, take care of yourselves and excelling in the process. They hate every aspect of your story. The Occupy Wall Street crowd hate exactly the same people that the Democrat Party and Obama hate. And yet the media is out there trying to draw some sort of moral equivalence between the Occupy Wall Street nuts and the Tea Party. And there is no similarity in any way. Natalie, congrats. You’ve done great. Hang in. There is salvation and a better day coming. I’m glad you called.

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