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RUSH: Did you see that? Senate Democrats have voted for more women to get raped, and Senate Democrats also voted for more murders. Senate Democrats voted down Obama’s anti-rape and anti-murder bill. Senate Democrats voted against the $35 billion bill that would have prevented rape. We never heard from rapists yesterday about whether they were scared or not. Maybe we’ll hear from some today.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Open Line Friday! Yip yip yip yip yahoo. One of the greatest career risks ever taken by a major media figure. We take it every Friday. We allow rank amateurs unfettered airtime to control the content of the program. Whenever we go to the phones, very few limitations on callers on Friday. Not the case Monday through Thursday but it is on Friday. You know the rules by now so here we go. Telephone number 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

If you were not with us in the third hour yesterday, as you know, Vice President “Bite Me” has been ratcheting this up. He’s running from Flint, Michigan, to any number of places trying to convince the American people to support the passage of the president’s jobs bill, $35 billion jobs bill so he can hire more cops and more firefighters and more teachers, ’cause if we don’t do that there are gonna be more rapes in Flint, Michigan. There are gonna be more rapes everywhere, and of course this is patently outrageous and ridiculous. I thought we would go about it in a different way. Obviously this meant that the nation’s rapists and purse snatchers and murderers would be eagerly watching the Senate vote today. We even speculated they might be watching C-SPAN.

So we put out a call yesterday to murderers and rapists to call here and tell us if you’re worried and what you plan on doing. For example, if the jobs bill goes down in defeat, if the Democrats vote it down, which they did, are you gonna go commit more rapes? Or, on the other hand, if the bill passes, are you going to commit fewer rapes? Are you waiting for the Senate vote on this? Because the vice president’s made it sound — not made it sound — he’s assured, he has predicted, he has confirmed that if this thing doesn’t pass, that there will be more rapes, not just in Flint, Michigan, but everywhere. And who better to ask than rapists. I put out the call for rapists yesterday to call in, we didn’t get any. Snerdley is asking me now, it’s Open Line Friday, if the offer still holds. It’s Open Line Friday, Snerdley, what can I tell you? We’ll see what we get.

But it is clear that the Senate Democrats voted for more rape and for more murder yesterday by turning down the president’s job bill. I mean what else can you conclude, since the Democrat-controlled Senate failed to pass Obama’s jobs bill. It was a straight up and down majority vote. The Democrats control 53 seats in the Senate. They couldn’t even muster 51 votes for this vitally important bill to stop rape. So, apparently, it still hasn’t been broken down into small enough bite-size chunks for even the Democrats to swallow.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites very quickly because at the daily press briefing yesterday at the White House, a reporter asked the press secretary, Jay Carney, the following question: “The vice president said that murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crime will continue to rise. Does the president agree that that’s gonna happen if his jobs bill doesn’t pass the Senate?”

CARNEY: I think it would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t agree with the simple equation that fewer police officers on the street has a direct effect on the crime rate. That’s the point he was making and that’s a point that the president absolutely does —

RUSH: Actually it doesn’t, and we have the statistics to back it up. FactCheck.org has gone to work, and they have nailed every argument and every stat that Biden used. Folks, I’m gonna tell you something. This is unhinged with Biden and this rape business and now Obama signing on, Jay Carney. I have a theory about this. It goes beyond the fact that they’re just lunatics. They’re trying to distract us. I think there’s something going on somewhere, polling data, whatever it is, that is so bad ’cause this is over-the-top silly and stupid. For Carney to jump into this, (imitation) “Oh, yeah, we fully support the vice president, that jobs bill doesn’t pass there are gonna be more rapes. Oh, yeah, fewer cops equals more rapes.” So the reporter said, “But Mr. Secretary, the Republicans are jumping on this. They’re saying that they’re being told that their opposition means more people will be raped, more people will be murdered. What does the president say to them?”

CARNEY: Are Republicans arguing that there is no correlation between the number of cops on the beat and the crime rate? That would be an interesting argument to hear. It’s a new one, a novel one, but I’d like to hear it. Yes, we are saying that more police officers on the beat is a good thing and will help keep crime rates lower. More firefighters fighting fires will reduce the impact that fires will have on our communities and will save lives. That’s a fact.

RUSH: What kind of talk is this, more firefighters fighting fires will reduce the impact that fires have in our communities? What is that? That’s like yesterday I jokingly referred to the rapist community to call in. The rapist community. Everything’s a community out there, root word: commune. So the White House has doubled down on this, and the president shares this point of view. They’re not walking this back. They’re not trying to clarify it, and they’re not trying to inject a little intelligence or common sense. They’re backing Bite Me fully. I mean they could say, “Well, we’re not saying specifically that rapes ramp up. What we’re trying to do here is say that more firefighters and more cops could have an effect on the commission of crime or apprehension of criminals,” or what have you. But they’re not doing that. They’re going all-in on this.

Now, more firefighters do not prevent more fires. Fewer Smoky Bears or fewer campers or fewer lightning strikes. But you could add a thousand firefighters to your town today, it’s not gonna change the number of fires that break out. How many firemen would it take for there never to be any fires? How many policemen would it take for there never to be any rapes? How many cops would it take for there never to be any robberies? Ain’t gonna happen, which is why yesterday I wanted to try to go at this from the back end, so to speak, and talk to the actual criminals and ask them if they were watching all this and if the jobs bill passed, if rapists would commit fewer rapes. I wanted to know what they were thinking. I wanted to know if they were following. Bank robbers, people that hold up the Quickie Mart, purse snatchers, murderers, these little back barnyard thugs.


RUSH: From the National Journal: “Police officers, firefighters, and teachers are yesterdayÂ’s news. Senate Democrats are moving on to contractors and construction workers. After the defeat on Thursday night of legislation to give $35 billion to states and cities to hire and retain teachers and first responders, Senate Democratic leaders and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood are highlighting the next proposal designed to highlight the individual components of President ObamaÂ’s jobs message.” Are you ready for this one? “This piece of the president’s jobs bill seeks $50 billion,” not 35 to stop rape. Now we’re up here to $50 billion, “for immediate spending on the nationÂ’s transportation network and another $10 billion to form an infrastructure bank to lure more private-sector investment into the maintenance and construction of roads, bridges, railways, and runways.”

So the next message is traffic and potholes, $50 billion to stop traffic and fill potholes. Thirty-five billion for cops, firemen, and teachers, and fewer rapes, murders, and purse snatchings. Now $50 billion for traffic improvements, pothole repair. That’s in the National Journal. This is where they’re headed next.

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