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“If Obama weren’t so smug and arrogant, I might feel sorry for him. Look, he’s gone from the Greek columns at the Democrat National Convention acceptance speech to begging for applause from a hundred firemen in a firehouse garage.”

“Who actually killed Khadafy? The narrative, the template is Obama did it. And that’s all that matters. Whether it had anything to do with the truth or not, Obama did it. Obama needs a shot in the arm. Obama’s campaign needs a boost. Foreign policy? They’ll take it anywhere they can get it.”

“Are bank robberies, Quickie Shop robberies, murders, are these criminals gonna say, ‘Ah, that’s it for us, that’s it, folks. Democrats just spent $35 billion on more cops. We’re finished.’ Is that the way this works? Some of you rapists out there, give us a call and tell us how scared you are about this bill passing.”

“The Democrat Party is notoriously known for being weak on crime. These are the people that tell us terrorists should be read their Miranda rights on the battlefield. Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard that anybody read Khadafy his Miranda rights before he was savagely slaughtered, so they’re hypocrites to boot.”

“Biden’s out there saying, yeah, we need $35 billion by Friday, otherwise your daughter might get raped. They’re trying to personalize it, more rapes, more crime, more robbery and so forth. So it has to be they think the vast majority of American people are just plain idiots.”

“The left are nowhere near the majority, but they believe they are, and that’s what I think animates this arrogance and condescension that allows them to insult everybody’s intelligence with this stuff.”

“There’s not much that can happen here that could disqualify any Republican candidate from beating Obama a year from now.”

“As a member of a union you pay dues. The dues are what end up recycled back into the campaign coffers of the Democrat Party and various Democrat candidates. This really is a huge scam. It is a way for the Democrats to get your money, taxpayer dollars, donated to them.”

“Rick Perry makes me laugh. But not at him. I laugh with the guy.”

“The democrats think we’re stupid. They have an arrogant contempt for average people. They have a genuine condescension toward average people. We’re not smart enough to make the right decisions, to lead lives responsibly as they define it and so forth.”

“What timing. Mere moments before Obama’s spiking the football here on Khadafy being killed, the Red Cross, AP, big story: ‘Mass Graves Being Uncovered In Libya,’ as we speak.”

“I have a friend from Delaware. Yes, just one.”

“We all go through life wondering what it would be like if we were different. I would love to know what it’s like not to have a butt. That will never be the case.”

“It’s popular to think that the stuff Biden says is gonna resonate with a lot of Americans because a lot of people believe that a lot of Americans are dumb, and that they’re gonna vote for Obama again just as they idiotically voted for him in 2008.”

“No, I would not trust Biden to housebreak a puppy.”

“Folks, there were parts of that debate I was laughing my a– off. I found myself laughing, which is not necessarily a good sign.”

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