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RUSH: There were so many times over the course of the recent past where I, El Rushbo, openly asked questions, raised questions, just who are these Libyan rebels? Who are they? A lot of people in America, the regime side, even some on our side, “Hey, it’s wonderful. It’s like the Arab Spring. It’s more democracy. It is flowering.” And it’s not. It is Sharia law.

Greetings, folks, great to have you here, broadcast excellence for another full week here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

There is so much audio where I warn everybody, “We don’t know who these Libyan rebels are, slash, were,” and at the beginning, just like in Egypt, Obama ran to the front of this mob like he did with the Egyptian mob, and these liberals are cheering Obama, but most of America, thanks to 9/11, knows all too well what radical Islam is. It’s hostile to women, gays, Christians, and Jews. It’s hostile, as in dangerously hostile, as in human rights violations, ninth century, seventh century barbarism, and that’s what we’re dealing with now. The Libyan official embrace of radical Sharia law happens as Obama announces the US is leaving Iraq with the speed of feverish intent. By the way, this is a George W. Bush timeline, by the way, to pull out at the end of 2011. So Iran is happy. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, dancing in the streets. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I just want to remind you, this is March 18th on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The situation in Libya, who are the rebels? We see Khadafy, we see a bad guy. See rebels, we see good guys. Anybody that wants to get rid of Khadafy has gotta be a good guy. Well, in the context here of US foreign policy, the Mideast on fire, when is it going to become?

RUSH: The next on this program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: We can topple the regime in Libya if we want to but what would follow Khadafy? If it’s the Muslim Brotherhood, then make no mistake, we are advancing Sharia law, we are helping the advance of Sharia law, we are empowering Iran. We are handing an oil-rich country over to a theologically driven crime syndicate, if, if, if all these other circumstances exist.

RUSH: March 18th this year I, El Rushbo, predicted, we don’t know who these people are. The odds are that they’re not who we’re being told they are. Now, this is not the outbreak of cue-the-violins democracy, that we’re were headed for Sharia law in Libya. We’re headed that way in Egypt as well. March 22nd of this year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The rebels, quote, unquote, in Libya may in fact be Al-Qaeda and there’s two sets of ’em. The others are Shi’ites that are sponsored by Iran. So we don’t really know who these uprisings are being sponsored for, for what purpose.

RUSH: But we were doubtful here that this was anything good. We were skeptical here that there was anything good going on here. And now we’re being told today that this is wonderful and marvelous, that once again Barry Obama has taken out another bad guy, and the world is safer, and the world will love America, and the world is now more openly democratic and blah, blah, blah. Here is March 23rd on this show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Where’s the Muslim Brotherhood in all this? You know they’re lurking around, and they’re lurking around in Egypt, and we know that it is the objective of militant jihadis to have Sharia throughout the Middle East. Now we learn, as I’ve pointed out the good possibility that the rebels are Al-Qaeda, either Al-Qaeda sponsored, paid for, whatever.

RUSH: Okay. So it’s now Sharia law. I was able to predict this. I was able to predict it using intelligence guided by experience. Why was our news media, why were our journalists and our professional diplomats and our intelligence agencies unable to predict this? (interruption) Really? Really? Everybody wants a happy ending? So you just tell yourself that this is going to end happily, and that’s what’s gonna happen? It’s just like when Steve Jobs was first diagnosed with cancer, he said, (paraphrasing) “You know what, I’m just gonna tell myself I don’t have cancer. That’s gonna fix it. Something magical is gonna happen, I’m just not gonna accept this.” You’re telling me that that’s how our foreign policy and diplomatic corps dealt with this? They want a happy ending?
So they were gonna get happy ending vibes? Yeah, denial and so forth, but regardless, we were able to predict it.

These people missed it in Egypt. Our diplomats, our media, even some in our conservative media missed it in Egypt, missed it in Libya. Khadafy had to go. Why did Khadafy have to go? Khadafy had to go just to show that we could get rid of him, pure and simple. Khadafy had to go because Obama needed to show people he could get rid of somebody when he wanted to. We’re mounting up a lot of these. Bin Laden, Mubarak, now Khadafy. (interruption) I know, the mass graves are now being discovered. I think we mentioned that on Friday. The mass graves are being discovered and the rebels are believed responsible for this. Now, none of this should have been news to anybody except perhaps the news media.

We’ve been predicting this. That’s why I went back and got the audio from the archives of the program. We’ve been predicting this since March of 2011. The rebels are just like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has been very open about what his intentions are regarding Israel and the entire Middle East. The rebels have been openly promising to implement Sharia law all along, that’s what the Muslim Brotherhood’s been about in Egypt. And the news media, the Democrat Party have just chosen to ignore those details until their victory was assured. You notice now how the Washington Post — I have a story here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers — the Washington Post rewrote this article to tone it down.

The article says that “Khadafy’s government tolerated little dissent and often repressed Islamists. But LibyaÂ’s Islamist groups appear to have emerged as the best-organized among post-revolution political groups.” “Libya Declares Liberation with an Islamic Tone.” That’s the headline here. “LibyaÂ’s top leader declared the country officially ‘liberated’ Sunday from the four-decade rule of Moammar Gaddafi, pledging to replace his dictatorship with a more democratic but also a more strictly Islamic system.” Sharia law, that’s what this guy means. “In a speech to a cheering, flag-waving crowd, Mustafa Abdel Ja­lil, head of the Transitional National Council, promised to ban interest on housing loans and scrap other laws that didnÂ’t conform to Islamic jurisprudence.”

But, my friends, it’s worse even than that. The UK Telegraph: “Libya’s Liberation: Interim Ruler Unveils More Radical than Expected Plans for Islamic Law.” And this, again, is another story on Mustafa Abdel Ja­lil, chairman of the teamsters — sorry — the National Transitional Council and de facto president “had already declared that Libyan laws in future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as its ‘basic source.'” So I think our side did know it. If I could predict it, they could predict it. They weren’t hoping and praying for a happy ending. I’m talking about from Obama on down. They know what was going on; they knew what was going on in Egypt. Saying that they’re hoping for a wonderful democratic outcome is the same thing as them trying to tell us their stimulus plan was going to create private sector jobs. They knew neither was true.

When I checked the NAGs website, the National Association of Gals, and I don’t see any condemnation of the new Libyan leader’s vow to put Libya under Sharia law. That includes the reinstatement of polygamy. Men will now be allowed multiple wives in Libya. Up to four. You can have harem after harem after harem. “As an Islamic country, we adopted Sharia as the principal law,” said Mustafa Abdel Ja­lil, head of the national international teachers — I’m sorry — the National Transition Council. “Any law that violates Sharia is null and void legally.” He then told thousands in Benghazi, the birthplace of the uprising last week at Khadafy’s death that all men will again be free to take up to four brides without restriction.

And of course as we mentioned earlier, in accordance with Islamic law, bank interest will be capped at three and a half percent. So each guy can have four wives. No condemnation from the NAGs. So here we have the Arab Spring of democracy, bringing back polygamy. We hear basically that this is it. We have the new leaders of Libya promising to institute Sharia law and to do away with any laws that aren’t based on Sharia, and we predicted it, warned you, that’s what the audio sound bites were all about. Libya is going the same way as Tunisia. It’s going the same way as Egypt. The most organized forces are taking power. And somehow they always turn out to be the so-called moderate Islamist parties. They’re still being described as the moderate Islamist parties in the US media!

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