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“Obamas’s willing to sacrifice saddling his own party with the notion of defeat in Iraq in order to secure his base, because his base wants that. His base would love for the US to be defeated in Iraq. The base of the Democrat Party is a fringe bunch of lunatics.”

“Foreign policy blunders just continue to pile up everywhere around the world, thanks to this administration.”

“If I were power hungry I’d-a chosen somebody and I would have been out there trying to use my power and get you people to support whoever my nominee is.”

“It is our firm belief the White House wants Romney. We think the White House wants to run against Romney because of Romneycare. See, Obama knows nobody wants Obamacare. But he doesn’t care. Obama knows a majority of Americans don’t want it. So if he can tie Romney to it, fine and dandy.”

“Obama’s base, the Michael Moore crowd would love it if we got shellacked, they would love it if we end up, quote, unquote, losing in Iraq. It would be a repudiation of Bush, they could say, ‘See, we never shoulda gone there in the first place, it didn’t make any difference.'”

“I don’t think there are any coincidences in politics.”

“The Republican Party is not seeing Romney as a conservative, and that’s very true, and that’s what the Republican Party wants. They do not want an ideological conservative as the nominee.”

“Whoa. I don’t know how anybody could say I’m responsible for McCain, and I don’t know how anybody could say that I hate Romney.”

“Conservatism is the solution, proud, unabashed, cheerful conservatism.”

“One of the things wrong with immigration today is that there is no assimilation. People are coming to the country not to be Americans anymore. They’re coming here for different reasons.”

“With a half million dollars in the bank, isn’t Occupy Wall Street part of the 1% now?”

“Many things have changed, but among the things at the top of the list that have changed is that those who practiced, lived and breathed that great American culture are now our suspects. They are considered the enemy within our own borders.”

“I did everything but endorse Romney in 2008.”

“Yes, my friends, the Occupy Wall Street crowd has a stash. They got 500 grand but they’re not redistributing the money to all the protesters. That’s right, the top 1% of the protesters have the money, and you know what they did with it? They put it in a bank. (laughing) Banks are what they are protesting.”

“I don’t know how anybody could say that I hate Romney. I like Romney. Romney came to my 20th anniversary bash. He was there, along with Fred Thompson. And he didn’t crash it; we invited him.”

“There were so many times over the course of the recent past where I, El Rushbo, openly aked the question: Just who are these Libyan rebels?”

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