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“We’ve got the best creative graphics consistently on a day-to-day basis at RushLimbaugh.com than anybody out there. There’s no question about it.”

“This CLASS Act not being able to be implemented because they can’t afford it is a great illustration of how the whole thing should have been handled. If you can’t prove to the federal government that you’ve got the funding for this then you can’t implement it.”

“What percentage of people with hair plugs are essentially insane? We know two of them, Bite Me and Moammar Khadafy.”

“Obama wants to be the dictator; the people on Wall Street want to be the subjects.”

“Some people are just oriented toward being slaves, natural born subservient people, and they will give away their freedom as fast as they can, at the same time trying to get you to do the same thing.”

“One of the biggest myths out there is that all big business people are conservative, ideological conservatives or Republicans. Many of them aren’t. To whatever extent they are ideological, they’re Democrats or they’re liberals.”

“Obama, as leftist as he is, is the biggest practitioner of crony capitalism since Mussolini.”

“There’s one good thing about Colonel Khadafy’s death, and that is the tombstone. We’re finally gonna find out how he spells it.”

“I’ve always found it amazing that people on the left have gotten away with this notion that they’re altruistic about their pursuits, that they don’t really care about the money. They care about it more than anybody does.”

“I’m fully aware of what I’m saying here. Not only am I aware of what I’m saying; I like what I say, I like hearing myself say it, and so do millions of others. And I don’t live in fear of what’s gonna come out of my mouth. I used to live in fear of what was gonna go in it. But I’m not even afraid of that anymore.”

“I put out the call for rapists yesterday to call in, we didn’t get any. Snerdley is asking me now, on Open Line Friday, if the offer still holds.”

“Now, let me tell you something. My generation was not lost, and my generation did not go to day care, and we wore cloth diapers that were washed and reused. But I mean this is taking indoctrination to steps I never dreamed of.”

“The guy these protesters support, the party they support is actually the number one enabler of the people they hate: the banks, the money people, Wall Street.”

“Senate Democrats voted down Obama’s anti-rape and anti-murder bill. Senate Democrats voted against the $35 billion bill that would have prevented rape. We never heard from rapists yesterday about whether they were scared or not. Maybe we’ll hear from some today.”

“The ideological divide still exists and it’s real and it is worth fighting.”

“The average human being could not catch a John Elway pass. It would knock you down. But you’d get out of the way of it before it did.”

“It says here in this story ‘one in five mothers have had to skip an obligation and stay home with their child because of lack of diapers.’ Now, where did they get this number? This is like there were three million homeless for all those years until there weren’t. This is like cell phones are gonna cause brain cancer until we find out that it doesn’t. Like coffee was gonna cause heart attacks by age 40, except until we learned that it doesn’t.”

“I am not making up the diaper bill, folks. Free diapers for every mother who has a kid in day care. If you’re a stay-at-home mother or unemployed you don’t get free diapers. I mean this gives a new meaning to the term pampering the poor.”

“What does an electric car run on? Coal! An electric car is a coal powered car, and they are cars built for rich people. These are not cars for people who are gonna be getting free diapers from Rosa DeLauro.”

“Big business doesn’t equal anything other than who’s in power.”

“I could spend as much time talking to you about the new Apple things as I could football, and the stick-to-the-issues crowd would go nuts.”

“My gut tells me that Tebow’s gonna surprise people.”

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